What I Wore: Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag


Last week, you might’ve noticed a million tweets about the ela handbags sample sale, and if you weren’t sure what the big whoop was all about, this is what. This red ela Lardy satchel was one of my spoils from the sample sale war, purchased for a steal! A beauty, isn’t she?

And since I have the tendency to become obsessed with shiny new things, I couldn’t part with my new bag for days after I bought it. And you know what? It’s a perfect bag! Spacious and roomy enough for everything I need to tote with me, yet really light and comfy to carry. Gotta love sample sales.

Also, I’m hoping, that this will serve as my ginger way of getting back to taking outfit photos for real (meaning: not in front of a bathroom mirror with my iPhone), so stay tuned for more What I Wore posts. Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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You Are Invited: Old Navy Cheermageddon 2012!

Old Navy Asteroid Cheermageddon Sale

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As you already know, I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s fun and colourful styles. But what I love even more is a great deal! Especially, when the holidays are quickly approaching, and I still haven’t done my Christmas shopping. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But, if like me, you are still not sure where to start your holiday gift shopping, don’t fret. Old Navy’s got you covered! Starting November 23rd until November 24th, pick up gifts for everyone on your list (naughty or nice) on major sale during the Cheermageddon promotion! With deals like 50% off outerwear for kids, $19 famous jeans for adults, and $10 performance fleece for the entire family, your wallet won’t have to feel the burn! The sale continues Saturday the 24th with doorbusters and timed sales throughout the day: be sure to check out the deals page to prepare for your shopping spree.

This year, my Old Navy must-buy gifts include their super comfy PJs (their prints get me every time!), colourful sweaters (the one with the hearts is super cute, no?), plaid shirts, The Rockstar skinnies (a staple for any season), and Old Navy bikinis for that upcoming tropical winter getaway I have planned. Can’t wait until November 23rd to get my shop on!

So tell me, what’s on your holiday wishlist this year? Share in the comments!

Photo Credits: Old Navy

What I Wore: Blue and Yellow


The gloomy days are here, and all I want to do is wear rainbows and sunshine. Which in this case translates into a blue coat worn with yellow pants. Bright enough for me. This coat is from Old Navy…and if I’m not mistaken, it costs all of $30 right now, so if you are looking for a cheerful peacoat that will brighten up your day without breaking the bank, this is it. You are welcome.


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What I Wore: Like a Rockstar


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As days get shorter and cooler, I am taking pleasure in small things like hot lattes, comfort food, and being able to wear leather jackets and jeans again. Skinny jeans are always a must for fall – perfect with flats and boots, sweaters and blouses, they are a breeze to style and are a staple in my wardrobe. If you’re looking for a pair, you must check out The Rockstar Jeans collection. “A perfect fit for every body”, these skinny jeans and cords come in a wide variety of colors, and are super comfy to boot. What’s not to love?

And though Old Navy skinnies will usually cost you $39.50 for cords, and $44.50 for jeans, starting September 20th to October 3rd, you will be able to stock up and get as many colors as you’d like for only $19 each! I have my eye on a pair of plum and honeycomb jeans, and a pair of jute green cords to add to my growing collection. Can’t wait to wear them this fall!

Have you ever tried on a pair of The Rockstar Jeans? Did you like the fit? Share in the comments!


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What I Wore: A Day at the Market


The last few days sure haven’t been pretty…I’ve been feeling crappy, looking gruesome, going to bed early, loading up on Cold & Sinus meds, and drinking boatloads of tea + honey…which is why I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do. Sounds super fun, no?

This Sunday, however, despite all the tea drinking and crying into my pillow about not being taken care of well enough (I’m super dramatic when I’m sick), I somehow got cleaned up, put on my brightest pair of chucks, and went for a stroll to Kensington Market with le bf. We grabbed a coffee at the Moonbean cafe, stopped by the Blue Banana shop, where I picked up my obligatory British candy, watched a street performance…which turned into a flash mob, and just walked around without a care in the world, enjoying a sunny September day. And it was glorious! Or maybe it just felt that way because I’ve been stuck at home for so long. Either way, I loved it.

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun/special/crazy/awesome? If so, share in the comments, so I can live vicariously through you! Happy Monday, everyone!


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What I Wore: Mini Getaway


These photos were taken last weekend, when le bf and I grabbed a Mini Cooper Zipcar, and headed to the lake for a day of Kawartha ice-cream, sunshine, and relaxation. To celebrate Canada Day, I made sure to wear one of my most patriotic bikinis from Old Navy, pack all the necessities into The Bay tote, and grab my HBC Signature towel to lounge on. Also, Kawartha ice-cream is very Canadian…and also probably the yummiest ice-cream ever, so if you still haven’t tried it…well, you really should!

How did you celebrate Canada Day? Let me know in the comments!





I Wore: Dress, Bracelet – Forever21; Bikini, Sandals – Old Navy; Sunglasses, Hat, Pineapple Purse – H&M; Towel, Tote – The Bay

What I Wore: Day and Night


Last weekend was so much fun, you guys! As some of you already know…I’ll be a wifey soon. And to celebrate the upcoming merriment, my dear friends threw me not one…but two bachelorette parties!

First, my lovely bridesmaid Aleyda organized a yummy brunch at MoRoCo, followed by manis/pedis at the nearby salon. It was a perfect afternoon of relaxation and pampering. I had an amazing time catching up with friends, sipping lattes, and opening gifts, which I was hoping would be naughty, but were very nice instead. My brunch attire matched the theme, and I wore a white peplum dress from H&M, accessorized with neon details, and my new fave purse from Tory Burch’s new Yorkdale outpost (which is a must visit!).

At night, however, things got decidedly less classy. My amazing blogger friends Richard and Marc organized and threw me an unforgettable Rihanna-Themed Bachelorette party, complete with naughty games, fun decor, and pièce de résistance dance party at Buddies in Bad Times. Trying to find my inner Rihanna, I ended up wearing my fave Zara fringe leather skirt, new neon necklace from H&M, and my most comfy Aldo booties, all topped off with a DIY flower crown. And yes, I probably looked more like a Coachella attendee, than RiRi…but there were plenty of RiRis at the party (*cough* Jay Strut *cough*), so I didn’t feel too bad.

The next morning, I felt amazing…slightly hungover…but still super thankful for the awesome people I have met over the years, people I call friends…the ones that turn even daily get-togethers into unforgettable memories. Thank you, my dear friends for all of your support, love, and encouragement! This weekend was one for the history books…ok, not for THE history books per se…but I’m certainly not going to forget it any time soon.


Outfit details after the jump!

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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day


With only a handful of days left until Mother’s Day, the clock is seriously ticking. And just in case you’re all out of gift ideas for the woman who gave birth to you, check out some of our latest picks below. From the Aldo tote that can hold all of her essentials, to the rose gold MOM necklace from Tiffany’s, there’s a present on this list for any budget and taste. All you have to do is pick one.

What are you planning on giving your mom this Mother’s Day? Share in the comments.

1. Bathing Suit – Old Navy ($29.94)

2. Le Clos Jordanne Pinot Noir – LCBO ($30)

3. HBC Signature Cashmere Travel Set – The Bay ($174.99)

4. “Mom” Heart Pendant – Tiffany ($330)

5. Nokia Lumia 800 – Telus ($529.99)

6. Hearts Initial Necklace – Etsy Seller PTInspires ($30)

7. Nespresso PIXIE – The Bay ($249.95)

8. diptyque Candles – Holt Renfrew ($60)

9. The Other Bag – Aldo ($25)

 10. Hugs and Kisses – You (free)

What I Wore: Flare Magazine Blogger Style Spring Shoes

Flare Magazine Spring Shoe Feature

Exciting news, lovelies! Yours truly, along with a bunch of amazing Canadian bloggers was featured in Flare Magazine’s Blogger Style Spring Shoe post! After being asked to rock my fave pair of spring kicks for the feature, I needed less than a second to decide which pair to actually wear…and if you’ve been reading long enough, you already know the answer to my non-dilemma – my dearest Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats!

After months of lusting after these adorable flats, I bit the bullet and picked them up at The Room at The Bay, and have been dying to wear them ever since. As you can see, my spring shoot, included piles of snow behind me, so in reality I still have not worn these kitties out. But soon enough, I will be wearing them all over town…all the time. Le bf still looks on in disbelief, unsure whether to call me a crazy cat lady, or just crazy. But what does he know?

So what about you? Do you have a fave spring shoe that you simply cannot wait to bust out of your shoe closet? If so, do tell!

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

What I Wore: Shoes – Charlotte Olympia (The Room); Denim Jacket – The Bay; Red Jeans – Old Navy; Crochet Top – Forever21; Bag, Earrings – Chanel; Necklace – c/o Caroline Neron; Ring – YSL

What I Wore: Striped

 4 things:

1. Happy Chinese New Year!

2. Yes, I am wearing the furry vest again. No, I don’t need an intervention.

3. This is what I wore to a mom-date this weekend…one where my mom made me yummy Russian food, and I had to roll myself home afterwards.

4. Is the weekend really over already? *cries, hides in the corner*

I Wore: Sweater, Jeggings – Old Navy; Faux Fur Vest – Winners; Boots – Aldo; Bag – Prada; Necklace – Forever21