Swarovski Wings of Fantasy Fall 2011 Collection Preview

Swarovski previews are always a sight to behold – shiny baubles, pretty crystals – what’s not to love? A couple of weeks ago, I got to check out their Wings of Fantasy Fall 2011 collection, and as always, I left in awe.

As a lover of all things quirky (ahem, lips, hearts, etc)…my faves were definitely the whimsical pieces from the Polly collection, the Erika and Eliot snowglobe necklaces, and my favoritest (I know it’s not a real word, but I like it) piece from the entire preview – the below faberge-inspired Precious egg pendant that opens up to reveal a blue bird safely tucked away inside.

But if whimsy is not your thing, there were plenty of stunningly sophisticated pieces to fulfill just about anybody’s bling dreams. So tell me, come August, what will you be buying?

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