Wednesday Candy: Joel Kinnaman


Last week, le bf and I watched RoboCop, and surprisingly, it was pretty good! It was entertaining, with a not-too-cray-cray plot, and most importantly, with Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop. If you’re not familiar with this tall and hunky Swede, perhaps the name Stephen Holder might ring a bell. As in Detective Holder of The Killing series? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t even realize that the two were the same person until I saw the credits, because in The Killing, Kinnaman plays Holder as this sharp-tongued scruffy man-child, while in RoboCop he’s all heat and brawn, and he doesn’t even look like the same person! And while I still found The Killing’s dirty unshaven Kinnaman hot, when he wears a suit, well…the man cleans up quite nicely.

Most recently, Kinnaman made headlines because of his split from longtime girlfriend Olivia Munn, and while I do think that the two made quite a hot couple, I wouldn’t mind a little Holder/Linden action especially since season 4 filming just wrapped (even if Mireille Enos is already taken).

For the rest of the week, I’ll be catching up on some older Joel Kinnaman films, both to feed my obsession and…well, to gawk at how good-looking he is. Don’t judge!

So tell me, are you a Joel Kinnaman fan? Do you watch The Killing? Share in the comments!



Photo Credits: GQ, H&M

Wednesday Candy: Theo James


I don’t know if I should be embarrassed by this or not, but I watched Divergent…and I liked it. Having read the books a while back, my expectations for the movie were pretty low. While the first book was good, the rest of the trilogy left me pretty cold, but after watching the movie, it really doesn’t matter, because I’ll still be tuning in for the next two (or three) Divergent movies, mostly because…Theo James.

Four was not my favourite character, but after seeing Theo as Four, I am sold. Theo is super hot, yes, but you can just tell that underneath the brawn, there’s a sense of humour there…and depth too. Also, I just started watching Downton Abbey, and was really excited to see him pop up in the series too…alas for a very brief, but memorable stint.

So there you have it…my new Brit obsession – Theo James. Are you as into him as I am? Share in the comments, and happy Wednesday!


Photo Credits: Vanity Fair

Wednesday Candy: Kit Harington in GQ


Now that Friday Faux Pas is back, why not bring back another long-time favourite – Wednesday Candy?! Especially since Kit Harington went and made it super easy for all of us. Feast your eyes on this April 2014 GQ cover featuring Jon Snow…ahem…Kit Harington, wearing a siiiiick leather jacket, and his signature dark locks and brooding expression. Bring it on down to Swoonville! Am I right?! If you’re a fan of the show, you already know that Game of Thrones will be back on April 6th, and then…VALAR MORGHULIS, guys! All men must die! Just not Kit…ok? And not Jamie either! AND NOT TYRION! The rest I don’t care about. Are you excited yet?!

Read the full interview here!



Photo Credits: GQ

Michael Fassbender at TIFF 2013 Premiere of Twelve Years a Slave


TIFF is here, and Toronto feels like a beehive – buzzing with crowds that keep spilling out onto the streets to get a better look at their fave movie stars. Well, today, I was one of those people. As I was walking by Princess of Wales theatre, I heard people scream Brad Pitt’s name, and decided to cut in and see if I could get a glimpse of Michael Fassbender…and what do you know?! He showed up, got pretty close to where I was standing (my Canon camera at the ready), and while we didn’t have an eye-locking moment like I did last year with Ryan Gosling, I did manage to get a couple of good shots of the Irish dreamboat. Not too bad for day 2 of TIFF, not bad at all!

So what about you? Have you had any close encounters this year? Share your fave TIFF celeb moments in the comments.


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Wednesday Candy: Michael Fassbender in W Magazine


Yup, I’m well aware that it’s technically Thursday already, but I simply don’t want to wait until next Wednesday to post this steamy August 2012 W Magazine cover, showing Charlize “Lucky Bitch” Theron embraced by Michael Fassbender. Super hot, non? Now excuse me, while I Photoshop my face on top of Charlize’s body…

Photo Credits: W Magazine

Wednesday Candy: Michael Fassbender in GQ


I’ve been meaning to post these photos sometime before my big trip, but things got in the way, and well…here we are today. Hope you enjoy this GQ editorial spread, featuring my most recent man-crush – Michael (Fassy) Fassbender. The photos are pretty steamy…and he looks so good, that I hope this will somehow cure my lingering cold.

Happy Wednesday Candy, lovelies!




Photo Credits: GQ

Wednesday Candy: Michael Fassbender in Interview

Happy Hump Day, everyone! This week’s Wednesday Candy is my latest celeb crush, and “the man on fire” – Michael Fassbender. I don’t know about you, but I could stare and stare at this cover for hours. And I actually have. He’s just so…hot. I have to admit that I have quite an…unhealthy…obsession with Fassy. Over the Christmas break, I’ve watched him in Shame, Jane Eyre, Fish Tank, Angel, Centurion…and a little bit of Hunger. Having watched all those films, I am still on a Fass-bender, and this weekend, I’ll probably drag someone to see A Dangerous Method to fuel my obsession.

Anyone else out there with a Fassy problem? Let’s commiserate in the comments.

Photo Credits: Interview Magazine

Happy Holidays from Michael Fassbender and I!

Seems like Elf Yourself has become a holiday tradition here at Style Blog…and this year, I’ve decided to wish you the merriest and the happiest of holidays with a little help from my latest crush – Michael Fassbender. This holiday season, I’ll be catching up on all things Fassy, starting with Jane Eyre…and since making this Elf video was so much fun, I might just make a few more.

Make sure to watch Michael Fassbender in a role of a lifetime below! And hope your holidays are full of silliness and fun!

Wednesday Candy: Ryan Gahhh-osling

Umm…so, yeah…it’s not Wednesday. But on the blog, it is, if I say so. So here are some pics of the super stylish (and sexy) Wednesday Candy – Ryan Gosling, wearing the shit out of his olive-colored suit, making Clooney look like a giddy school girl next to him.

Why today? Because it’s a crappy rainy day, and I need a pick-me-up. Because Ryan sightings make the day a little a lot better. Because every day is Ryan day. And last, but not least…why the hell not? You’re welcome.

Photo Credits: Go Fug Yourself, Global Grind, Lainey Gossip

Wednesday Candy: Clive Owen

Last week, le boyfriend and I were at H&M and I picked out a few items for him to try on. One of said items was a lovely black velvet blazer. He looked fantastic in it, better than I had expected, yet still he dismissed the garment, as if I was proposing that he wear a purple crushed velvet Juicy Couture track suit.

Fast forward to this week, and here’s my fave dreamboat Clive Owen in a similar velvet blazer. Coincidence? I think not! Perhaps Clive is trying to tell me something.

Help me out, ladies and gents…What do you think about a velvet injection into a man’s wardrobe? Do you subscribe to  George Costanza’s way of thinking, or should velvet be banned for upholstery use only?

Velvet for Men: Do or Do Not?

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