Friday Faux Pas: Kim Kardashian Covers VOGUE Magazine April 2014 Issue


Is it April 1st? Because this one just doesn’t seem all that real. After weeks of rumours, we finally get our confirmation – Kim Kardashian scored a VOGUE Magazine cover. Well, not all by herself, of course. Kanye is ever present – eyes closed, cupping his blushing bride – the embodiment of love…and yet, all I can think about this cover is…barf…and also, WHAT ABOUT POSH?! It’s a well-known fact that Victoria Beckham has been trying and trying to land her own VOGUE cover for years now, only for Anna Wintour to deny her time and time again. But if Anna deems Posh too low-classy to be on her cover, then what the eff was she thinking here?! Clearly, the woman is losing it. She even approved the use of a hashtag on the cover! What’s next?! EMOJI? STICKERS? WINKY FACES?! And I get it…ratings…blah…blah…#worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple…blah…blah…But that’s what the tabloids are for, right?! Is Anna planning on putting The Bachelor on her May cover? How about Honey Boo Boo? Since when is VOGUE = US Weekly? All of these questions are circling in my brain, with no answer to be found.

But for all it’s worth, Friday Faux Pas is back, and ubelievably, this week’s faux pas is…VOGUE! Who would’ve thunk.

Photo Credits: VOGUE

Friday Faux Pas: Jeffrey Campbell Fruit Slice Heel

Friday Faux Pas is back! Yay?

This week’s faux pas is Jeffrey Campbell’s knock-off of Charlotte Olympia’s amazing “Bananas Is My Business” fruit pumps. Yeah, yeah, JC is known to copy other designers, and then selling his shoes for less. But in this case, blatantly copying something so original and unique (or at the very least recent) is definitely disturbing. And though his fruit bowl shoes look like a sad, sad…saaad version of Charlotte Olympia’s gorgessity (clear plastic, really?), I still can’t believe that Urban Outfitters agreed to carry these in their stores.

So what do you think? Are these knock-offs a buy or a faux-pas? Take the poll below.

Jeffrey Campbell vs. Charlotte Olympia

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Photo Credits: 1st photo – Charlotte Olympia, 2nd photo – Urban Outfitters

Friday Faux Pas: How Thin is Too Thin?

First of all, let me get this out of the way…I love Revolve Clothing. I love their product selection, their sales (Hello, D&G shoes for under $200!), their easy layout, and the fact that they ship to Canada (sometimes even for free). But something really bothered me a while ago, when I was browsing their site for the nth time. It wasn’t the fact that I missed out on that lovely Alexander Wang bag on sale, no, what bothered me was this bobblehead girl, with limbs as thin as my favorite egg tagliatelle from Buca. It was extremely unsettling seeing someone so unhealthy-looking, modeling clothes, while looking like a human hanger. Upon further prodding, I realized that said girl was featured in many other photos, looking slightly less scary when covered up, but shockingly thin in tank-tops and other revealing outfits.

What’s more, I realized that this sad-looking girl was also the same model who got picked on for being too skinny by the People’s Revolution maven Kelly “Don’t You Dare Effing Cry Inside” Cutrone during the one episode of The City that I ended up watching. I’m guessing that Kelly’s concern went unnoticed, seeing how this girl is still shockingly thin. But what’s more shocking than that, is the fact that she’s still somehow getting work.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not out to bully this particular model, or vilify the collective skinny, but my question is…how thin is too thin? Shouldn’t retailers realize by now that they aren’t promoting a healthy image, when booking models this skinny. And though some might argue that clothes look better on rail-thin girls, whose main job is to sell a product…In my opinion, models should look good in their outfits…and that would make me want to buy the clothes much more. It’s always a model in a size small or extra-small in the garment photo on every site, wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a medium, or…gasp…a size large model demonstrating how a particular item fits?

I guess, after a year, during which diversity was so widely celebrated, skinny is still the golden standard. And after getting so used to seeing the already thin girls at each and every online shopping site, I’m worried that eventually we’ll get used to seeing this as well. If we aren’t already. I’d love to hear your opinions on this. Take the poll below or leave a comment.

Should Online Retailers Avoid Booking Too-Thin Models?

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Photo Credits: Revolve Clothing

Friday Faux Pas: Paz De La Huerta

Ok, so perhaps because I’ve been staring at this picture for too long and it hypnotized my brain into thinking it’s not that bad, this outfit doesn’t seem as hideous today as it did to me yesterday. So to settle this Faux Pas or Not debate going on in my head, I’m asking you, loyal Style Blog readers, to decide. Is Paz De La Huerta’s head-to-toe leopard print getup a do or a do-not? Take the poll below.

What do you think about Paz De La Huerta's Animal Instincts?

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Friday Faux Pas: Let’s Go To The Ex

If you can believe it, last year was my first time at The Ex! And of course, after the addictive games, and stuffed toys, and horrible unhealthy food – I knew I’d be back again. This year, le boyfriend and I went during the opening weekend. It was a gloomy, rainy day, but we both had an amazing time. It’s a bit scary how much fun one could have just by being surrounded by hordes of people and screaming kids,  paying way too much to win a silly toy, while being rained on standing in endless lines to buy greasy, fried food! And last weekend it felt fantastic to be young and happy and in love…feeling like a little kid at a fair, eating mini donuts, looking for Snazzy Napper to make fun of, and finding this place full of tacky things and glittery lights extremely romantic. The entire place was one huge Faux Pas – and I loved every minute of it.

Friday Faux Pas: Vogue Italia’s Oily Editorial

Really, Steve Meisel? Really now? Models covered in fake oil, spitting out feathers, while wearing expensive couture? Is that supposed to be shocking, or is it mostly tasteless? I lean towards the second. Are we really supposed to look at this photoshoot and admire the beautiful oil-stained clothes? Are we supposed to glamorize oil slicked hair and feathers galore? Am I not getting something?

While the oil is still gushing into the Gulf, tone deaf editorials as this Vogue Italia spread make me really question whether some people would do just about anything to attract some attention. And though this oily shoot is nothing much but slime, I guess if any press is good press, I think their mission is accomplished.

What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh? Is this not insensitive, but creative? Let me know in the comments.

Friday Faux Pas: The Crystal Renn Drama

After seeing the black and white image above, blogs blew up with speculation that Crystal Renn might have fallen off the healthy wagon and became anorexic once again. But apparently, all of those worries were unfounded, as this was simply another case of Photoshop gone bad.

Apparently, the photographer Nicholas Routzen explained  that Crystal looks the way she does because the photos were “…taken from a higher angle with a wider lens.” But he also added, “I shaped her…I did nothing that I wouldn’t do to anyone. I’m paid to make women look beautiful.” Hmm, so he first hires a girl that is known for her shapely figure, and then makes her look just like any other stick-thin model to make her look “beautiful”? Does that make any sense at all? Sure, Nicholas, keep saying that to yourself.

Crystal herself was reportedly shocked after seeing the photos, but insists that she’s still happily healthy. It’s great to hear, especially since her career has been steadily on the rise, mostly due to her beautiful curves. But all those that consider erasing every flaw they perceive, slimming models down, Photoshopping their unhealthy protruding ribs, removing any signs of shapeliness, basically ignoring the things that make those models human – I really hope that one day, those people in the industry will cease to be the norm, and become pariahs that they should be. Because healthy body image, be it for a model or a regular plain Jane is as important as looking good in that LBD. And as they say…beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Photo Credits: Glamour

Friday Faux Pas: Taylor Momsen’s Stripper Heels

She’s 16 years old. Taylor Momsen is 16 years old. But just like any other child-celeb before her she now feels the need to “own her sexuality” and do whatever she wants without the pressure of being a role model or whatever. As a result, we have some ratty blonde extensions, see-through negligee dress, and hooker heels complete with a slit for tips. I mean, real stripper heels. Like probably bought at Strippers-R-Us, or wherever else you go to get those type of heels.

Well done, Taylor. No one can look at you and think of that cute little Cindy Lou from Grinch anymore. Way to avoid being typecasted and show everyone that you’re a grown up, mature woman…By the way, is she at all related to the Lohans? It sure looks like it.

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Friday Faux Pas: FitFlop Clog

Now if the clog trend wasn’t bad enough, now there’s a hybrid of flip-flops, clogs, and those hideous (and questionably effective) toning shoes available for all to buy. The only good thing about these is that it will only cost you $11 to look like a fool. And I do pity the fool who buys these “shoes”, and attempts to wear them in public. Do you?

PS. Oops, apparently, these clogs aren’t $11, they are $119! Now you’ll have to excuse me, while I laugh myself into a coma.

To FitFlop or Not to FlipFlop?

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Friday Faux Pas: Lady Gaga

In life, there are a handful of moments that you’ll remember forever: first kiss, first love, high-school graduation, marriage, etc. And when those moments come, I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that being overshadowed by your big sister isn’t something one would appreciate. Gaga, always an artiste and a performer, showed up wearing this to her little sister’s high-school graduation. On a day that was supposed to be not-all-about-Gaga, Gaga made sure that all eyes were on her.

Though the veil seems to be an attempt at hiding her face from onlookers, don’t you think wearing regular makeup and clothes would’ve concealed her among the many attendees much more effectively? Of course it would have, but in that case no-one would’ve paid attention to her.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Gaga is a talented writer and performer, but some moments in life should not be turned into publicity stunts, especially other people’s important moments. Do you think wearing that outfit was a faux pas, or was Gaga just being Gaga? Let me know in the comments or take the poll below!

Was Lady Gaga wrong to wear THAT to her sister's graduation?

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