What I’m Wearing: Havana


It was a relatively cold day for Cuba. Maybe under 20 degrees Celsius! Plus cloudy, windy, etc. So I really had to hold on to my hat for most of our day in Havana to prevent it from flying away. But my new H&M Men's tee was perfect for such a day. Long sleeves that roll up, … [Read more...]

What I’m Wearing: Check Yourself


 Ok, so my love for all things striped is still going on...and on...and on. Went to Yorkdale the other day, and almost bought two more striped things (a dress and a top). When will this madness stop? But the truth of the matter is...I feel comfortable and chic wearing Breton … [Read more...]

What I’m Wearing: Houston, TX


I've only been gone 4 days, but it feels like forever! That's what being in Texas does to a girl. Some of you might know that I've spent a few of my college years in Houston, and out of those 4 or so years came a lot of friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. Well, last … [Read more...]