Shopping: Kobo Wi-Fi Touch

The other day, as I was passing through The Bay, I noticed…Christmas ornaments peeking out from behind the curtain! GASP! It feels like summer just packed up its bags, and already there’s Halloween-a-palooza all over the place, and apparently Christmas on its heels.

While browsing NKPR TIFF IT Lounge offerings back in September, I walked away with an amazing gift – Kobo Wi Fi Touch! If, like me, you want to get your Christmas shopping done sooner rather than later, I want to make sure that you check out the Kobo Wi Fi Touch ($139), and consider giving it to a book lover in your life. They really might not know what they are missing!

Though originally, I balked at the idea of owning any type of e-reader. I cannot express how much love I have for my new Kobo! I still love the smell, feel, and look of real books, and I definitely own my fair share. But living in the city, though has its privileges, leaves very little room for an extensive personal library. Kobo solves that problem! My 2GB version has room for around 1000 books on it. That’s right. ONE THOUSAND BOOKS in one tiny little reader! Which also is quite a relief…because I hate lugging heavy books in my bag!

Kobo is stylish, lightweight, super-portable, easy to use, and it will actually make you read more. How? Well, simply because e-books are much cheaper than regular books. Had it not been for Kobo, I would never have discovered The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner! If you loved The Hunger Games, you will LOVE The Maze Runner! I tore through the first two books (The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials) in days on my Kobo, and finished reading the advanced copy of The Death Cure soon after. Fast-paced, thrilling, full of mysteries, and downright scary at times – The Maze Runner trilogy was an awesome read, that I did not want to put down, and with the final book coming out on October 11th – you really should get reading. You won’t have to suffer the painful wait for the next book to come out – you can read them back to back!

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