Wishlist: Charlotte Olympia “Baboushka” Bag


The moment I saw this Charlotte Olympia “Baboushka” bag (GBP 375), I knew I had to have it. It’s like Charlotte continues to design things with me in mind…first the black Kitty Flats that are a carbon copy of my cat Pepper, and now this matryoshka bag! Oh, Charlotte…you know me so well.

Here’s hoping that Nicholas Mellamphy orders a few of these for The Room. Fingers crossed.

Photo Credits: Charlotte Olympia

Wishlist: Chanel This, Chanel That

Apart from the 2.55 in classic black caviar leather, most Chanel pieces that I find myself coveting are the borderline crazy ones. Case in point, when The Coveteur posted their Jen Brill profile today, I was once again reminded that the Matryoshka bag is still not in my closet, nor do I own a pair of lightbulb-heel stilettos – both objects that I don’t necessarily need…but oh-so-want! Unfortunately, due to the fact that these items were super exclusive to begin with (not to mention unaffordable), chances of me ever adding these pieces to my wardrobe are slim to none, unless I rob Jen Brill that is (where does she live again?). So the moral of the story is – if you can’t afford the real deal, DIY!  

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some lightbulbs to glue to my shoes.

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Wishlist: nOir Natasha Ring

Things you might not know about me yet:

1. I like cute things
2. I like things that remind me of my heritage
3. I like things that are bright and colorful

This nOir Natasha ring is all of those things combined! With an additional bonus of a removable top doll! Didn’t you ever have one of those ballerina dolls hiding in a flower? And when you wind it up, the flower opens up to reveal a dancing ballerina? I used to love things like that – a thing concealing an even cuter thing. Combine it all, and you’ll understand why I am going nuts over this ring. But then again, that $225 can be spent so many ways on so many other more important “things”…and do I really need another costume jewelry piece in my ever-expanding closet?

I can go on and on in circles forever…the question, however, remains…to buy or not to buy?

Photo Credits: nOir

One of a Kind Christmas Show 2010

I have a confession to make – up until last weekend, I’ve never been to the One of a Kind Show. Ever. If like me, you have yet to visit the lovely local artisan booths, don’t walk…run to their Christmas show and sale at the Direct Energy Centre this week. There’s definitely something for everyone: Christmas gifts, handmade postcards, unique jewelry, clothes, and accessories, home decor items, and so much more!

I was really impressed by it all! And since a picture is worth a thousand words – here are a few of the artisans that really stood out. Make sure to stop by their booths and say hi (and perhaps buy something one of a kind).

Toodlebunny by Trudy Wynans (Booth S-48)

Lovely earrings, gorgeous handmade necklaces – different and original. Loved it all.

Marmalade by Kate Singer (Booth R-52)

Russian dolls, flowers, and anchors…oh my! Kate Singer is a woman after my own heart with her adorably whimsical Toronto-made/handmade jewelry! I got the Matryoshka pendant, and am still lusting after the anchor/heart bracelet.

Avril Loretti (Booth L-21)

Hockey-printed totes, mustache-printed hankies, and lovely tea towels all would make perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas. And the fact that they are Toronto-made? Even better.

Mally Designs (Booth B-32)

For the little ones on your shopping list, these reversible leather bibs with magnetic clasp are guaranteed not to stain, and come in a variety of super cute designs. You can also ask for a customized version, selecting your own color, print, and adding a child’s name to the bib pocket.

Laura Kapp (Booth T-10)

Fab Siwash sweaters for the coldest of winters.

Hoi Bo (Booth S-19)

As soon as I caught a glimpse of a beautiful leather jacket, I knew that the Hoi Bo booth would be something special. And it really was. Shapes, textures, and structural detailing are all very intriguing in most Hoi Boi garments – bags, dresses, accessories. There were so many things I liked in that booth, I could’ve spent days oggling them. Perhaps a trip to their Distillery District store is in my near future.

SK Art (Booth N-34)

SK Art is another booth worth visiting, if you have a little one to shop for. Absolutely loved their original Robot artwork. Got the blue one to frame and give to my cousin, so that my nephew can have something lovely (and unique) hanging in his bedroom. Oh, and they also make beautiful postcards too!


These sock-toques seem to be pretty popular. And though I wouldn’t want one in my stocking, I do think these Pook hats (judging by le boyfriend’s ecstatic reaction) would make a good gift for the little ones…or a hockey fan in your life, as the toques also come in your team’s signature colors. Oh, and they are also reversible.

As for the last two photos…Unfortunately, I have lost their business cards…boohoo! But if you check out this year’s One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale, I am certain you’ll be able to find something to tickle your fancy…and make this year’s Christmas shopping a lot more fun! Let me know if you end up buying anything. Would love to hear about your OOKS experiences!

One of a Kind Show runs from November 25th – December 5th at the Direct Energy Centre.

Wishlist: Swarovski Matrioshka Necklace

Last week, I had a chance to attend Swarovski Spring 2011 collection preview, and I was definitely impressed with what I saw. So many beautiful, colorful, lovely pieces – I left coveting more than a few.

But the one item that stood out to me was this fun Matrioshka (Matryoshka) necklace. As a half-Russian myself, I’ve always been a sucker for items that represent my heritage, and this necklace does so in a very cutesy, yet chic way. Sadly, these won’t be available until sometime in February, so until then I’ll be dreaming of a crystal-studded Matrioshka doll necklace.