What I Wore: Design Lab


It’s officially spring, and with any luck, pretty soon we’ll be able to put away our winter coats and boots, shed those opaque tights, and finally wear pretty clothes and shoes. I can’t wait! Recently, I got to preview Hudson’s Bay’s new Design Lab collection, chock-full of boho caftans, eyelet two-pieces in pretty pastel shades, faux suede, crochet, fringe, and lace…oh my! Checking out the collection made me feel even antsier about warmer temps – so many cute pieces to add to my closet!

I was lucky enough to pick my faves and take them out for a spin at Toronto’s Allan Gardens Conservatory – a place where it’s summer all year long. I chose this sassy floral twopiece, so stretchy and comfy, that it works even on a curvier girl like me. With an athletic-inspired lace bomber jacket, this is the perfect outfit for those warm spring days…brunch, date, whatever. And those blue flowers –instant pick-me-up!

Check out Hudson’s Bay’s Design Lab collection here and let me know which pieces you love!

What I Wore: Top, Skirt, Jacket – Design Lab (Hudson’s Bay); Bag – CHANEL; Shoes – Alexander Wang

This post was sponsored by Hudson’s Bay, all opinions are my own.

Photo Credits: Max Kopanygin

What I’m Wearing: Havana

It was a relatively cold day for Cuba. Maybe under 20 degrees Celsius! Plus cloudy, windy, etc. So I really had to hold on to my hat for most of our day in Havana to prevent it from flying away. But my new H&M Men’s tee was perfect for such a day. Long sleeves that roll up, yet with enough volume not to be too hot when it got sunny. Plus it’s…that’s right…it’s striped! I know, I know…I need help.

And the shoes…I really don’t get it. I’ve worn these sandals in Rome, Paris, Sorrento, Mexico, Toronto…everywhere…and they’ve always been nothing but comfortable! Yet this time around, I had to stop a few times, just to let my blisters feet get some rest. What gives? Is it time to throw these babies out? I don’t think I am ready yet.

I am wearing: Shirt, Hat – H&M Men; Shorts – Forever21; Bag – Old Navy; Sandals – Zara; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban; Bracelet – Iberostar Laguna Azul

What I’m Wearing: Check Yourself

 Ok, so my love for all things striped is still going on…and on…and on. Went to Yorkdale the other day, and almost bought two more striped things (a dress and a top). When will this madness stop? But the truth of the matter is…I feel comfortable and chic wearing Breton stripes…and that’s that. Stole my mom’s Ralph Lauren scarf…it is just soo comfy and warm! She won’t let me keep it, so I have to “borrow” it occasionally when she doesn’t wear it. Still loving my Aldo boots. Yeah, the heels are super high, but these are still the comfiest boots I own. 

Oh, and I am also wearing my new Urban Outfitters “Texas” necklace!!! First spotted it at Buffalo’s Walden Galleria, regretted not buying it…tried to find it in Houston (without much luck), and finally got my paws on it in Toronto! You can’t see it here…but I’ll post a pic soon! Love it so much!

 I am Wearing: Boots – Aldo; Top, Jeans, Ring – H&M; Blazer – Zara; Scarf – Ralph Lauren; Bag – Louis Vuitton; Necklace – Urban Outfitters

What I’m Wearing: Orange You Glad?

Don’t usually feel this way, but I felt decidedly girlie the other day. Hence the floral skirt, pearl earrings, and bow necklace. I love playing dress-up in my closet once in a while. It used to be way more often (like a few times a day), but now…with all work and no play, dress-up takes a back seat. Which is kinda sad.

Oh, and I bought yet another Breton-striped shirt. I think this is officially a full-blown obsession…I have over 10 very similar striped tops (cropped, tank, tee, long sleeve, long sleeve dress, 3/4 sleeve, and a few others)…and I still have an eye on one more at H&M. Do I need an intervention?

I’m Wearing: Top, Rings, Belt, Tights – H&M; Skirt, Necklace – Forever 21; Cardigan – Zara; Purse – Marc Jacobs; Shoes – Winners

What I’m Wearing: Black and White and Words All Over

I don’t think I was supposed to wear this dress to work, but thanks to the lenient office environment, I was able to pull it off without raising too many eyebrows. Have been very much into the monochromatic looks lately. Greys, whites, blacks are my friends…Maybe it’s the Toronto weather? Spring collections bring a promise of some color and fun shapes…and much needed warmth. Just in case you were wondering, I wore boots with the dress and leggings originally, but switched to pumps indoors. I am not crazy enough to walk around boots-less in the winter!

I’m Wearing: Dress – H&M; Shoes – Nine West; Blazer – Zara; Purse – Louis Vuitton; Necklace – Forever 21; Gloves – Winners; Leggings – TNA

What I’m Wearing: Houston, TX

I’ve only been gone 4 days, but it feels like forever! That’s what being in Texas does to a girl. Some of you might know that I’ve spent a few of my college years in Houston, and out of those 4 or so years came a lot of friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. Well, last weekend one of my dearest friends, Jen, got married to the love of her life Joe. And to celebrate that wonderful occasion, le boyfriend and I flew to Texas! Unfortunately for us, no carry-ons were allowed on flights from Canada to the US at the time, and perhaps due to my horrendous “luck” with baggage, ours was lost somewhere in Atlanta, which meant almost 3 days (out of 4), including the wedding, without our clothes. Rock and roll, right?

Well, after much stress and frustration, we went shopping and I finally was able to find these hot Aldo cage sandals in my size and on sale! I also bought a tweed Zara blazer, a one-shoulder Zara dress, and a few other items that I’ll be posting about later on. These pics were taken on our last day in Houston, after we’ve received our luggage. So it’s really a mix of what I brought with me with the items I had to buy out of necessity.

Note that the weather is…beautiful! This was taken on January 11th! While it was frigid and snowy in Toronto, le boyfriend and I frolicked in the sunshine, not wearing much clothes at all! And all those Texans still complained about the cold! Had I never moved to Canada, perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate those sunny days either…But I did move, and I did appreciate. Sunny days, delicious food, Southern hospitality, even if you only have one pair of underwear…what can be better?

I’m Wearing: Shoes, Bracelet – Aldo; Blazer – Zara; Top – Jacob; Pants – Forever21; Sunglasses – Ray Ban; Earrings – Chanel; Purse – Marc Jacobs

What I’m Wearing: Hello, Stud


Who doesn’t love a sale? I sure do! Once the pieces that I’ve wanted for a while and didn’t allow myself to buy go on sale, the regular rules of Shopoholics Anonymous do not apply. Common sense, really.

Got these great, comfy skinny black jeans with studded pockets at H&M and I am loving them! The waist is slightly higher than I am used to, but in the winter I am not about to bear my stomach anyways, so it works. And as you can see, I’ve been addicted to my H&M circular scarf too. It’s the perfect cozy winter accessory. And lately, I am all about the cozy.

I’m wearing: Scarf, Denim Shirt, Jeans – H&M; Necklace, Shirt – Forever 21; Boots – Guess; Purse – Miu Miu

What I’m Wearing: These Boots Were Made For Kicking

If you haven’t been to Aldo Liquidation store on Yonge St. in a while, I seriously urge you to check it out! There are amazing deals to be had. Like my new kicking boots. Ok, fine, they aren’t really kicking boots, but I can imagine myself saving a granny from a purse snatcher, chasing the bad guy down and kicking him with my beautiful new boots, that I got for a fraction of the original price. Smart and kick-ass!

When I bought these, I didn’t think that they’d be too comfortable, seeing how they are 5000 inches tall. But to my surprise, I felt great walking in them…bouncy even! I think it’s due to the thick-ish rubber soles. It’s like tires for feet! Needless to say, Sunday brunch at Cora’s was a huge success…all thanks to my new boots!

I’m Wearing: Shrug – Zara; T-shirt – Hanes, stolen from le boyfriend; Shorts – Forever21; Scarf – H&M; Leggings – TNA; Boots – Aldo; Purse – Miu Miu

What I’m Wearing: Fall-ing


November is almost over, yet the weather is surprisingly mellow and might I even say…warm? And my weekend because of it was just perfect! Brunch at Celestin was deeelicious (Foodie post coming soon), yummy macarons from La Bamboche hit the spot, and November foliage made for a nice Sunday afternoon backdrop.

As for my clothes, I do have a tendency to become obsessed with one item and end up wearing it all the time. This week’s obsession is my H&M Menswear cardigan. Love it so much! It’s cozy and warm, and was much cheaper than a similar cardigan from Womenswear. Plus Boyfriend Blazers are so 2008, it’s all about Boyfriend Cardigans now! Pretty soon le boyfriend will start locking up his clothes. Posts on my new Forever21 Menswear t-shirt and H&M Christmassy sweater are coming soon. Kid’s clothes, menswear, I’ll wear it all…as long as it looks good!




I’m Wearing: Dress, Men’s Sweater, Tights, Faux Fur collar – H&M; Military Blazer – Gap; Bag – Miu Miu; Boots – Guess

Yorkdale is Me: Thank You!

yorkdale is nelia3

The posters for the Yorkdale is Me contest are now up at Yorkdale Mall! I really like mine, because I am actually smiling, which reflects my personality much better. Hope that the judges look at that one, instead of the one on the website. I know, it must sound quite vain, but the pic on the voting site really bugged me.

The first week of voting is almost up, and I am so very happy to be in the lead so far. There’s still 3 more weeks of voting ahead, so it’s likely that I won’t be getting much sleep this month. And while everyone has been absolutely amazing, helping me get to the top, a few special thanks are in order to the people that are helping me with my promotional efforts!

Monica of Beauty Parler wrote a cute post on her site, endorsing yours truly! Thanks so much, pretty lady!

The wonderful folks at Toronto Tourism News, also wrote an article about the contest, mentioning that I am their favorite! It means a lot, guys! Thank you!

Sharon of Backseat Stylers, a huge thanks to you as well for the support and an awesome post! Us, fashionable finance chicks need to stick together!

And last, but not least, many thanks to Fira and Capa for their help in promoting the Yorkdale is Me contest!

Thanks to all of those that are voting! Your support means so much! Truly.

yorkdale is nelia4

yorkdale is me