Ecco Fall 2011 Preview

Back in my Texas days, I could wear the most ridiculously uncomfortable heels daily without any repercussions (I drove everywhere). Also, winters there are virtually non-existent…so the salt/slush problems that we face in Canada aren’t even an issue there. But in Toronto…The longer I live in Toronto, the more comfort-minded I become…though definitely not to the point of not caring about style. So in a battle of comfort vs. style, which one do you choose? Apparently, you can have both!

Last week, when I laid eyes on Ecco’s Fall 2011 collection of leather boots, some water-resistant, some with bendable (read: comfortable as all hell) soles, others with thick rubber tread, guaranteeing that you won’t be slipping all over the place or freezing your toes off on those snowy days, I was completely smitten and confused. Smitten, because the selection looked hella-stylish, confused, because…stylish, functional, AND comfortable did not exist in my winter shoe-wardrobe until now. 

Though it was hard to choose, my favorite style was definitely the fur-lined, wool-insoled, rubber treaded Leros boot (below). Warm, comfy, and stylish? Could there be a more perfect combination? It arrives in stores in August, and I will make sure to scoop it up before my size sells out.

I also got to check out Ecco’s limited edition La Granda styles, in mustard-colored leather (below), and in olive green lace-up ankle bootie. Available in the month of September only, and only online! If you want those babies to be yours, you’d better set a calendar reminder for Septemer 1st.

La Granda

Apart from the kick-ass boots, Ecco Fall 2011 collection will include some amazing leather bags – slouchy, structured, messenger or hobo – whatever your flavor, there’s a bag for everyone. My personal fave was the ladylike Medina purse (below) in cognac leather – the quality, the stitching, and of course, the style of this bag were impeccable, making it a must-buy come fall.

Do you own any Ecco shoes? As an Ecco-newbie, I’d love to hear your stories. Share in the comments.

Gap and Banana Republic Fall 2011 Preview

I don’t know if this weather has anything to do with all of the Fall 2011 previews I’ve been attending, but if so, I’d like the clothes to be available right now, instead of next year! Last month, I attended a preview of Banana Republic and Gap Fall 2011 collections.

Banana Republic’s Fall 2011collection is very feminine, with rich autumnal shades, fantastic outerwear options, and beautiful accessories (like the necklace below). It wasn’t exactly my steeze (I just don’t feel grown up enough), but I am definitely planning to pick up a few pieces from the collection, starting with a gorgeous leather vest in soft pink.

Gap, on the other hand, was everything that I want my workwear/everydaywear to be: contemporary classics with a twist. I already raved about the Gap Fall 2011 Lookbook, which…let’s face it…has a ton of amazing pieces. And close up, they did not disappoint. Even the most basic of items, like a work blazer, had a sense of cool about it, all thanks to leather detailing. This great attention to detail is what sets this collection apart for me. It’s a far cry from my first visit to a Gap store back in 2000 in Texas…it’s no longer all about t-shirts and jeans only. Gap designs are evolving, and I’m loving it. And as I’ve said before…leather pieces from this collection are the items I’ll be shop-stalking like a hawk. Gap Fall 2011 Preview photos are after the jump!

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EDIT by Jeanne Beker Fall 2011 Preview

If every lunch break could include a chi-chi meal with Toronto’s most stylish, I’d be one happy gal. Last week, despite a harrowing schedule of month-end (at work), and LGFW (at Heritage Court), I made a dash to Boehmer restaurant to get a glimpse at Fall 2011 collection of EDIT by Jeanne Beker.

With Canadian fashion rockstars (HBC CEO Bonnie Brooks, Flare’s  Lisa Tant, and Bernadette Morra of FASHION Mag count, right?) present and seated, Jeanne spoke of her line’s fall collection, the addition of more Plus-sized items and denim, once again adamant that she is not yet another celeb designer – she just has a real knack for picking and choosing all the right pieces to create a covet-worthy wardrobe for any woman.

Some of my favorites included a Pea-vest (peacoat + vest combo, or a sleeveless wool vest, if you’d like), which would look terrific layered over a leather jacket, an easy Equipment shirt (which comes in 5 colors), a sequined party vest, and a Burberry-esque Sherling aviator jacket – all versatile pieces that my closet desperately needs. It was also nice to see Peace, a Ben Barry model and a true size 18, rocking pieces from EDIT’s plus-size collection – looking just as stylish, as her skinnier counterparts.  Diversity in fashion? It’s happening.

All in all, I was once again impressed with EDIT by Jeanne Beker pieces, which were classic enough to suit just about any woman’s lifestyle, yet with just the right amount of edge. The collection is well-priced, and the hottest items usually sell out within days (at least in Toronto, they do). Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Have you bought any EDIT pieces for yourself yet? Share in the comments.

EDIT by Jeanne Beker and Jeanne Jeans are available at The Bay stores nationwide.

Tablemates: eTalk’s Sasha Tong and Julia Seidl of Style Hog

Hip Urban Girl Lisa, and one half of Toronto is Fashion – Marc.

Photo Credits: All photos by Style Blog, final photo by Richard of Toronto is Fashion

Gap Fall 2011 Lookbook

There’s brand new snow on the ground here in Toronto, and I’m already swooning over Fall 2011 collections. Crazy world we live in, no? And since the weather is more than appropriate, I wish these Gap Fall 2011 pieces were in stores right now, rather than next fall. That jacket (above)…I needto have that jacket. It’s everything I’ve been searching for and so much more – lovely shade of camel, perfect soft/worn-in looking leather, moto cut and detailing – it’s perfection in one simple garment…and so timeless at that. Two words: Must. Have.

Looks like Fall 2011 will be all about leather, baby…at least at Gap, that is. Do you like what you see? Do you only care about spring garments now? Let me know in the comments.

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