Style Fille: Bang Bang and Penelope

Sometimes even if a movie is not the best you’ve seen, there’s something about it that just grabs you. Such is the case with The Brothers Bloom – a caper flick, full of fantastic cinematography, beautiful styling, and a story that is too smug for its own good. Having re-watched it recently, I remembered how much I loved the costumes worn by its main foursome: Penelope, Bang Bang, Stephen, and Bloom. Every character got to wear a fab hat (in most cases more than one), and most costumes worn by the film’s female characters (filmed in 2007) could be seen on Fall 2010 runways: from leopard print at Lanvin, to bowler hats at Hermès, to fur coats at Chanel, to aviator hats at Pink Tartan – the fun sleek styling is reason enough to rent this movie on a slow autumn evening.

Bang Bang was by far my favorite character in the movie, with wonderful comedic timing Rinko Kikuchi stole every scene she was in…and the outfits definitely helped shape her character (props go to Beatrix Aruna Pasztor!).

What about you? Do you have a movie that you like only for fashion’s sake, but not necessarily the story itself? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday Candy: Mark Ruffalo

mark ruffalo3

I must admit that part of the reason why I went to watch “Where the Wild Things Are” last weekend was…Mark Ruffalo. And while his time on screen was maybe all of 2 minutes, it still reminded me of how talented and how easy on the eyes he is! There are many other reasons why I adore Ruffalo, including the fact that he’s one of those rare Hollywood anomalies that stays out of scandals and has been happily married to the same woman for many years, he chooses his roles based on characters and not on the budget (except for that horrendous fail with Witherspoon, that shall not be named). He’s funny, cute, and charming. And even if he isn’t too “wild”, looking at his photos somehow makes my week just a little bit better! And I wish the same for you! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

mark ruffalo

mark ruffalo2

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