A Woman’s Right to Boots

Remember that Sex and The City episode called “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”? Carrie goes to a baby-party, Carrie is made to take her shoes off before stepping in, Carrie’s shoes go missing, Carrie is forced to wear the house owner’s ugly tennis shoes, Carrie is shamed for her extravagant taste in shoes by the house owner, Carrie marries self and puts stolen Manolos on gift registry, House owner buys Carrie a wedding gift – replacement of the stolen Manolos.

Whew! That was a lot of “Carries”! But the point is…I lost my boots this weekend, and I am somewhat inconsolable. No, they weren’t Manolos, and no, they weren’t stolen at a party where my so-called friend told me to take them off, and then proceeded to shoe-shame me. They were my favorite (current) pair of camel wedges from Zara that I got on sale last season – but that doesn’t make them any less special.

My boots were in a shoe bag in the back of a ZipCar, and I totally forgot to grab them when we parked. Later on, someone posted a “found” notice on ZipCar’s website, but later on, when le boyfriend and I went back to check on my boots, they were gone. So between the person that found them and us going back to the car, someone who rented the car took my boots with them. And I mean, really…who takes another person’s shoes? Who?

So, the boots still haven’t turned up, and I am left looking for a replacement pair…all that on the heels of my shoe-repairman telling me that it will cost me $60 to fix last year’s favorite over the knee pair. I guess when it rains, it pours.

Have you ever lost your favorite pair and what did you do to cope? Share your stories in the comments.

SATC2 Style: London Premiere

I don’t even know where to start with this one…it’s like the Friday Faux Pas bonanza…all in one picture! Can I just say that the oldest woman of the four is looking the best here? Kim Cattral doesn’t disappoint and is looking pretty hot with that hair, and lipstick, and a simple black dress, perhaps a little on the boring side too…but that’s the least of their problems here.

First of all, can we talk about SJP’s hat? Last year she also wore a hat…it was daring, and not the most flattering choice, but it was ok…it was fitting for her character. This time, it’s obviously for the same character, but SJP is no Lady Gaga, and I don’t think she should try to be…and it almost feels like she’s running out of ideas, so out comes the hat. The sleeping bag dress, the black cloud (Lost’s MIB anyone?) hat, and that weird one-boob bodice…adds up to a big fail for me. I’m sorry, but this is no Carrie Bradshaw. You might think that she looks fabulous, and that her headpiece is fashion-forward, but I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a fail on my part.

And then there’s Miranda aka Cynthia Nixon. Why, Cynthia??? WHY? The hair? The g-damn Kate Gosselin extensions? You’re Miranda-freaking-Hobbs, not some washed up reality TV mom. Add to that the crotch stain, and we’re done here. I’m sorry to hate on the Sex and the City four, simply because the show is so near and dear to my heart…but these ladies have stylists, and assistants, and an entourage…Why isn’t someone telling them that they are looking gnarly? Ahh, it breaks my heart, but the London premiere outing is a bit of a big disaster in my opinion.

Oh, and Kristin looks nice, I suppose. A tad boring, but at least her hair is lovely, and there are no visible stains on her dress…

Photo Credits: www.dlisted.com

SATC2 Style: NYC Premiere

Sex and the City 2 movie opens tonight at 12am, if you have tickets to the midnight showing that is. I am sure it’ll be mayhem, so I’ll wait a couple of days till the hysteria dies down a bit. In the meantime, here are Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda at the NYC premiere of SATC2. I love how their gowns represent their characters so well! Don’t you think? And since I’ve been obsessed with polls lately…exercise your snap judgement below.

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Photo Credits: www.laineygossip.com

Style Fille: Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City 2 movie is hitting the theatres in exactly one week, and I thought it’d be fitting to showcase Patricia Field’s Carrie Bradshaw’s notable style choices over the 6 seasons of the HBO show…the original show that started it all (not the watered down Peachtree TV crap). It was those outfit choices, the crazy, the brave, and the mind-boggling choices that Carrie paraded season after season, that I am happy to say, made my personal clothing choices a little braver too. And for that, Pat Field, I thank you!

Remember that fur coat? You must remember! Season 1, shopping bags, and a fur coat – that was the beginning of Carrie. And that dress…I remember loving that dress the first time I saw it – when Carrie wore it to a wedding, and Big wouldn’t sign his name on the card…heartless jerk! Oh, and what’s up with those ugly shoes? Those are definitely not timeless.

The striped shirt, the unexpected color of her suit…love it all! 

She wore the outfit on the right, if I am not mistaken, to a party, where she eventually kissed Alanis Morisette…pleather dress, gold boots, and a huge-ass flower…which spawned flower-mania all over North America. 

More flowers and fur. I used to be obsessed with Carrie’s bag collection, and my favorite of them all used to be this Dior saddle bag. She wore this to Aidan’s store to meet him for the first time, right? And who doesn’t associate that large hair bun with Carrie Bradshaw? Signature Carrie up-do.

OMG, those Manolos! One pink, one blue. Way back when, I almost bought two pairs of shoes in different colors to attempt this look, but in the end didn’t want to waste money on two pairs of identical shoes…The look on the right was totally unexpected for Carrie (at least for me) – a little too polished, yet it is one of my all-time fave Carrie outfits – very Jackie O.

Two words: Dolce & Gabbana. Two more words: bejeweled panties. Two more words: fashion roadkill. One word to tie it all together: EPIC.

Oh, and that cropped shirt + pencil skirt + Gucci pouch + sideswept pony look was the reason I shelled out my hard-earned moola on that purse. I so loved this outfit on Carrie…and her long straight hair too…and how she handled Aidan’s passive-aggressive antics. Loved it.

Remember when Carrie and Aidan were engaged, how she refused to wear the ring on her finger? How she hid it among the piles, upon piles of pearls? Just another one of those instances, when warbrobe choices are so telling. And the skirt on the right…it was just so delightfully weird – I desperately wanted one too! I couldn’t find a better photo of it…but the back had feathers/ruffles attached to it…only Carrie.

Yet another warbrobe-envy item…that multicolored striped skirt, I really really liked it. Apparently though, it’s not a skirt – it’s a dress. Another example of Pat Field’s genius.

Carrie running to open the New York Stock Exchange, and Carrie going to the courthouse for jury duty, two more very memorable outfits. She looks so adorable in polka dots and overalls, no? Though I would definitely lose Berger as the accessory.

The stripes she wore to her book launch party, and that tent dress, designed to hide her pregnancy bump – I wasn’t too crazy about these looks, but they stood out in my memory, so I wanted to include them anyway.

Yet another refreshing Carrie choice. Remember that horrid date Charlotte was on, only to join Carrie and Berger on their awful date? The best part of it for me, other than Charlotte’s facial expressions, was the Mickey Mouse t-shirt under Carrie’s cream blazer. Since then, this look has been popping up on different runways through the years (I am looking at you, D&G).

And who can forget the day Carrie landed in Paris? Stripes, hat, pearls and all. A little ridiculous? Yes. Very Carries? You betcha.

A lot of people weren’t too fond of Petrovsky for Carrie…but I must admit…I kinda liked him. Also liked those over-the-knee boots, and her lady-like coat. So pretty!

And last, but not least…the ladybug dress…the one she wore at a Parisian cafe, while sitting next to a grumpy-looking dog, and then one she had one when she stepped in some dog merde too. Metaphor for her time in Paris, perhaps?

I know I skipped a lot of looks, like the “candy-striper”, “the tutu”, the “naked dress”, among others, I just couldn’t fit them all in. What were your fave Carrie looks from the series, and perhaps the ones I’ve missed? Are you excited about yet another movie? Share your thoughts and fond memories of the show in the comments!

Photo Credits: www.fabsugar.com, www.tfs.com

Friday Faux Pas: Sex And The City 2 Poster

What in the Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Photoshop Hell is this? Are we supposed to believe that these four computer-generated mutants are Sex and the City girls? Carrie looks like the girl from The Exorcist – with her head doing the 360 spins…and seemingly not belonging to her body…Charlotte has dead eyes, skin, and…in general looks deceased. Miranda is…well, Miranda looks ok…And then there is Samantha…or Sharon Stone…or some transvestite that performs Sex and the City themed shows every Saturday night at El Convento Rico…or a burn victim…mannequin…something plastic and definitely not human or alive or real. Is this Sex and the City – the computer game? I just don’t understand!

This is Sex and the City! Couldn’t they hire better photoshop-professionals? Couldn’t they arrange a quality photoshoot for all four ladies at the same time, instead of photoshopping them from different stock photos? I really don’t understand. If this was my artwork for Digital Graphics class in high-school…my teacher would certainly fail me and tell me never to come back to her class again.

This is blasphemy and sabotage. Or perhaps it’s a joke? Yes, that’s it. This is a deliberate hoax…and not a real poster. It can’t be…it just can’t.

Photo Credits: www.dlisted.com

SATC2 Style: Carrie Bradshaw Poster

Please don’t hate me for liking this poster, but I really think, though outrageous, this poster is way better than that disco-ball-Barbie-disaster. Is it practical to tromp around the desert in high heels? No, it’s not. But Sex and the City’s (both movie and show) clothing choices have never been about dressing for reality nor practicality, pushing the boundaries and giving us, regular folk, a chance to marvel at something a bit more out there than what we’re used to instead. And for that reason, I think I like this poster, even if SJP is airbrushed within an inch of her life. May 27th cannot come soon enough!

Photo Credits: TFS

SATC2 Style: Official Photos

Seeing these new official photos of the fab four made me so very happy, as it’s been a while since I’ve seen any new pics from the set of Sex and the City 2. I do realize that there’s a good chance that the movie won’t be anything to toast a Cosmo to, but I can’t help but be excited for the release in May. All I know is my girlfriends and I will be there on the opening weekend, rain or shine. And even if the plot is cringeworthy, the fashion might still be its saving grace. From the looks of the photos, I am expecting lots of bright colors with a Moroccan twist. Can’t wait!

Photo Credits: www.InStyle.com

SATC2 Style: Carrie On


I love Sex and the City! Love the women, the outfits, the stories. Or should I say “loved”? As in, I used to love Sex and the City. The first movie was ok. Not horrific, not anything special, just meh. My favorite line from the whole movie is Charlotte’s “I curse the day you were born!”. That one stuck with me. The rest of the movie – not so much. Now the first poster for SATC2 is released and I don’t know what to say. What in the Photoshop hell is that? Is this SIMS: Sex and the City? Because the graphics department really dropped the ball on this one. SJP is photoshopped beyond looking human. And what’s with the disco theme? Should the fab four really have just carried on, and passed on the sequel? A bit too late now, I guess. We’ll find out how good bad it is in May.

Photo Credits: www.dlisted.com

SATC2 Style: Why?


The rumours have been swirling for a while now, but up until last weekend it was not confirmed and I was hoping for the best! Alas, my hopes are totally dashed, as we have photos of Miley Cyrus on the set of the second Sex and the City movie. Why, oh why, did the producers agree to this atrocity? Who wants her in the movie??? She is so annoying, and annoying, and also…annoying (just watch her interview with Ellen DeGeneres). Isn’t she super-Christian too? Why would she even want to be in this movie? The movie that speaks so openly (at least Sam does) about sex? The girl that has vowed to not have any until marriage (yeah, ok!). And this also makes me question the demographic that they are targeting with her appearance. Who are Miley’s fans? Tweens and teenagers. Total sellout. Instead of writing intriguing/interesting storylines, they are hiring famewhores to star in their (PG?) film. Way to go!

But going back to the SATC2 Style…Sam’s necklace is amazing! Love it so much! Plus Kim Cattrall does not age! And, in my opinion, the dress looks way better on her than on the 16 year old. But maybe that’s just me, because Miley Cyrus is selling millions of tickets to her concerts. She is a star and a style icon, and an inspiration for the thousands of children everywhere…because, quoting Lainey Gossip, “people suck”.


Photo Credits: www.dlisted.com

SJP NYC – SJP’s New Perfume


Sarah Jessica Parker is launching another perfume, called SJP NYC, based on her most famous character – Carrie Bradshaw. I do love me some SJP, but I have never been a fan of celebrity fragrances, and feel that I won’t love this one either. Although maybe I should wait until it’s released before I judge. According to WWD, “the scent, a fruity floral by Parker and Firmenich’s Honorine Blanc, has top notes of Italian mandarin, white osmanthus and wild red strawberries; a heart of gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa and red rose damascenia, and a drydown of sandalwood, vanilla absolute, rum flavor and creamy musks”. Hmm, floral scents? The only one that I actually love is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf.

The bottle was also designed with Carrie in mind, meant to reflect “whimsy, fun and joie de vivre” of her closet. Do not love. For some reason, the bottle screams “Ed Hardy Reject” to me, and does not at all remind me of Carrie. Sigh. The fragrance will be available at Macy’s stores in February, and will launch worldwide in May (just in time for the release of the second Sex and The City movie). Do you want to smell like Carrie Bradshaw? Are you loving the packaging? Let me know!

Photo Credits: www.wwd.com