What I Wore: Something Borrowed, Something CHANEL

When CHANEL offered to dress me for their Fall 2015 runway show, I couldn’t believe my luck. Feeling like Cinderella for the day, I picked out this stunning tweed and lace blazer, paired with a patent red cross-body bag, matching pearl cuffs, and of course, my recent fave CHANEL ankle booties. There were lots more options at our fitting, but sadly, as someone who’s no longer a size 2, fitting into samples presented a bit of a challenge. Where is the fairy godmother to shrink one a size or three, when you really need her?!

But no matter, I still loved the outfit I ended up choosing, and happily wore it to the show, to visit Coco Chanel’s apartment, at Cafe Marly, and back at the rue Cambon boutique, giddily running around Paris in CHANEL. I paired the blazer with my fave top from the Canadian brand Pink Tartan, because even during Paris Fashion Week, it felt right to #WearCanada.

At the end of the three-day Discover CHANEL program, I had to hand over the borrowed things, feeling a little sad to say good-bye to the beautiful pieces I had a chance to wear. Regardless, I was still so happy that I got to have a bit of a celeb experience…on a much smaller scale, of course, but still…borrowed clothes or not, the memories are forever.

I Wore: Jacket, Bag, Shoes, Cuffs, Earrings – CHANEL; Top – Pink Tartan; Pants – Zara; Sunglasses – Dior

Paris Fashion Week: H&M Studio Fall 2015 Runway Collection

Paris Fashion Week is upon us, and as in the past few years, my fave fast-fashion brand H&M presented their Fall 2015 Studio collection in Paris. With a studded front row, that included Audrey Tautou, Solange Knowles, Mark Ronson, and Olga Kurylenko, and a slew of the most in-demand models strutting their stuff on the runway, this was definitely one of the hottest tickets of the season.

Once again, I tuned in to watch the show live online, while making my wishlist for next fall. After all, even though this was a Paris Fashion Week runway show, the major appeal is that the clothes shown will be affordable. No need to break the bank.

Unlike in the past, however, this year’s wishlist was shorter than I had expected. There were several standouts like the psychedelic sequinned top that my closet seriously needs, the green chevron-printed tunic that I’d happily wear as a dress, a couple of patent leather jackets perfect for fall, an orange beaded sweater of my dreams, and a furry topper that I fell in love with. But the rest of it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Perhaps because I don’t love wide trousers, or because the colours weren’t vibrant enough for this magpie…but most looks from the collection left me a little underwhelmed. Hopefully when the pieces hit the stores, I’ll feel differently, but even if I don’t, there are plenty of looks from this collection that I’m going to be coveting next fall.

H&M Studio is H&M’s limited-edition collection of key seasonal pieces, with its own dedicated design team. The Fall 2015 collection will be available in 200 stores worldwide, as well as online (sadly not in Canada), from September 10. So tell me, did you love H&M Fall 2015 Studio Collection? Share your faves in the comments.

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Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Grocery Store Chic Fall 2014


Leave it to Karl to transform the magnificent Grand Palais into something so seemingly ordinary as a grocery store for a fashion show. But when all of the groceries, shopping carts and baskets bear the iconic CHANEL logo, the “store” and the fashion show become anything but ordinary. As someone who’s fairly obsessed with all things whimsical and kitsch, I would’ve been all over those CHANEL-branded goodies. After the show, the lucky attendees were allowed to loot peruse the quirky “store” offerings, and the luckiest ones walked away with CHANEL Spaghetti, door mats, rubber gloves, Tweed Cola, and lots more. Best grocery store ever?!

The Fall 2014 collection itself was appropriately fun, what with “Lait de Coco” bags, colourful outerwear, tweed sunglasses, and pop-art faux (?) fur bags – all of it covetable, but definitely not for those that prefer their fashion nice and serious. The people that would be most into this collection are the ones that can appreciate a bit of humour in their daily dressing…so needless to say, I was really INTO.IT!

So what do you think about Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection? Would you like a tall glass of “Lait de Coco” in your life? Share in the comments!




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Paris Fashion Week: H&M Studio Fall 2014 Runway Collection


Isn’t it funny that H&M Studio collection has become one of my most highly-anticipated shows of Paris Fashion Week?! Mostly, it’s because I know that whatever the design geniuses from H&M will show on that runway, I’ll be able to afford and thus add to my wardrobe. But also, because the last collection BLEW.MY.EFFING.MIND! So with those high expectations in mind, I livestreamed yesterday’s H&M Studio Fall 2014 runway show, watching the H&M-clad glamazons strutting their stuff at the famed Grand Palais in front of 600 attendees, as the up-and-coming French star HollySiz performed live throughout the show. There was also a quick peek at the star-studded front row, which included one of my favest Style Filles Solange Knowles, mocktress Jessica Alba, models Miranda Kerr and Jourdan Dunn, and a gorgeous DJ Leigh Lezark, most of them wearing the latest pieces from H&M.

The collection itself was a glamorama mix of faux fur, modern suiting, and earth tones, with a sprinkle of sequins and stone embroidery. Mini dresses worn with knee-high boots, faux fur coats over slinky dresses, draped blouses under masculine blazers – it was all very wearable, covetable, and hopefully mostly affordable. This season, my wishlist includes a couple of coats, a few dresses, and possibly a pair of boots…I already have way too many, but if they are as comfy as they are cute, I just know I won’t be able to resist.

So, what do you think about H&M Studio Fall 2014 collection? Are you excited that you’ll be able to afford something from the Paris Fashion Week runway? Share in the comments!





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Wishlist: Balenciaga Fall 2013 Shoes by Alexander Wang


We’ve all been waiting for it – Alexander Wang’s first-ever collection designed for Balenciaga! Presented during Paris Fashion Week last night, Balenciaga Fall 2013 was full of chic covet-worthy pieces. “I’m going back to the roots, identifying the codes of the house, and translating them into a functioning, full wardrobe,” said Wang, and while I truly loved the entire collection, I fell IN LOVE with the shoes.

I mean…just look at them! These shoes are classic, and yet they are not. Chic, but edgy. Comfortable? Probably not, but I want them all nonetheless. These shoes are what dreams are made of. And today, I am going to enjoy dreaming.

What did you think of Wang’s first effort designing for Balenciaga? You can see the entire collection HERE.


Photo Credits: Style.com

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013: H&M Runway Show


Last night one of my most favourite brands – H&M held their first-ever runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Attended by stylish young things like Ashley Olsen, Emma Roberts and Chloe Moretz, the Fall 2013 show was set in a lusciously-decorated tent set at the Musée Rodin, and showcased the gorgeous fall collection on notable models like Arizona Muse, Cara Delevigne, and Isabeli Fontana, styled by George Cortina.

Apart from the unbelievably beautiful setting, the collection itself sure did not disappoint. Moody, dark, and glamorous, in fabrics like velvet, faux fur, leather, and silk, the collection was reminiscent of those wild 70’s rock stars – edgy, but feminine. “Delicacy and a sense of faded grandeur is found in pieces such as an open-backed sequin dress or an embellished and fringed shoulder piece, while knitwear is key, especially with an intricate cable knit sweater.”

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with at least half of the collection…and luckily for me, I can actually afford it! Yup, finally, a runway show that we can not only draw inspiration from, but also be able to afford. How novel is that?

Anyway, what do you think of H&M’s Fall 2013 collection? Are you as obsessed as I am? Share your fave pieces in the comments!



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Friday Faux Pas: Chanel Fall 2010

No, no, no! First the clogs, and now this? I never thought I’d say it, but I am doubting Karl’s vision! Fur pants? Really? Where the Wild Things Are was released last year, and Opening Ceremony has already done a fur-filled collection. The thing is, I almost expect Opening Ceremony to release an edgy-ugly-on-purpose collection, but it is not normal, to me, for the house of CHANEL to have Chewbaccas strutting down a Parisian runway.

I may be taking this all back when fur pants become the next hot thing to wear, but for now…I just don’t get it. And though I give Karl Lagerfeld props for using faux fur instead of real, this collection (though there were some nice pieces) is not one of my faves. No, no, no!

Photo Credits: www.style.com

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Collection

Earlier this week, 16 showpieces from Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2010 collection were presented in Paris. Inspired by the Byzantine art and Old Master paintings, the collection was hailed “heartbreakingly beautiful”. Indeed it is. It is also heartbreakingly sad, that another incredible talent is gone too soon. Rest in peace, Lee Alexander McQueen. You and your art will be greatly missed.

Photo Credits: TFS

Friday Faux Pas: Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro


Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan had talent. Once upon a time, she was a cute redhead, who was on the rise and was touted to be the next big thing. I first spotted her in that camp movie about twins, where she played both twins…some kiddie movie. And she was adorable! She was pretty good in Mean Girls too, which put her on everyone’s radar, and then along came fame. Fame, coupled with the enabling fame-whoring stage mother and father, alleged drugs and hard partying, a couple of car crashes, maybe some plastic surgery, fake tan, and a few other things thrown in, and today’s Lindsay Lohan barely resembles the girl she once was.

Why the house of Emanuel Ungaro would even consider her as their artistic consult is beyond me. If they even bothered to look at the recent pap photos of the starlet, they’d see that the girl’s style had deteriorated to resemble that of a crack-addicted…crack addict. The fake tan grease on her face, the bleached blond hair…the girl looks rough! And she’s not even 25 yet! That face is supposed to represent the French fashion house? Really? And what really baffles me, is that they were willing to lose Esteban Cortazar over this? For what? Publicity? Well, that’s one thing they definitely got!

Admittedly, I didn’t necessarily hate the collection, especially considering that it was put together in all of 3 weeks, after Cortazar quit. But as far as Lindsay’s artistic involvement goes, for which she was compensated in the millions, I really doubt that her contribution was material, if any at all. Though she definitely did what she was hired to do, the collection was talked about all over the world, while it might’ve been overlooked and ignored otherwise. And while others may disagree, I think that this not-so-cheap publicity stunt is not a stylish way for Ungaro to get noticed. Perhaps next time, they should just stick to what they are supposed to be good at and try hiring an actual designer with some talent, who’d create something original, instead of resorting to PR hype.


Lindsay during her Mean Girls year. Cute, right?


Recent photo of the 23-year old Lindsay.

Photo Credits: www.dlisted.com, www.solarnavigator.net

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010


Above from left to right: Givenchy, Celine, Chloé

Paris Fashion Week wraps up tomorrow, but I am too anxious to wait, so I’ll give you my faves today! Oh, Paris, how I love thee! So many amazing designers, so many beautiful creations…oh, how I wish I was there. I’ve been to Paris a few times now, and every time I find something different, something new to love about the city of light. And as far as fashion weeks go, this one is my favorite, hands down.


Above from left to right: Christian Dior, Balmain, Nina Ricci

Again, I’m not sure if it’s because I am trying to see it, or if it really is an upcoming trend, but I am seeing nudes everywhere! But this being the Spring 2010 fashion week, there was plenty of color too! My favorite yellow at Stella McCartney, aqua at Viktor & Rolf, Kenzo, and McQueen, gorgeous red at Lanvin, orange at John Galliano, and many others.


Above from left to right: Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Viktor & Rolf

And while I love me some Chanel, I wasn’t very impressed with anything from the spring collection this time around (or maybe it’s the clogs), so I am not including it in the highlights lineup. The collection I am definitely including is Alexander McQueen! Just look at the details! It’s underworld meets bug’s life! The fabrics, the shapes, the shoes, the hair! I couldn’t pick one, I love it all!


And while, others are showering Louis Vuitton’s collection with praise, to me…I just didn’t get it. More clogs, furry tails hanging off shoes, mish-mash of shapes and patterns. Not my cup of tea. And seriously, are you kidding me with this…are clogs really going to be in this coming spring??? I, for one, will never ever wear clogs! This is a promise. There’s far too many beautiful shoes out there to waste my time wearing something so ugly!

lv clogs

So c’est tout for Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010. I’m feeling a little sad to have to wait until the Resort collections will be released, but I think we had a great run with all these amazing clothes from London, New York, Paris, Milan…I guess we all can start making our wish lists for spring!


Above from left to right: Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Miu Miu

Photo Credits: www.style.com