What I Wore: A Day at the Market


The last few days sure haven’t been pretty…I’ve been feeling crappy, looking gruesome, going to bed early, loading up on Cold & Sinus meds, and drinking boatloads of tea + honey…which is why I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do. Sounds super fun, no?

This Sunday, however, despite all the tea drinking and crying into my pillow about not being taken care of well enough (I’m super dramatic when I’m sick), I somehow got cleaned up, put on my brightest pair of chucks, and went for a stroll to Kensington Market with le bf. We grabbed a coffee at the Moonbean cafe, stopped by the Blue Banana shop, where I picked up my obligatory British candy, watched a street performance…which turned into a flash mob, and just walked around without a care in the world, enjoying a sunny September day. And it was glorious! Or maybe it just felt that way because I’ve been stuck at home for so long. Either way, I loved it.

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun/special/crazy/awesome? If so, share in the comments, so I can live vicariously through you! Happy Monday, everyone!


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What I Wore: What A Weekend!


What a weekend we’ve had! So many things to do: Canada Day, Pride Parade, Spain vs. Italy Euro Cup final, Toronto Ribfest, perfect weather for cottage-ing + beach-ing…As I said – a ton of things to do. So not to miss out on the festivities, le bf and I had to do a bit of running around. Of course, we watched the final, rooting for my beloved Spain (and my beloved Iker Casillas…damn, he’s hot!), and after the opponents were destroyed, we made our way to Church Street to dance in the streets, and partake in the festivities.

I think my outfit was pretty appropriate for both events – yellow and red for Spain, and a bunch of other colors for Pride! Also a little bit of red and white for Canada Day too. Three events – one outfit. Easy, peasy.

What about you? Did you end up as busy as us this weekend? Share in the comments!






I Wore: Top, Denim Shorts, Bracelet – Forever21; Bag – c/o Tory Burch; Shoes – Aldo; Earrings, Sunglasses – H&M; Necklace – Etsy

What I Wore: Just a Little Unwell

Actually more than unwell…really, really, really sick. As in snot-fountain-sick…or passing out in front of the tv while still wearing shoes sick. So what’s a girl to do on a Friday night when all her friends are out and about, celebrating the end of another gruelling work week with delicious drinks? Bum around the house, watch Enchanted, and break in her brand new Docs, of course! The rest of the weekend wasn’t as lucid…more like a series of flashbacks, including a trip to Yorkdale, horrible chowder at Red Lobster, and lots of bad movies. How was your weekend?

What I Wore: Shirt, Denim Shorts – H&M; Boots – Dr. Martens (courtesy of Dr. Martens)

Interrupted Programming Note

I have so many things to post, and yet I have been scrambling (and failing) to keep my mind in order for the last few days – month-end in the world of Finance obviously leaves no time for blogging. I am off on my little weekend getaway to celebrate le boyfriend’s early birthday at a secret for him location. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some photos with you upon my return. LG Fashion Week posts are coming very soon (re: Andy The-Anh, Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan, Evan Biddell, Attitude by Sears, and the stylish FW attendees). In the meantime, you may enter the below Skin MD contest, which closes on April 9th. Hope you all have a very happy long Easter weekend!

Off to Muskoka!


Hey guys! Going to Muskoka for a couple of days! Not great planning on our part, since there’s supposed to be a torrential downpour in Gravenhurst! Oh well…Hope you all are having a rocking long weekend! Check back soon for the post on the grand opening of Anthropologie and the WIW: Wedding follow-up!