What They Wore: Cannes 2015 Best Dressed

I love Cannes fashion. Most of the time celebs aren’t afraid to make style statements on the croisette, and we get to feast our eyes on over-the-top gowns, as well as the more subdued, real-life-appropriate day outfits. It’s a win-win!

This year, I found the fashions particularly inspiring, with some of the world’s most stylish leading ladies all over the red carpet, I had a tough time picking my faves. Diane Kruger, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Sienna Miller, Lupita Nyong’o, and many others brought their A-game to Cannes, and it was glorious.

I know that the festival isn’t over just yet, and I’ll update this post as more photographs become available, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy Poppy Delevingne in her exquisite CHANEL gown, the always regal Cate Blanchett in an otherworldly Giles creation, Diane Kruger in the most adorable Dolce and Gabbana dress, and many more.

Share your faves in comments and stay tuned for more beautiful looks from Cannes 2015!

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What They Wore: Celeb Looks from Met Gala 2014


What’s more important – adhering to a dress code or bringing something fresh to the red carpet? Last night at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, some celebs decided to pay homage to the celebrated American designer Charles James, while others chose to wear something exciting instead. No shade to James, but after seeing one too many taffeta-clad celebs, I cheered when I glimpsed Lupita Nyong’o’s Prada amazingness. Sure, it wasn’t exactly inspired by Charles James, but it was fun to look at, and if anyone could pull off the bejeweled net dress with feathers, it’s Lupita. Same goes for Kirsten Dunst’s Rodarte Star Wars gown – amazing, and probably not the most appropriate for that particular theme, but still…so cool! Another look I couldn’t resist last night was Chloe Sevigny in Kenzo, which was probably much too modern for last night’s theme, but I loved it all the same.

But it wasn’t solely the rebels that caught my eye, I absolutely adored Liu Wen in a Zac Posen stunner (which I just got to see at Holts last week!), Emmy Rossum in a floral Carolina Herrera gown, Giovanna Battaglia in an 0ff-the-shoulder Dolce & Gabbana, and Hailee Steinfeld in a very theme-(and age)-appropriate black, white, and pink Prabal Gurung gown.

Mostly though, I was underwhelmed with last night’s red carpet looks. My favourite Style Fille Diane Kruger looked washed out in pale blue (though Joshua more than made up for it!), SJP disappointed in a messy Oscar de la Renta, Johnny Depp came dressed as Colonel Sanders, Kate Upton, who isn’t exactly a high-fashion darling, looked frumpy in a Dolce & Gabbana gown, and the rest of the lot just looked…been-there-wore-that.

What do you think of last night’s Met Gala red carpet? Which celebs got it right in your opinion? Share in the comments!







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You Are Invited: Blogger Bazaar Toronto – Sneak Peek!


In case you needed a reminder, BLOGGER BAZAAR sale at Aime is mere DAYS away, and we are getting pumped! With amazing gift bags worth more than $200 each (with any purchase, limited quantities), hair and makeup touch-ups kindly provided by Civello Rosedale, as well as a bundle of spectacular designer (and not) deals, this is one sale you do not want to miss!

So to give you a teaser, here’s a sneak peek of some pieces I will be parting with on Sunday. Most items I’ll be selling are brand new (with and without tags), others are gently worn, but all will be offered at DEEP discounts. At my table, I’ll have $5 shoes (BRAND NEW!), sparkly jewelry, pretty party dresses, bags, accessories, and more! And my fellow bloggers will have even MORE fun goodies for you to choose from.

Excited yet? But that’s not all! We also want to do some good while we clean out our closets. All proceeds collected from the $2 cover charge will go to Unity Charity, and 15% of all Style Blog sales will be donated to the Daily Bread Foodbank, a charity fighting to end hunger in our communities.

Sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon? Then don’t forget to RSVP HERE! See you on August 18th!


More details below!

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Who Wore it Best: Charlize Theron vs. Anne Hathaway vs. Kerry Washington


When Charlize Theron stepped on the red carpet at the Oscars this year, everyone and their mother seemed to be head over heels in love with her look. But to me, it was yet another case of dress déjà vu…dress-a vu, if you will. Yes, she looked stunning in her white Christian Dior gown, but so did Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes…and Kerry Washington at the SAG Awards. Of course, Anne’s dress was Chanel Haute Couture, and Kerry’s – Rodarte, but the gist of it (white – check, peplum – check, strapless – check) was all too familiar. And while in my opinion, Charlize really did wear her white gown best, I am not sure if this is Oscars best-dressed worthy.

What do you think? Let’s settle this with a duel…I mean poll!

Who Wore it Best?

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See Kerry’s dress after the jump!

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Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy at The Bay in Toronto!


Did you hear? Designer siblings Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte will be in Toronto on May 23rd for a private party at The Bay’s The Room to celebrate their Fall 2012 collection. But if you’re not lucky enough to be on the super exclusive invite list, don’t fret…rumour has it, the fantastically talented duo will return the next day for a public appearance at The Room at 12:30pm.

Ok, so it’s not a rumour…I actually saw a flyer with my own eyes, but totally forgot to save it – my bad. I’ve since not been able to find it, and I am not sure whether it’s due to the fact that the public appearance has been cancelled, or due to my subpar sleuthing skills…but either way, once more details are confirmed, I will update this post. Stay tuned!

Are you excited to meet Rodarte in person? Share in the comments!

UPDATE: The Room’s Nicholas Mellamphy just confirmed on Twitter that the public event IS HAPPENING!

May 24th, 2012 at 12:30pm
The Bay Queen St (The Room – 3rd floor)
Jeanne Beker will interview the sister duo behind Rodarte!

Be there, or be square, people! Opportunity of a lifetime, right here!

Photo Credits: The Bay

The Met’s Costume Institute Gala: Worst Dressed


After unsuccessfully trying to narrow down the Met’s Costume Gala 2012 Worst Dressed list to 5 celebs, I gave up and included all 6 outfits that I found either too boring, too ill-fitting, or too reminiscent of Santa’s wifey.

Yeah, I’m referring to Kirsten Dunst in that last one. When I first saw her Rodarte outfit, I actually kinda (really) liked it. And I almost put her on my Best Dressed list, until…it hit me! She looks like Mrs. Claus!!! If this was a different color combo, I would’ve loved it…but in this light, in this photo, it looks like Kirsten is rocking a look straight out of Mrs. Santa’s closet. Once I saw it, that’s the only thing I could focus on.


Oh, Gwyneth. I love you…and generally, you bring some serious style-porn. But not this time. This Prada dress made your boobs look saggy, and though you’ve got some gorgeous gams to show off, I found this dress ill-fitting, and a bit too short for you. Oh well, can’t win them all. Great accessories though.


I wanted to love Coco Rocha’s vintage Givenchy jumpsuit, previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor. I tried to like it…but I just just couldn’t. I think it might be the awkward length, that probably worked like a charm on someone petite (like Elizabeth Taylor), but looks all wrong on Coco. And let’s face it, had we not known that this jumpsuit belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, would this outfit have gotten as much attention? I don’t think so. Also, that dyed-to-match hair? What was she thinking?


So, Anja Rubik…we get it, you’re a gorgeous model with a banging body…but when your slit goes all the way to your hip bones, and we can almost see your “humanity”, and when even Angelina Jolie thinks that you’re posing a bit too hard…perhaps it’s time to stitch that shit up…at least a couple of inches.


It breaks my heart to rag on SJP, but it has to be said…”Oh, honey, NO!”. Ok, now I feel better. Maybe on a leggy supermodel, with an up-do, and a few minor alterations, this vintage Valentino could be…interesting…but SJP drowns in it, looking more like fashion roadkill than fashion inspiration.


And lastly, we have what probably is one of the most controversial outfits of the Met Gala 2012 – Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga. I won’t lie…I kinda like the dress, and I really like the shoes…but not together, and not at the Met, and not on Kristen. With her body and youth, I am sure Kristen’s options were plentiful…and out of everything she was offered, she chose THIS? Sorry, Kristen…maybe next year.

Photo Credits: Fabsugar

Halloween 2010: Last-Minute Costumes

Every year, I plan on dressing up for Halloween, and every year I inevitably wait until the week before the party to start putting my costume together. Most times, everything I need…well, almost everything I need, is right inside my closet. This year, I came up with these 5 easy costumes that do not involve much polyester, sluttiness, or money-spending. Shop your own closet for supplies this year, and I bet you, you’ll be surprised at how many costume ideas you’ll be able to come up with!

1. Lady Gaga in Telephone

People have been going gaga for Gaga’s eclectic and sometimes outright batshit crazy stage outfits, which makes them perfect for recreating come Halloween. One of the easiest and cheapest options I could come up with (short of taping a bunch of bottles to a nude dress to make a “bubble bottle dress”) was the “Caution Tape Outfit” from her video Telephone. All you need is some caution tape, safety pins or needles/thread, or possibly scotch tape, and the craziest shoes you can find in your closet.

All I did was wrap the caution tape all over my top/liquid leggings combo, safety pinned it in place (didn’t even have to cut anything), and I was done. If you’re actually serious about recreating the look, you could wrap the tape around your naked/near-naked body, or actually tape that crap to your clothes. Since, I’m neither dedicated nor patient, I wrapped it haphazardly, but perhaps if I actually end up choosing this look, I’ll also attach some tape to the 3D glasses I’m wearing. Cost me all of $2.50 for the tape…everything else was right inside my closet. Done. This look would also work with meat…but it might get smelly by the end of the night.

If you wrap yourself with toilet paper instead, you could look like a pretty hot mummy. Just sayin’.

2. Cousin Itt – The Addams Family

Ever since my mom made fun of my hat/hair/scarf/glasses combo, I’ve been thinking about incorporating said items into a costume, and here’s the final result. To pull off this look you will either need a wig, or if you have long hair, you’ll simply need to flip it in front of your face, put some glasses over it, put on a hat, wear a long-ass dress and something furry/hairy on top. Done. Cost? ZERO dollars…and possibly some bruises and broken bones due to poor visibility. Small price to pay for such an awesome costume! No one will ever accuse you of trying to look slutty this Hallows’ Eve!

3. Wenda – Where’s Waldo?

I am a huge stripes fiend, so this costume is actually came quite naturally. All you need is a red/white striped shirt, a red or white hat with a pom-pom, a blue or denim skirt, some rad (or red) frames, and some red/white striped tights. It also helps to carry a camera, and keep asking people “Where’s Waldo???”. Done! And it cost…all of NOTHING.

I do think that Odlaw’s costume is much more fun that Wenda’s…but finding a yellow/black striped shirt proved a difficult task. If you’re serious about your commitment to portray this baddie, get some yellow duct tape, stick stripes all over a black sweater, put on some black pants and a yellow/black striped hat, round-rim glasses, grow/buy a mustache and you’re done!

4. Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz

This one was a result of my affinity to my Rodarte for Target baby-blue dress. It’s been hanging lifelessly in my closet for over a year now, and I have finally found some use for it! This dress could also be worn as part of Alice in Wonderland costume, but it would probably work best on a blonde.

Back to Dorothy: all you need are some ruby slippers (red heels in this case), a blue dress, pigtails, basket, and someone to play the role of Toto. If I go with this costume, Pepper is getting a dog makeover…or not. Once again, it cost me nothing…

5. Terry Richardson

If you truly want a TERRYfying costume…then look no further than photographer/alleged model abuser Terry Richardson. All you need is a standard hipster uniform of plaid shirt, skinny jeans, Converse sneaks, some Terry-esque shades and a handlebar moustache. Obviously, I wasn’t particularly committed to this look…the glasses are all wrong, and the moustache is nowhere to be seen…but if I actually decided to go as him, all I would need are those two props to complete the look. Extra points for carrying a banana, a camera, and making strangers pose provocatively for ya.

What are you wearing for Halloween this year? I’d love to know!

Wishlist: DSquared or Kirkwood for Rodarte

I’ll take either one…because both are exquisite works of art! I think my heart melts for the spinal DSquared shoe, but the waxy look of the Rodarte shoe is also pretty amazing.

But if you could only buy one, which one would you choose?

Which shoe fits?

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Photo Credits: www.jakandjil.com

Rodarte for Target in Vogue

rodarte target2

So more and more Rodarte for Target photos have been popping up lately, but Vogue and Teen Vogue, understandably, got the first dibs for having the pieces as part of their editorials. Ahh…why don’t we have a Target in Canada? I really love Target, it has the best atmosphere for its type of store and they always have cute housewares stuff, as well as other miscellaneous crap that I always end up buying. Can we start a petition please? Bring Topshop and Target to Canada! Yes! Yes, we can! Anyway, my fave is still the leopard print dress on Dakota Fanning below, but the Vogue-featured pieces are also so very cute! The collection launches very soon (December 20th)! Can’t wait to see the rest!

rodarte target

Photo Credits: Vogue & Teen Vogue

Rodarte for Target Preview


It’s finally happening! The first look at the Rodarte for Target collection lookbook is here! Hooray! And so far it looks very promising! I love the ribcage print on this mini dress, but wish it wasn’t sequined. Hopefully the collection also has a similar t-shirt dress, which I would love to rock with some tights and boots. Hotness! But since it hasn’t been officially confirmed that the above image is in fact from the collection’s lookbook, we’ll just have to wait for a confirmation* and more photos. Rodarte for Target collection hits stores December 20th, 2009. I am so excited about this one! Are you?

*Update: Seventeen magazine has more photos of the collection here. So it’s confirmed, the dress is a part of the Rodarte for Target collection! Woohoo!

Photo Credits: TFS