Wishlist: Chanel This, Chanel That

Apart from the 2.55 in classic black caviar leather, most Chanel pieces that I find myself coveting are the borderline crazy ones. Case in point, when The Coveteur posted their Jen Brill profile today, I was once again reminded that the Matryoshka bag is still not in my closet, nor do I own a pair of lightbulb-heel stilettos – both objects that I don’t necessarily need…but oh-so-want! Unfortunately, due to the fact that these items were super exclusive to begin with (not to mention unaffordable), chances of me ever adding these pieces to my wardrobe are slim to none, unless I rob Jen Brill that is (where does she live again?). So the moral of the story is – if you can’t afford the real deal, DIY!  

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some lightbulbs to glue to my shoes.

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