Man Repeller Propels Holts Muse in Toronto

If you spotted an unusual number of harem-pants-wearing, oversized-clutch-carrying, arm-party-rocking, neon-loving females on Bloor St. on Tuesday, blame (read: thank) the Man Repeller! The lovely (and hillarious) New Yorker Leandra Medine spent the entire day at Holt Renfrew on Bloor (lucky gal!) to help the Canadian retailer launch their brand new blog – Holts Muse. During the day, Medine mingled with her rabid fans, took photobooth pics with pretty much everyone, and was, as expected super fun(ny).

At the cocktail party, a few of my blogger buds and I managed to corner the Man Repeller Queen Bee, to ask her a couple of questions, and of course to take a repelling photo together. I think the result above speaks for itself, no? What man in their right mind would EVER find that appealing? Any takers? Ok…maybe le bf kinda does (because he loves me and he’s strange)…and Medine’s “man friend” might too. But it doesn’t matter – because according to the official Man Repeller Dress Code (which might or might not exist) “if it feels wrong, it looks right”.

And boy, did we see a lot of awesome looks that night! From printed pants, to DIY neon earrings, to bunny ears, to studs, and booties, and so much more – everyone brought their inner repeller to play. Making it for a fun night of people watching, outfit snapping, and…you guessed it…photoboothing. Which by the way, isn’t as easy as it seems. Because no matter how hard (and how many times) we tried – our photos came out looking ridiculous. But I guess that’s the fun part.

If you still haven’t checked out Holt Renfrew’s new blog – make sure to do so ASAP. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the hillarious video of Leandra Medine the Man Repeller talking about “drop crotch Kool-Aid”. It’s ah-mazing!

So tell me, what’s your fave repelling (or propelling) outfit of the night? Share in the comments!

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Don’t Miss This Week: The Man Repeller at Holts

In this week’s awesome news: Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller is coming to Holt Renfrew Bloor Street this Tuesday, November 8th (1pm-2:30pm) to celebrate the launch of Holts’ new blog – HOLTS MUSE! Let your inner repeller shine, and wear something truly awesome to meet the queen of layering, arm parties, and harem pants.

See you there?

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