What I Wore: Share a Coke


You may have heard of Share a Coke, or have seen the many “named” Coca Cola bottles in stores, but what you may not know is that you can actually get your very own Coca Cola can personalized with your not-so-popular name on it. Sure, you can probably find the most common names at your local grocery store, but what about the Nelias and the Hawleys of the world? Well, if your name is not on the list, you can stop by one of these locations and get your name or the name of your loved ones printed on a Coke can. Pretty cool, non?

This is not an advertorial, in case you were wondering. Growing up, I never could find a single thing with my name on it…not keychains, not t-shirts, and definitely not one of those mint boxes, so having my own personalized Coke bottle felt pretty special. So if, like me, you want to see your unusual name promptly displayed on something, now’s your chance!



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Styled By Nelia: Putting Fit in Fitness


Did you know that by January 17th most people that made resolutions on January 1st will have dropped theirs? 17 days is all it takes to lose all resolve and get back to bad habits. Last month, I hit up Yorkdale in search of people who made New Year’s resolutions, hoping to help at least one shopper stick to her resolution for a little while longer.

When I met Faiza, she shared that she made a couple of resolutions this year, including going to the gym more often, and traveling more. And while I couldn’t help her get another stamp in her passport, the “going to the gym” resolution seemed like one I could tackle.

Knowing how motivating a new set of gym clothes can be, I took Faiza to Gap Yorkdale, where she got to try on a variety of cool workout looks from the brand’s new and improved Gap Fit line. Faiza’s shopping experience is below!

Full post and workout gear tips on Yorkdale.com!

What I Wore: Pattern Play


Not too long ago even the thought of pairing printed pants with a striped top would make me uncomfortable, and look at me now – mixing not one, not two, but three different patterns in one outfit. I consider this progress, while my husband probably thinks  that I am one step closer to crazy-old-lady-dressing. Either way, this pattern play thing isn’t going to go away anytime soon, so he may as well get used to it.

If you’ve always wanted to try mixing different patterns and prints into one outfit, I follow a couple of simple rules/tips to avoid looking cray.

1. Patterns from the same colour family are the easiest to mix, so make sure that there’s a common theme when it comes to the colour of the garments you are trying to pair up.
2. Combine prints of different sizes to create a more balanced look. Large flowers with thin stripes, tiny houndstooth with loud graphic prints, etc.
3. Stripes, dots, and leopard print are basically neutrals, so don’t be afraid to throw those into the mix.
4. When in doubt – add a splash of colour. Jacket, bag, shoes, whatever…just make it pop!

So tell me, do you mix prints often…or ever? What are your fave combos? Share in the comments!



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Style Days of Christmas: Gap Canada Giveaway


I have a very soft spot for Gap and their jeans. Every year I pick up a new pair (or a couple) and end up wearing them obsessively. This season, I had a particularly tough time choosing…there are velvet skinnies that look luxurious and sleek, there’s a cool-looking camo pair, fun snakeskin print pair, one with patches…and that’s on top of all the “regular” pairs that are available.  And the best thing is – Gap jeans are super flattering, but comfy too. A perfect combination of function and style!

So because I love Gap and I love my readers, today we’ll be giving away not one, but TWO pairs of Gap jeans of your choice! Perhaps a pair for yourself, and a pair for the BFF? Or a pair for yourself and a pair for your mom? Or perhaps…both pairs for yourself? Either way, we won’t judge!

But that’s not all! Because you’ve been so awesome to us this year, today’s gift pack will also include two adorable leather mini clutches, making today’s giveaway worth $230!

Interested? Enter below!


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What I Wore: Perfect Leather Pants


In case you didn’t know…the perfect leather pants do exist! And they are from the Isabel Marant for H&M collection. I am so glad that I braved the crowds in order to snag these, because now that I have them, I want to wear them all the time! Luckily, these don’t make me feel like I have to use a bottle of baby powder to put them on – these leather pants are as comfy as pajama bottoms. Well…nearly. How do you feel about leather pants? Share in the comments.

I Wore: Sweater – Gap; Leather Pants – Isabel Marant for H&M; Shoes – Valentino; Necklace – Zara

Photo Credits: Max Kopanygin

What I Wore: The O.C.


The photo above pretty much sums up my feelings about The O.C. – the place, not the TV show. On our 4th day in California, we once again packed into a bus – this time a Lux one (with hardwood floors and electrical outlets!), and headed out to experience Orange County!


Our first stop – Fashion Island. If I ever had to be stuck at an island, I would want it to be Fashion Island. With stores like Jonathan AdlerKitsonBloomingdale’sNordstrom, and so many more, we really had to hustle in order to shop our favourites in one hour, but we managed. I helped le bf pick up a couple of new pairs of jeans, while I got some cute knick-knacks from Kitson. And we still snuck in some time to take a million photos by the tiny Eiffel Tower replica – how’s that for efficient shopping?


After our whirlwind shopping expedition, we headed to Dana Wharf for some R&R on a luxury catamaran, where we sampled delicious wines from The Organic Cellar. It was a perfect, (slightly) boozy afternoon in the beautiful Dana Point Harbor, complete with sea lion sightings and wind-blown hair. I felt like Beyonce.


After the wine cruise, we headed to Doheny Beach to end our night with a bonfire cookout, but not before stopping by to admire the Elephant Parade at Dana Point. Dozens of painted baby-sized elephant statues were on display to create public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation.


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What I Wore: New York, New York


Yup, Paris Fashion Week starts next week, and I am still catching up on my New York posts. Sorry? But not really, because life has never been more hectic than it is right now. So I apologize in advance if the next few weeks are lighter on content than usual…but life trumps blog, you know?

This was one of the only outfits that I got to photograph in New York. Not because I didn’t wear clothes (I did, I swear!), but because my photographer had to go back to Toronto, and I’m not very good at selfies. So this one will have to do. The rest of the fashion show coverage posts are coming next week. Have a great weekend!


I Wore: Coat – Club Monaco; Shirt, Military Pants – Gap; Boots – Margiela for H&M; Clutch – falconwright; Belt – Moschino

What I Wore: Swept Away


Even though my December getaway was less than a month away, I am ready for another trip. Looking at these photos, I wish we’d taken two weeks instead of just one. Two weeks of this. Two weeks of beach, food, and relaxation. Instead, it’s back to reality. C’est la vie.

At least 6 more months until I can wear dresses like this one again.


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Holidays 2012: Canadian Fashion Insiders’ Gift Guide Part Two


Welcome to part two of our Canadian Fashion Insiders’ Gift Guide! If you are still on the hunt for that perfect gift this holiday season, make sure to check out our experts’ picks for some fun and fresh gift ideas. Whether you are looking for something stylish, practical, or simply adorable, we’ve got you covered!

1. Grace Lee, Lead Makeup Artist, Maybelline

Having watched Grace do her magic backstage at Toronto Fashion Week for two seasons now, I am still in awe of her makeup skills and her personal style. If you are shopping for Grace this holiday season, her wishlist includes the Grace Coddington Memoir, an iPad mini, and a custom-made closet from California Closets (me too, pretty please!).

For Christmas this year, Grace will be giving some practical presents like Starbucks gift cards, and Baby Lips lip balms from Maybelline (I’ve seen Grace also use them on cheeks!). Additionally, she will be picking up some adorable rings from ByBoe (how cute is that bow ring?!) for her friends and family.

As for her favourite places to shop for Christmas gits, Grace shares that she can never go wrong with Holt RenfrewWilliams Sonoma, and La Di Da Boutique. When asked what gets her into the holiday spirit, for Grace “it’s all about the kiddies. Once the tree, lights and decorations are up, I always feel festive.”


2. Talia Brown, Stylist

“Growing up in the North, Holiday spirt was sprung with the dusting of the snow, the smell of the fire and the taste of good old fashioned cocoa. Here in Toronto you, can feel and see the joy in the streets, the eye candy of the window displays and of course the music that just becomes part of the movement. The hustle and bustle,the busyness of the shoppers, all in good spirit, of course.”

When I first met Talia, I was smitten with her sweet and bubbly personality, and her talent for styling. This holiday season, Talia is wishing for a perfect pair of rag & bone ankle booties, a Chibi Lady purse by ela in rose gold, and a gorgeous lace dress from LOVER. Ever the stylist, the three pieces go really well together and make for an amazing holiday outfit. Here’s hoping she gets it all!

On Talia’s shopping list this season are adorable (and yummy) gifts that she’ll be sharing with her loved ones, like the Peppermint Bark from Williams-Sonoma, the limited edition Missoni x Holt Renfrew stuffed animals (they are the cutest!), and luxurious lipstick from YSL, perfectly matched to her girlfriends’ personalities.

Talia will be doing some holiday shopping at MoRoCo Chocolat, The Cashmere Shop, and Bicyclette this holiday season.

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What I Wore: Prized Possessions


Last weekend, my blogging bestie Sharon and I set off on a little roadtrip to Buffalo to do some Christmas shopping, and pick up some things that we both purchased months ago…like my new precious Chanel brooch. Having ordered it from Saks back in August, I was ecstatic to finally be able to get my hands on the tiny treasure. So ecstatic in fact, that I ended up wearing it to brunch the very next day…along with my new bejewelled DVF clutch that I picked up from Saks Off 5th during the same Buffalo trip (for a steal!!!). Score and score!

Along with my YSL arty oval ring, and Margiela with H&M booties, this outfit is pretty much a collection of my most prized (physical) possessions…ones that I will surely treasure for years to come.

Do you have special pieces that always make you happy and jazz up any outfit you wear? Tell me all about them in the comments!


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