Beauty: Elizabeth Arden Untold


As a little girl there was no bigger rush than sneaking into my mother’s room and spritzing a bit of her perfume on my wrist….Yes, I was a naughty girl. One of my mother’s favourites was Red Door – an Elizabeth Arden classic. Now, 24 years later, Elizabeth Arden is launching Untold, a new signature scent that celebrates and captures the essence of every woman.

With hints of peony, black currant and white musk, Untold creates a lovely balance of fresh and feminine without being overpowering – definitely a scent you can wear through summer into winter! And after letting Mummy smell Untold, I have a feeling that she’ll be the one sneaking into my room to steal a spritz!



Photo Credits: Elizabeth Arden

Oscar de la Renta at The Bay

There is only a handful of iconic designers that I would be psyched (read: freak out) to meet, and Oscar de la Renta is undeniably one of them. When word got out that de la Renta will be signing autographs at The Bay for the launch of his new perfume Live in Love, I hyperventilated for a moment, and then promptly ran to The Bay Queen Street on my lunch break to meet the charming designer.

At the event, de la Renta gave a quick interview to Jeanne Beker, revealing that he is a much better designer than he was 30 years ago, now that he knows so much more about life, and his craft, just as a woman can be more beautiful as she gets older and wiser. And what is beauty, according to Oscar de la Renta? “Real beauty is not what you project with your physique, but what you project with your mind.” What a lovely message, non?

When it was time for autographs, Oscar actually took the time to talk to each person in line, as well as take a photo with those that wanted one (that would be me!) – never rushing, always smiling. In today’s world full of celebrated reality TV plastic idols idiots, it is a rare treat to meet someone as truly talented, intelligent, and…sigh…charming as Oscar de la Renta – a true gentleman, and a fashion icon. Crossing this one off my bucket list.

Have you tried Live in Love yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

Live in Love, Oscar de la Renta’s newest fragrance “for women, created by a man who adores them” has a light floral scent, with top notes of hyacinth, galbanum, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley and orchid, and is available in Canada exclusively at The Bay.

ck one Reinvented

You might already know that ck one has been around for YEARS now, but…this year, the company’s best-seller is evolving. ck one is now ONE brand for a few different products – fragrance, underwear, and clothing. Talk about multitasking! And to drive the point home, they’ve launched a brand new ad campaign, featuring many of the world’s top models, and shot by Steven Meisel (the original ck one photographer). In addition, the ck one website features interactive model confessions (answering questions like “What’s the best way to get over a broken heart?), and if you’re brave enough you can even upload your own!

If you haven’t tried ck one for yourself, there’s a great promo at The Bay right now – if you sign up for their Beauty Newsletter, you get a sample of ck one free! Easy as that. I, myself, haven’t really tried ck one in the past, mainly because I’ve always thought of it as a men’s fragrance…and boy, was I surprised when I actually got a chance to try it! I’m so obsessed with it, that parting with my bag of samples proved to be an exercise in self-control.

ck one is a perfect unisex daytime fragrance – it’s fresh, not at all overpowering, with subtle citrusy notes. Go ahead and give it a try, it might just be THE ONE fragrance for you.

Photo Credits: Calvin Klein