What I Wore: Florals For Spring? Ground breaking.


How amazing was the weather last weekend? After those few craptastic weeks of spring (ha!), it felt like being in para-para-paradise! So instead of wasting my time on my mom’s comfy couch, le bf and I went out shopping for one. We hit up Queen St West, King St West, Dundas St West…walking everywhere, with little pit stops to grab Yogurty’s, and other yummy snacks along the way. It was amazing! Leather jacket weather, how I missed you so!

So what about you? Did you enjoy the sunshine last weekend? Share in the comments!



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Wishlist: Swarovski by Shourouk Collection


Last week at the swanky Shangri-La hotel in Toronto, Swarovski held a lovely event, showcasing their Fall 2013 Secret Treasures jewellery collection. And while, as usual, I found most of the pieces appealing in one way or another, what really caught my attention was the Swarovski by Shourouk capsule collection. Parisian jewellery designer Shourouk collaborated with Swarovski to create a stunning collection of modern heirloom pieces that one would never want to remove…even at bedtime. From the surprisingly light statement earrings, to the beautiful rope and crystal bib necklace, to the fun neon bracelet, every single piece from the Swarovski by Shourouk collection seemed to be calling my name. Needless to say…I spent A LOT of time by the Shourouk showcase that night, trying things on, and daydreaming of the fab parties I’d wear them to.

So what about you? Do you like the Swarovski by Shourouk pieces, or are they not your cup of tea? Share in the comments!

Photo Credits: Swarovski

TIFF 2012: Swarovski’s Fashion Suite and Couture Creations


TIFF officially starts today, and to kick it off, I have photos of the amazing one-of-a-kind Swarovski Couture Creations, showcased last night at the special TIFF Fashion Suite at the new Shangri-La Toronto hotel! Part of the Kingdom of Jewels Catwalk Collection, these spectacular pieces aren’t for sale, but I’m sure some lucky celeb will be able to borrow them for a red carpet event, or a photoshoot.

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Swarovski Spring 2012 “Swing, Sing, and Shine” Preview

As I stepped into the Gardiner Museum’s Terrace Room last month, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of colors, sparkle and shine of Swarovski Spring 2012 collection.

Set to the tunes of the swinging sixties, the “Swing, Sing, and Shine” preview was full of bold and beautiful jewels fit for a modern woman who likes a hint of vintage styling to her accessories. As a bride-to-be, I’ve been on the look-out for some pretty bling to add to my wedding day ensemble, and I think I might’ve found it in the Spring 2012 collection. From chunky bracelets, to drop earrings covered in mini crystals, to glam mesh necklaces – there was no shortage of pieces to drool over. Some of these pieces would make amazing Christmas gifts…the only catch is…they won’t be in stores for another couple of months. Don’t you just hate waiting?

Which Swarovski Spring 2012 pieces caught your eye? Share in the comments.

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TIFF 2011: Swarovski Fashion Suite

Ahh, TIFF! Celebs in town, gifting lounges all over the place, and parties, parties, oh, and did I mention PARTIES? Yes, Toronto is the place to be during the first two weeks of September – there’s no doubt about it!

Last week, I met up with my blogger/real-life friend Monica to check out the Swarovski Fashion Suite at the Four Seasons Toronto. Not knowing what to expect, I was stunned by the one-of-a-kind pieces displayed.

Making its one and only Canadian appearance, was the handcrafted Daniel Swarovski Catwalk Collection, which included both clothing and accessories – all of which looked both stunning and unique, adorned with crystals, feathers, sequins, and leather…oh my!

And though, only real stars got shiny baubles to wear on TIFF red carpets, checking out the swanky lounge and oggling the priceless pieces (seriously, these are not for sale) was fun enough for us. Though I would definitely not complain if I had something this glam to wear to TIFF parties!

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Swarovski Wings of Fantasy Fall 2011 Collection Preview

Swarovski previews are always a sight to behold – shiny baubles, pretty crystals – what’s not to love? A couple of weeks ago, I got to check out their Wings of Fantasy Fall 2011 collection, and as always, I left in awe.

As a lover of all things quirky (ahem, lips, hearts, etc)…my faves were definitely the whimsical pieces from the Polly collection, the Erika and Eliot snowglobe necklaces, and my favoritest (I know it’s not a real word, but I like it) piece from the entire preview – the below faberge-inspired Precious egg pendant that opens up to reveal a blue bird safely tucked away inside.

But if whimsy is not your thing, there were plenty of stunningly sophisticated pieces to fulfill just about anybody’s bling dreams. So tell me, come August, what will you be buying?

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Holidays 2010: Stylish Lady Gift Guide

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I’m proud to say, that I’m half-way done…only a few big ones left on my list, and then I can begin enjoying the season, instead of running around like a madwoman from one store to another on my lunch hour and after work…who knew that shopping can be so exhausting?!

Just in case you’re still stumped, here are a few gift ideas for that special woman in your life. Some are under $10, and others…in case you really want to pamper that stylish lady of yours, are a bit more expensive. Enjoy!

1. Love Moschino Clutch $190 (The Bay)

2. Lanvin for H&M Shoes $99 (H&M)

3. Fornasetti Candle $150 (AT Design)

4. Gap Bow Belt $25 (Gap)

5. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara $8.99 (Shoppers)

6. The September Issue DVD $22 (Best Buy, HMV)

7. Calvin Klein BEAUTY $89-$115 (The Bay)

8. Swarovski USB Stick $120 (Swarovski)

9. Olympia Le Tan Book Clutch $1500 (The Room)

10. Danier Leather Gloves $49 (Danier)

Wishlist: Swarovski Matrioshka Necklace

Last week, I had a chance to attend Swarovski Spring 2011 collection preview, and I was definitely impressed with what I saw. So many beautiful, colorful, lovely pieces – I left coveting more than a few.

But the one item that stood out to me was this fun Matrioshka (Matryoshka) necklace. As a half-Russian myself, I’ve always been a sucker for items that represent my heritage, and this necklace does so in a very cutesy, yet chic way. Sadly, these won’t be available until sometime in February, so until then I’ll be dreaming of a crystal-studded Matrioshka doll necklace.

Swarovski Fall 2010 Preview with Avril Graham

I blog for fun. Not for money, or free stuff, or for any other reason but one: I really do enjoy reading and writing about all things stylish, fashionable, and intriguing (to me). Plus, it provides a much needed mental getaway from my daily not-so-glam 9-5 grind. But if there’s one perk of fashion blogging that I particularly enjoy – it’s meeting cool people. Last week, huge thanks to Edelman, Al and I got to meet the gorgeous and friendly (interesting AND interested) Avril Graham – executive fashion and beauty editor for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. And if chatting with an editor of a hugely successful fashion magazine wasn’t enough,  we also got a sneak peek at Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection showcased at the Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville.

With the help of some models, Avril walked us through her favorite pieces from the collection, stressing that women should not buy cheap accessories to accessorize an expensive dress, but should opt for affordable, yet well-made alternatives instead. Perhaps, some Swarovski heirlooms? Indeed, I was quite impressed with more than a few pieces showcased: cocktail rings, dangly earrings, crystal-adorned bracelets, and clutches.  Avril, herself, wore a beautiful rainbow crystal Swarovski necklace with her Valentino LBD. The one item that had us all talking was the Karl Lagerfeld designed Atelier cuff (below). The unanimous opinion was “LOVE”…though I must admit, I did have trouble squeezing my not-so-skinny wrist into it, but it was all worth it!

Overall, as with the Atelier launch, I was impressed by the variety of looks, and with Avril’s endorsement of the brand, as well as with Karl’s pieces available for sale in the fall – there’s no better time to check out Swarovski jewelry collection.

Atelier Swarovski in Toronto

Last week, Al and I were lucky to be invited to the launch of the Spring 2010 Atelier Swarovski collection in Toronto. The exclusive Atelier collection includes pieces designed by “world-renowned and Canadian-raised fashion designer Jason Wu, the talented and acclaimed UK fashion designer Matthew Williamson, footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood and talented jewelry design duo Anthony Nak”, and is available for he first time in Canada at the Bloor Street Gallery store only.

As a huge fan of Matthew Williamson’s psychedelic prints, Jason Wu’s classy dresses, and Kirkwood’s ah-mazing shoes, I was super psyched to see their pieces. But to my surprise (and delight), Anthony Nak’s vintage-inspired art-deco pieces were my favorite of the bunch. The yellow crystals looked like perfect amber doppelgangers, and I could totally see these as something I would pass down to my grandkids. I also loved Nicholas Kirkwood’s simple designs, which is surprising, since he’s known for his footwear, not jewelry. Gold earrings from his collection could dress up any outfit without being too showy or over the top. The same could not be said about Williamson’s designs. His jewelry is not for the shy ones, with huge multicolored geometrical shapes to wear around your neck or on your ears. Not for me, but interesting to look at.

Overall, I walked away liking a few pieces from the collection. As someone who’s never considered Swarovski as a place to shop for jewelry, I’ll be keeping my eye on these new collections, as more than a few pieces were worth a second look. If you love jewelry and are interested in checking out Atelier Swarovski, stop by the Yonge/Bloor location, or go on their official site www.atelierswarovski.com.

Anthony Nak

Jason Wu

Nicholas Kirkwood

Matthew Williamson