Toronto Fashion Week: the shOws Spring 2014 Photo Diary


Earlier this month, I was invited to participate in a Toronto Fashion Week Photography Bootcamp with Steve Carty and Canon Canada. The 3-hour hands-on session was meant to give us some useful tips for shooting runway photos, prep us to deal with less than ideal lighting and less than ideal seating, and teach us a few more Canon Blogtography tricks on getting the best possible photos under (fashion week) pressure.

Well, last week all of those lessons came in handy when I attended the shOws Spring 2014! As usual, showcasing a handful of seriously talented Canadian designers (Bellavance NYC, Calla, Jeremy Laing, and Steven Tai), the shOws was every Canadian fashion junkie’s dream event of the season, and I came prepared with my Canon EOS Rebel SL1 in tow.

While I couldn’t take Steve Carty’s advice of sitting in the pit during the show (seriously, if you want the best pics without much effort – the photographers’ pit is where it’s at), I still managed to take some fun detail shots from my front row seat. If you are looking for tips on how to shoot fashion shows here are few I learned from the great Steve Carty!

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Toronto Fashion Week: Jeremy Laing Fall 2013 Collection at the shOws


Canadian designer Jeremy Laing is known for creating quietly cool clothes that are the opposite of flashy. His strength is in well-thought-out details and immaculate cuts; his clothes don’t shout, they whisper. But it seems for his Fall 2013 collection, Laing has decided to spice things up.

Most of the collection was still signature Laing, with beautifully-cut pieces, leather detailing, flowy skirts (and dresses), and classic palettes, but…added to the mix was gold lamé seersucker. Present in more than a few looks, the shiny (yet lightweight) pieces were a (good) shock to the eye, and added that certain je ne sais quoi to the designer’s fall collection. And though I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear gold lamé head-to-toe, I would certainly love to add a shiny motorcycle jacket to my growing collection of fun outerwear.

Apart from the not-so-lame lamé, I fell in love with the black and white striped print – a result of a collaboration with a Toronto-based artist Vanessa Maltese. The “broken” stripes paired with a pop of yellow was my favourite combo on the runway that night.

At the end of the show, Laing gave a quick interview, walking the attendees through the inspiration behind a few of his favourite pieces, sharing that his clothes are “hard to sew” but “easy to wear”, and having seen his pieces on cool-girls like Anita Clarke and Sarah Nicole Prickett (worn effortlessly, it seems), that statement certainly rang true.

What do you think of Jeremy Laing’s Fall 2013 collection? Share in the comments!




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Toronto Fashion Week: Jean-Pierre Braganza Fall 2013 Collection at the shOws


It’s official! Jean-Pierre Braganza is one of my absolute favourite Canadian designers. His Spring 2013 collection took my breath away last year, and I simply loved his Fall 2013 show. With Asian-inspired prints, origami-like folds, and elegant outerwear, Braganza’s fall collection was a treat to see up close and personal.

My favourite pieces included the elegant structured blazers and flowy draped gowns, and while last season’s prints were more my steeze, I appreciated Braganza’s fall prints all the same. The mesmerizing photo-print tunic was definitely something I would  add to my wardrobe next season.

All in all, I was really happy to be able to take in Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Fall 2013 collection in person at the shOws. He’s an incredibly talented designer, and it’s thrilling to watch him succeed.

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Toronto Fashion Week: Jean-Pierre Braganza Spring 2013 Collection at the shOws


Tuesday marked the first night of the shOws and The Collections, and judging by the sheer amount of talent I’ve seen so far, this season, I’m in for a treat.

Last night, my personal favorite was Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Spring 2013 collection presented at the shOws. Braganza collaborated with Ukranian artist Zinaida Lihacheva, creating a gorgeous mixture of bold graphic prints and structured cuts, with origami-like folds and pleats present throughout the collection. And while there were sexy cut-outs and color-blocking aplenty, Braganza’s fluid silhouettes remained elegant and wearable, while keeping their edge. It’s no wonder that this collection received a lot of praise when he first presented it at London Fashion Week back in September.

I included some of my favorite moments from last night’s show below, but you can also see the entire Jean-Pierre Braganza Spring 2013 collection on And trust me, you want to see the entire collection. It’s that good.

So what do you think of these pieces? Would you buy/wear any of them? Share in the comments.





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Toronto Fashion Week: Survival Guide


Toronto is about to get a lot more fashionable with not one, but two weeks of Canadian designers showcasing their Spring 2013 collections at The ShOws, The Collections, and the World Master Card Fashion Week…one after the other…non-stop. That’s A LOT of fashion, and A LOT of running around. So, if you need some tips for a seamless fashion week experience, here are a few simple pointers to keep in mind.

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