CHANEL Couture Spring 2015 Collection

Karl has done it yet again! Another stunning couture collection for CHANEL, complete with a magical garden set, full of mechanical flowers that bloomed as the show began. Flowers – a huge theme for CHANEL Couture Spring 2015, were not only blooming on the runway, but on gowns, luxe beanies, and bags. Speaking of those couture toques…how cool were those?! They probably cost more than my entire wardrobe, but imagine wearing one of those during our harsh Canadian winters? Instant mood lift!

Surprisingly, there wasn’t much to see in terms of the shoes…flat black boots were worn by all models, which paired with those wide-brim, chiffon covered hats and veils had me reminiscing about Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice, 90’s silhouettes in full force.

And of course, those gowns. Thousands of sequins, plastic flowers, and beads – all attached by hand – hours upon hours of work all culminating in these couture gowns. Exquisite, artful, and fun. I felt like a few of those were specifically made to accommodate Keira Knightley’s pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if you see the actress wearing one of these stunners on the Oscars red carpet.

What did you think of CHANEL Couture Spring 2015 collection? Are you into Karl’s floral fantasy? Share in the comments!

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Holidays 2014: Gift Guide

For some reason, this year, I am woefully unprepared for winter’s arrival, but since it’s practically end of November and there’s snow on the ground, I guess it’s time to snap out of my denial and start shopping. Full disclosure: I have yet to buy any presents, but I do have some ideas as to what I’ll be picking up for my loved ones this holiday season. And just in case you’re in the same boat, I thought I’d share some of my fave holiday gift ideas with you.

I glimpsed most of these back in July, during the annual holiday previews, and I have to say that this year in particular, those previews came in super handy. I got to learn about the existence of cool adult onesies, played with the Big Love Ball, and tried on the gorgeous Thomas Sabo infinity ring; I self-medicated with the all-natural Saje Pocket Pharmacy, and sipped on Inniskillin sparkling icewine. In short, I got to preview and test out a lot of the picks below, and I hope that this gift guide gives you some ideas for your holiday shopping this season. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and presents for him, her, and the kids, then this is a great place to start! Happy Shopping!


1. Bombki Russian Christmas Ornaments (Net-A-Porter)
2. FLOWER Beauty Powder Brush (Wal-Mart)
3. TOMS for Target Candle (Target)
4. Falconwright Coin Purse (Falconwright)
5. Drake General Store Mountie Thermos (The Bay)
6. kate spade new york iPhone 5 Lucky Cat Case (Holt Renfrew)
7. Saje Pocket Pharmacy (Saje)
8. Big Love Ball 
9. Gap Calf Hair Tech Gloves (Gap)


1. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll (The Body Shop)
2. Shupette My Precious Glitter Set (Holt Renfrew)
3. Tiffany T Square Bracelet (Tiffany and Co)
4. Jenny Bird RiRi Collar Tri-tone (Jenny Bird)
5. Balenciaga Florabotanica Rollerball (Sephora)
6. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham (Indigo)
7. CHANEL Patchwork Shearling Bag (CHANEL)
9. Moschino iPhone 5 Case (Net-A-Porter)
10. Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Ring (Thomas Sabo)
11. NARS Modern Future Roman Holiday Gift Set (Holt Renfrew)


1. H&M Oh Deer! Sweater (H&M)
2. ALDO Wallie Shoes (ALDO)
Yo Sox Burger King Socks (The Bay)
4. KRUPS Barista Espresso/Coffee Machine (The Bay)
5. Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch (Best Buy)
6. Grey Goose VX (LCBO)
7. Jack Black Cobalt Brush (Holt Renfrew)
8. Drake General Store Arborist Mountie Adult Onesie (The Bay)


1. Indigo Expressions Pillow (Indigo)
2. Oster French Bull Toaster (Target)
3. Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography (Indigo)
4. Holiday Ribbon Dessert Plates (Indigo)
5. Inniskillin Vidal Sparkling Icewine (LCBO)
6. Byredo Parfums Loose Lips Candle (Holt Renfrew)
7. Nadege Pastries (Nadege)
8. David’s Tea for the Tree (David’s Tea)
9. HBC Collection Cuppa Teapot (The Bay)



1. HBC’s Priscilla the Fox (The Bay)
2. Melissa and Doug Felt Food Taco and Burrito Set (SHOP.CA)
3. Tuck Shop Neighbourhood Toques (Mini Mioche)
4. Sugarbooger Doll Teether Set (Mini Mioche)
5. H&M Sweatshirt with Print (H&M)
6. GummyGoods Nightlight (Mini Mioche)
7. Ele and Ela Bib (Etsy)
8. Seedling DIY Snow Globe Kit (Indigo)
9. Uncle Goose Russian ABC Blocks (Uncle Goose)

What They Wore: Chanel No. 5 “The One That I Want” Party


Speaking of amazing parties…What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at this CHANEL bash! Earlier this week, the brand celebrated the release of the latest CHANEL No 5 “The One That I Want” ad campaign, shot by Baz Luhrmann, and starring Gisele Bundchen. And while the short film is definitely mesmerizing, this time, I couldn’t take my eyes off the stylish attendees instead. Just look at Crystal Renn! That gown! That hair! That makeup! So damn beautiful! And Poppy Delevingne! I’m in love with her kaleidoscopic dress and bright clutch. Granted, I’m not as obsessed with Poppy as I am with Crystal, but finally seeing pieces from the CHANEL Dubai Cruise 2015 collection outside of the context of a fashion show is definitely making my heart beat faster. Here’s hoping more celebs will wear these stunners to red carpet premieres and such – SO much potential here.

As for the belle of the ball – Gisele – well, she looked beautiful, of course, as she always does, but my heart belongs to Crystal Renn and her starry gown, and her fierce eyebrows, and her flawless face. Dear Karl, I nominate Crystal for the next CHANEL campaign. Please and thank you.


More photos and campaign video after the jump!

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Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014 Collection


I am so excited about Paris Haute Couture fashion week, you guys! If, like me, you’ve been missing the excitement and drama in fashion lately, now’s the perfect time to feast your eyes on the hautest gowns of the upcoming season. And while some couture shows left me bored to tears (or nearly), thank goodness for CHANEL, and of course, Karl Lagerfeld. Love him or hate him, the man’s got imagination.

CHANEL Haute Couture Fall 2014 show featured a variety of surprising elements, including what looked like fancy flip flops worn with exquisite gowns, a pregnant model closing the show (apparently Karl loves the pregnant ladies, who would’ve thought?!), messy feathery up-dos topped with Maison Michel’s tiny hats, and a Kardashian strutting her stuff on the runway. *I wonder if Kim’s jealous of Kendall’s fiery rise to the top? I mean, walking in a CHANEL show and having Karl’s approval has got to be more meaningful than scoring half of that VOGUE cover, amiright?

But no matter, despite the pared down setting (no supermarkets or icebergs at this show), the clothes spoke for themselves. Karl’s modern vision, infused with baroque touches and youthful styling, resulted in a dazzling, but still wearable couture collection. One that I am certain we’ll soon see on various red carpets (most likely on Keira Knightley, Diane Kruger, and the like), and I honestly can’t wait! I especially want someone to wear that poofy feathery blue confection…I think with softer hair, it can look both cool and ethereal…also, I am kind of obsessed with it.

But tell me, what do you think of CHANEL Haute Couture Fall 2014 collection? Are you as obsessed as me? Share in the comments.








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Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Grocery Store Chic Fall 2014


Leave it to Karl to transform the magnificent Grand Palais into something so seemingly ordinary as a grocery store for a fashion show. But when all of the groceries, shopping carts and baskets bear the iconic CHANEL logo, the “store” and the fashion show become anything but ordinary. As someone who’s fairly obsessed with all things whimsical and kitsch, I would’ve been all over those CHANEL-branded goodies. After the show, the lucky attendees were allowed to loot peruse the quirky “store” offerings, and the luckiest ones walked away with CHANEL Spaghetti, door mats, rubber gloves, Tweed Cola, and lots more. Best grocery store ever?!

The Fall 2014 collection itself was appropriately fun, what with “Lait de Coco” bags, colourful outerwear, tweed sunglasses, and pop-art faux (?) fur bags – all of it covetable, but definitely not for those that prefer their fashion nice and serious. The people that would be most into this collection are the ones that can appreciate a bit of humour in their daily dressing…so needless to say, I was really INTO.IT!

So what do you think about Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection? Would you like a tall glass of “Lait de Coco” in your life? Share in the comments!




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Swarovski Fall 2010 Preview with Avril Graham

I blog for fun. Not for money, or free stuff, or for any other reason but one: I really do enjoy reading and writing about all things stylish, fashionable, and intriguing (to me). Plus, it provides a much needed mental getaway from my daily not-so-glam 9-5 grind. But if there’s one perk of fashion blogging that I particularly enjoy – it’s meeting cool people. Last week, huge thanks to Edelman, Al and I got to meet the gorgeous and friendly (interesting AND interested) Avril Graham – executive fashion and beauty editor for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. And if chatting with an editor of a hugely successful fashion magazine wasn’t enough,  we also got a sneak peek at Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection showcased at the Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville.

With the help of some models, Avril walked us through her favorite pieces from the collection, stressing that women should not buy cheap accessories to accessorize an expensive dress, but should opt for affordable, yet well-made alternatives instead. Perhaps, some Swarovski heirlooms? Indeed, I was quite impressed with more than a few pieces showcased: cocktail rings, dangly earrings, crystal-adorned bracelets, and clutches.  Avril, herself, wore a beautiful rainbow crystal Swarovski necklace with her Valentino LBD. The one item that had us all talking was the Karl Lagerfeld designed Atelier cuff (below). The unanimous opinion was “LOVE”…though I must admit, I did have trouble squeezing my not-so-skinny wrist into it, but it was all worth it!

Overall, as with the Atelier launch, I was impressed by the variety of looks, and with Avril’s endorsement of the brand, as well as with Karl’s pieces available for sale in the fall – there’s no better time to check out Swarovski jewelry collection.

Love, Pétanque and Saint-Tropez

Ok, so I know you might want to break up with me after this post…but I will ask you to reconsider, because though my Diane/Joshua coverage has been excessive, I simply cannot help it. It’s not just that they are sickeningly cute as a couple…what with the stylish yet matchy clothes, lots of PDA, and happily dancing the night away at a Chanel event with some wine in hand after winning a game of pétanque…but they are also so very watchable. Don’t you agree? I hope you agree, because these pictures made me smile today on this gloomy Toronto Tuesday…it made me happy for the two of them, because they seem real, and happy, and in love…and they do represent that young but not too young type of love, where you can’t stop smiling because the person you love is right there beside you, even if just to cheer you on during a silly game, or to share an ice-cream cone with, or to…just be.

I guess, theirs is a publicized love…with photographers usually following their paths most of the time, but it doesn’t feel staged like some couples…cough*Speidi*cough…Josh and Diane do not induce those wishes of painful self-gouging of eyes or nausea…I simply enjoy seeing photos of them, and imagining that they are truly and beautifully in love. And that is why I will continue posting photos of the happy couple…and hope that you might love them as well.

PS. Vanessa Paradis, too, attended Karl Lagerfeld’s celeb game of pétanque, among the many other fashion notables. And I do…oh-so love her too! Obsessed and infatuated.

PPS. Oh, and I sorta kinda get the basket now…where else if not to a Chanel event, right?

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Vanessa Paradis for Chanel Cocoon Spring 2010

I must say, I really disliked the Lily Allen Cocoon ads last year…to style that girl as Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic character – that, to me, was blasphemous. There’s nothing Chanel or Audrey about Lilly.

Vanessa Paradis, however, is no Lilly Allen. She “screams” Chanel to me…that French je ne sais quoi that Parisian girls quite simply own – she’s definitely got it. Most people know her as Johnny Depp’s beautiful partner (in crime?), but to me, she’ll always be the “Joe le Taxi” girl! Her chic style has always been a huge inspiration to many, myself included. And I am very pleased with Karl’s choice this time around.

Love the softness of these images and the glint of naughty in her eyes in the top photo! So tell me, do you like the bags? Vanessa? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and click here to watch my fave video of Vanessa, talking about falling in love with Johnny…le sigh.

Photo Credits: TFS

Elle Spain’s Disney Designers

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Karl Lagerfeld fell into some well (ala Enchanted) only to end up in a Disney-animated world? Well, Elle Spain certainly has given it some thought, and the results, I must admit, are pretty cool! Can totally see Donatella as a duck, it’s completely spot on! But then again, most of the designers in the spread are ducks (with the exception of Karl, and D&G). Were the folks at Elle Spain too scared to paint someone as a pig, a cow, or…gasp…an elephant in their April 2010 issue? I would guess so. I, for one, would never want to taste someone like Karl’s wrath! No, thanks!

I think these cartoons are pretty amazing! Do you? Sound off in the comments!

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Friday Faux Pas: Chanel Fall 2010

No, no, no! First the clogs, and now this? I never thought I’d say it, but I am doubting Karl’s vision! Fur pants? Really? Where the Wild Things Are was released last year, and Opening Ceremony has already done a fur-filled collection. The thing is, I almost expect Opening Ceremony to release an edgy-ugly-on-purpose collection, but it is not normal, to me, for the house of CHANEL to have Chewbaccas strutting down a Parisian runway.

I may be taking this all back when fur pants become the next hot thing to wear, but for now…I just don’t get it. And though I give Karl Lagerfeld props for using faux fur instead of real, this collection (though there were some nice pieces) is not one of my faves. No, no, no!

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