Style Fille: Lauren Conrad


Ok, so I probably shouldn’t admit this…but I am a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s style. The girl is always well put-together, chic, and appropriate. And by appropriate, I mean we’ve yet to see her cracked out, in a pair of stripper heels, and a negligee for an outfit…I’m looking at you, Cindy Lou.

Anyway, the point is…LC is looking cute as a button, and I love her pink-dyed hair, and that studded collar on her shirt…and sure, she wrote a book called “Fame Game”…but sometimes inspiration comes from strange places. And today that strange place is Lauren Conrad. Except she’s not a place, but a person. And this is getting too long and random, so I’m sorry. Enjoy LC’s outfit. You’re welcome.

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Coachella Style 2012 – Weekend #1


There are two Coachella weekends this year, so today’s celeb style round-up will focus on Weekend #1. I must say, comparing to the past few festivals, this year’s celeb sightings left me somewhat disappointed. The look on Pacey’s face above pretty much sums up my feelings about this year’s looks – one huge “meh”.

Apart from a few cute outfits (courtesy of Diane Kruger, Dree Hemingway, and Whitney Port), most celeb looks from Coachella 2012 were either too boring, too crazy, or plain stupid…looking. I must admit, I got zero summer outfit inspiration from this year’s Coachella-attending celebs. Zero. But perhaps you’ll feel otherwise.

Maybe the below looks from Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth, Lea Michelle, and Lauren Conrad will tickle your fancy? Yes? No? Maybe? Share in the comments.






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Lauren Conrad Style Book Cover

I haven’t watched The Hills in ages now, mostly due to my personal inability to sit through the vapid Speidi fakeness…Though I must admit, a couple of years back – The Hills was an obsession. I’ve always liked Lauren (LC) Conrad’s style, but ever since she left the show, I feel that her style has definitely evolved and improved. Is she qualified to write a book on style? This might be arguable, but regardless, I’d be curious enough to leap through the pages and will at least consider buying it. But this cover…I don’t know who was in charge of this cover, and whether this is the final version…I just can’t get behind it. There’s something about the limp bun on her head (not small or big enough to make a statement), it’s the “deer in the headlights” look in Lauren’s eyes, it’s the not-quite-there smile that is more uncomfortable than coy. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I really wish she’d reconsider this book cover.

Let’s excercise our snap judjement today…Is Lauren’s Style book cover a do or a don’t? Take the poll below.

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Style Fille: Lauren Conrad


To help you forget about today’s Faux Pas times two, I have some good style to showcase, courtesy of Lauren Conrad. Say what you will about Lauren’s talents, or lack of thereof, but the girl can dress! Unlike other reality TV starlets, she always looks classy and cute! Like her clothing line, her outfit choices are never groundbreaking, but very wearable for everyday life. Love how she paired a sexy Herve Leger skirt with a tough leather jacket. And the classic Chanel bag, don’t even get me started on it! Don’t you just wish you were getting $125,000 per reality TV show episode about chitchatting to your girlfriends about relationships, eating, partying, and shopping? Le sigh…


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Pretty in Red…Lipstick


Absolutely adore what Lauren Conrad wore to the launch of the new Who What Wear book! Super cute floral BCBGeneration dress, shiny, no fuss hair, and strappy sandals. It’s so simple, but it works! Love the dark red lip with florals. I think the lipstick pulls this whole outfit together. Love it so much! I should use my Black Honey from Clinique more often.

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