What I Wore: Miami Ice

I don’t know about you, but I am officially sick and tired of winter. This past weekend (Valentine’s Day and Family Day long weekend) was so frigid (felt like -40!!!), that going outside felt like an act of bravery. Le bf and I did manage to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, and I did make it to the gym one morning, but the rest of my long weekend was spent on the couch, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, drinking hot tea, and watching movies. Hybernation is the only way to survive, y’all. Which is why we haven’t shot any new outfit posts lately…and also why I am trotting out my last What I Wore post from our long-ago trip to Miami.

I didn’t post it originally because we didn’t take a lot of photos that day, but beggars can’t be choosers, so here it is now…a couple of months later…all sunshine and pretty colours. Makes me want to get away again! Luckily, our next trip is coming soon, but not soon enough!

So tell me, how are you surviving winter? Wherever you are…

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What I Wore: Welcome to Miami


It’s Friday, and I’m going to keep it light and indulge in a little #FBF on the site today. This outfit post is from day 1 of our little Miami getaway last week. Yup, just last week, I got to wear a summery dress and shades on a sandy beach. Just last week, I didn’t have to wear tights, or a jacket, or gloves. It was glorious.

On our first day in Miami, le bf and I didn’t do much, except for a little exploring around our hotel, which included a walk on the beach at sunset, window-shopping on Collins Ave, and a dip in our hotel’s rooftop pool at night. It wasn’t very eventful, but we were happy to take it easy after a few hectic weeks at work, and just enjoy each other and this new city that we’ve never visited before. Today, as flurries swirl outside my office window, I am dreaming of warmer days, bare shoulders, and sun in my eyes. I think I need another getaway.

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What I Wore: On The Street


One day during NYFW, I was walking down the street, giddy from my delicious Shake Shack lunch date, when a man stopped me on the street and asked me whether I was a blogger. Since we were quite a ways away from Lincoln Centre, I was a bit taken aback when he asked me for a photo, but nevertheless obliged. I think you can actually see the apprehension in my eyes…but I’m really glad I stopped to chat with this man.

His name is Mangue Banzima and he’s a street style photographer. By now, I’ve spent a ton of time going through his site and Instagram, looking at the beautiful photos of people on the street. He has a very warm and approachable personality, and it’s reflected on his subjects’ faces…well, except mine that is. Hopefully, we can have a re-do another time, Mangue. Sorry for the bitchface in some pics.

This post is also the very first time I’m posting a photo of myself with my newly-ish silver/grey/platinum hair. It’s actually been nearly a month since I dyed my locks, and it’s decidedly less grey and more blonde now. But thanks to Mangue, I have it captured in all its silver fox glory. Stay tuned for my hair story about entering the Khaleesi/Gandalf hair territory. Happy Friday!


I Wore: Dress – Finders Keepers (eLUXE); Leather Vest – Urban Outfitters; Boots – Saint Laurent (Winners); Bag – CHANEL; Earrings, Cuff – H&M

Photo Credit: Mangue Banzima

What I Wore: Saint-Paul de Vence


I am so hopelessly behind on posts, that even though I don’t even look like the photo above, I still have a few of these to go. And while it’s currently 13 degrees in Toronto, this post is all about summer heat and vacation glow. Seeing these pics makes me want to pack up my bags and hightail it out of Canada for a destination much warmer than Toronto. Alas, I just got back from New York, and as a 9-5er, vacation days are a precious, precious commodity not to be trifled with…so, I suppose fall is inevitable.

These photos were taken while on a day trip to Saint-Paul de Vence, one of the oldest medieval towns in the French Riviera. There were beautiful art shops on every corner, delicious honeys and jams sold at charming little shops…The sun was scalding that day, so we made a pit stop at a small gelato shop, watching a local wedding at the nearby church. Happy faces, delicious ice-cream, honking limo, and lots of bougainvillea bushes is what I remember the most from that day. We walked up and down the winding cobblestone streets, completely charmed by this tiny town, and all of a sudden, the lengthy bus ride from Nice seemed really worth the hassle. If you’re ever in the area, try to stop by Saint-Paul de Vence. It won’t take very long to see, but you’ll be glad you did.


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Mother’s Day: Gift Guide 2014


Though it certainly doesn’t feel like it, May is here, and with it – Mother’s Day! If you still haven’t figured out what to buy for your mom, as usual, we have some ideas to help you in your search. From a personalized leather tote, to a fancy perfume, to a bottle of delicious bubbly, to a pair of comfy pajamas, there’s something for every mom (and every budget) on our list.

What will you be picking up for your mom this year? Share in the comments!

1. Monogram Travel Mug – Indigo
2. Atlas Bangle – Tiffany and Co
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear – Best Buy
4. DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce Eau de Parfum – The Bay
5. Nespresso VertuoLine – The Bay
6. Personalized Leather Tote – Cuyana
7. Les 4 Ombres – CHANEL
8. Listen to the Squawking Chicken by Elaine Lui – Indigo
9. Pajamas – Joe Fresh
10. Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne – LCBO
11. D/N Bag – ela handbags
12. Orchid Statement Necklace – Banana Republic
13. Embroidered Floral Topper – Ann Taylor
14. Canapile Heels – ALDO
15. YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lip Balm – Sephora

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What I Wore: Is It Spring Yet?


I wore this peppy combo last week while filming Styled By Nelia at Yorkdale. After being incredibly bored with the contents of my closet, I reached for an oldie/goodie pair of yellow floral pants and my new “goes with everything” striped tee from Ann Taylor. If there’s such a thing as a perfect spring outfit…this one’s mine. My secret hope is that if I dress like it’s spring, spring will be here sooner. Makes perfect sense to me, so just go with it. Also, you’ll owe me one when it will hit +20 degrees next week thanks to my floral pants. You’re welcome.

I Wore: Top, Shoes – c/o Ann Taylor; Pants – Zara; Bracelet – c/o Banana Republic; Ring – YSL; Earrings – H&M

Photo Credits: Max Kopanygin

Shopping: 5 Pieces Worth Splurging On


I often get questions from friends and readers alike, asking me to cover what I consider investment pieces – expensive clothing and accessories that aren’t a waste of money. And while  most of the usual “investment” pieces aren’t really that great of an investment if you are looking to make a monetary return, in my opinion, sometimes it pays to spend a little (or even a lot) more on something that will make you happy for a long time, something of superior quality and craftsmanship, something that you could eventually pass down to your grandchildren. So if you are looking to buy something of substance, here are my top 5 pieces worth splurging on, and brands to invest in.

1. Quality Bag

A great quality bag is a must-have for any (and every) working woman out there. Unlike men, we really do need a place to stash our wallet/lipstick/compact/iPad/iPhone/book/snacks/keys/life…A woman’s bag is something that gets used day after day, so why not make it a great one? A timeless high-quality bag is definitely my number one investment piece to consider. Yes, a cheaper one would certainly do the job, but if you consider cost-per-wear (total price paid divided by the number of times the item is used), even a pricey purse could be affordable. If you love your bag, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll wear it everywhere and with everything. And given the quality of your investment, you’ll have it for years to come instead of being used up and thrown out like a cheaper version.

If you are going to make the leap and buy an expensive bag, you should consider its longevity. You don’t want to buy a super-trendy piece, only to realize that it’s totally passé three months later. Invest in a classic shape, and a solid colour. It doesn’t have to be “boring” black (although black is the most versatile), but make sure to pick a colour that you could pair with a few things in your wardrobe, and one that would make you smile too.

Brands To Invest In: Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga, Hermès, YSL


2. Heirloom

Whether it be a luxurious timepiece, or a pair of  in-your-face of sunnies, every woman should have a statement accessory to make her outfits pop. Investing in a piece of jewelry, or an accessory that will surely become an heirloom some day down the road is much better than spending the same amount of money on a pile of fast fashion baubles that will break or become discoloured after a couple of uses.

One of my fave pieces in my jewellery box is a turquoise YSL Arty ring. Every time I wear it, I get compliments left and right, and I have yet to find an outfit I couldn’t spice up with that pretty cocktail ring. Same goes for my classic Chanel brooch – so far, I’ve pinned it to my blazers, shirts, and sweaters, but it can also be worn as a necklace, and a faux belt buckle. Don’t you wish your mom or grandma passed down something like that to you?

Brands To Invest In: Cartier, Tiffany and Co, Chanel, Prada, YSL

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Wishlist: YSL Cassandre Tassel Bag


Ever since I laid eyes on this exquisite (Yves) Saint Laurent Cassandre bag, I’ve been dreaming about it. It’s just so damn perfect – the sleek golden chain, the elegant and iconic logo, and of course, the playful tassel. The toughest part is choosing a colour…and of course, shelling out $1700+ for this beauty – a price tag I simply can’t justify at the moment. But dreaming is free…so here I am…staring at the beautiful Cassandre in patent and suede, red and black…wishing, wishing, wishing…


Photo Credits: Neiman Marcus, Saint Laurent

What I Wore: Before Thirty


Last weekend my friends Aleyda and I celebrated our birthdays with a luau-themed party, a donkey pinata, and a bunch of our friends and family gathered together to wish us a happy birthday. It was the very first party that le bf and I hosted at our new house, and despite the lack of a couch, we were somehow able to accommodate 30 or so guests. Great success…I think.

This year, I turned 29…which is only one measly year away from the big 3-0. I don’t know about you, but I get kind of touchy-feely about birthdays, and the prospect of a huge milestone looming sent me into a bit of a panic mode. Have I lived my twenties to the fullest? Have I accomplished the things that someone my age should accomplish? Did I cross-off all things on my “before 30″ checklist? I recently remembered that I actually had one, and while most items on it were indeed accomplished, others remained untouched. And since I still have 12 months to go before I enter another decade, perhaps I should just buck up and finish it off. I mean, how hard can it be to kick my fast-fashion habit? Or take better care of my skin? All of those things are no-brainers, and should be on my to-do list regardless of next year’s significance. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking right now. This probably deserves another post with an actual list…but I’ll leave it for another time.

Do you keep a checklist of things you wish to accomplish before a certain age? What are the items on your checklist that you most look forward to or maybe dread to do? Share in the comments!


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What I Wore: Boyfriend Jeans Forever


I’ve had these boyfriend jeans for what seems like forever, and you know what? They are still in style! Le bf hates them with a passion…probably because they are so beaten up, and aren’t the most flattering jeans out there (in his opinion), but to me – they are perfect. I mean, what’s not to love? They are comfy, and go with pretty much anything and everything. This, my friends, is what I call a keeper.

What about you? Do you like boyfriend jeans? Would you ever wear them? Let me know in the comments.



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