Wishlist: Burberry Shearling Boots

Aren’t these Fall 2010 Burberry shearling boots just amazing? Here I am happy as as can be that it’s almost spring, and then I lay my eyes on these awesome boots, and it makes me wish it was winter all over again…but then again, I think about the slush that would ruin these beauties, and I change my mind. And then the whole thing all over again…Oy!

The good thing about all this, is that I have an entire year to look for a proper replacement – perhaps with a more practical heel. Any leads?

Photo Credits: www.style.com

Anna Wintour Bitchface

anna wintour

Don’t you just love it? Anna Wintour gives the best bitchface ever! She seems to absolutely abhor the seating arrangements at the Twenty8Twelve fashion show in London. Obviously, those two youngsters are not worthy of sharing the same air as La Wintour. And her body language??? She should just hold her nose and this picture would be perfect! Some girls have all the luck!

anna wintour2

Photo Credits: Daily Mail

Mark Fast vs. Erika Kurihara

mark fast

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 is well underway, and there’s already controversy! Both casting director and stylist, Erika Kurihara (also a fashion editor of i-D) quit (or were let go?) after London-based Canadian knitwear designer Mark Fast had decided to use three plus-size models in his show. While Kurihara is known to support diversity on the runway, she did not think that size 12 girls had the “right walk for the show” and shot back at Fast claiming that the designer “had failed to embrace diversity by introducing the larger models because they were all white”. Fast stuck to his guns, and the girls (Haley Morley, Lauren Catterall, and Gwyenth Harrison) worked the runway.

And while, I applaud Fast for supporting size diversity, it seems quite clear to me that his decision to use those models was indeed a bit last-minute. The clothes worn by the girls did not fit them as well, as one would’ve hoped, and neither did the undergarments that they wore, which seemed more suited…well, for the smaller size models. If Fast wanted to show off the beauty of “bigger” girls, he could’ve altered the clothes to fit the models better and gotten the right size underwear for them. Because in this kind of situations, on the runway of all places, size and fit do matter! Especially so, if you are trying to showcase the beauty of all sizes and shapes.

What do you think about this latest controversy at London Fashion Week? Last minute PR or history changing event?

Source: www.thisislondon.co.uk
Photo Credits: Style.com