Style Fille: Kristen Stewart

This past year, I’ve grown to like Kristen Stewart’s simple yet edgy style, despite my severe allergies to the movie that made her a household name. Yeah, that movie. For a while there, I kept ignoring any posts about her or Pattinson, but  this outfit at the NYC premiere of Remember Me, that stars her “maybe” boyfriend, I just couldn’t ignore. I don’t care about any of the drama, I just really love her style.

There aren’t too many people out there that can show up to an event, wearing military green lace pants (which really do sound horrible) with unkempt and what appears to be greasy hair, and a leather jacket, and still ooze style. Military is a huge trend for both Spring and Fall 2010, and so far, these pants are my favorite piece to covet. Love the way they fit her just so, and love her styling choices. It’s always so much better to under-dress than over-dress, no?

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Wednesday Candy: Sexiest Man Alive – Johnny Depp!

depp moss

When People crowned Johnny Depp as the Sexiest Man Alive (2009), thousands of Twi-hards lost their shit wings…and also sent out their anger in shape of hate-mail to the likes of Lainey Gossip. Did you read her article? Did you read those emails? So much ignorance and hate! And Lainey says that those women are not in their teens…no, those are grown freaking women! For some of those, getting a life might be a tad too late, but seeking help of mental professionals would be just fitting.

On to Johnny. If anyone deserves this title unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably, it’s Johnny Depp. Who else can make a weird eye-lined pirate sexy as hell? Who else oozes sexiness even when he looks grungy and unkempt? Sexiest Man Alive? Johnny Depp! And though a part of me was hoping that Colin Firth would take the title this year, I am perfectly happy with their choice. Thank you, People Mag! Thank you for not giving it to Pattinson!

Halloween 2009: Celeb Costumes

jimmy pattison

After a brief case of the “mondays” I am back to normal posting schedule! Yay!

Since babies are so in right now (just ask Bruno), lots of celeb parents were out this past weekend trick-or-treating with their little ones. And surprisingly, my fave Halloweened out celebrity this year was not Heidi Klum, but Gwen Stefani dressed as Jessie from Toy Story! I also loved her last year’s cat costume. I think it’s truly a testament of Gwen’s beauty…she can pull off virtually any look and still stay gorgeous. My other faves this year included Ellen as Oprah Magazine, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo as Frankenstein and his bride, and Jimmy Fallon as Robert Pattinson. Also, though I really don’t want to promote this toxic duo, Twit and Twat’s portrayal of Jon and Kate plus Hate was quite funny and scary at the same time. Maybe celebrity impersonation is what Spencer Pratt and his plastic wife should stick to? Just a thought.

gwen 2009



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