What I Wore: Easy Does It


One of my favourite things about summer (other than endless sunshine, BBQs, beach days, and ice-cream) is dresses. I wouldn’t call myself a girlie-girl, but once summer rolls around, dresses is all I want to wear. I’m sure I’ve blogged about that before, but here I go again. This one in particular is from Zara, and it was love at first sight. I bought it when it was still wintery and snowy outside, daydreaming of those warm afternoons when I would be able to throw it on, tie those faux sleeves around my waist and go – so easy and comfy.

I wore this on a neighbourhood discovery walk I took with le bf recently. Since we bought our house a year ago, we haven’t really had the chance to explore our new hood, and now that it’s summer again, we are making an effort to discover the cool things about the place we call home…like this amazing park we stumbled upon – with a stunning ravine, fun splash pad, and this beautifully-painted wall. Definitely a gem that we’ll keep in our regular rotation.



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What I Wore: Checkmate


Toronto Fashion Week officially starts this week, and that means long days, sleepless nights, and lots of “nothing to wear” moments, which is why I am so happy to have this awesome Ann Taylor coat to save me from closet indecision. The print is perfect for spring, and all I have to do is throw this coat over almost anything for an instant touch of polish. Looking put together has never been this easy.

Also, I apologize in advance if I’m MIA for the next few days. Should be back to normal after fashion week.

Happy Monday and Happy Toronto Fashion Week!!! Let the craziness begin!



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What I Wore: Colour Me Happy


Today I’m going to share my winning winter-dressing formula. It goes something like this: colourful coat + cozy sweater + hot boots = instant cure for SAD. It’s nearly impossible to feel grumpy while wearing a cheerful yellow coat and a comfy sweater underneath. It’s like the Prozac of outfits. I was also happy to rediscover a pair of my fave old earrings to add a pop of colour to my look while indoors and coat-less. I’ve had a bit of a statement necklace fatigue lately, so naturally, I am now all about statement earrings. I think they look pretty cute with a turtleneck, non?

So tell me, do you have your own formula for those gloomy winter days when all you want to do is wear PJs on your couch while nursing a cup of hot chocolate? Share your tips in the comments!



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Last Sunday, I woke up bright and early and headed to Yorkdale to host a party at ALDO’s Toronto flagship. The store opened earlier than usual, welcoming A-list guests with refreshing orange juice and breakfast brownies (my favourite!), as well as 20% off the entire store! The party was thrown in honour of Noelle, who won a special #ALDOALIST contest from Virgin Radio, and as such, she was ALDO’s celeb for the day – hanging out in her very own VIP booth at the store, and shopping with her besties before the store’s official opening hours. Lucky girl!

But Noelle wasn’t the only lucky winner that day. I was also super pumped to meet Ariel, who won an ALDO shopping spree from this season’s Style Days of Christmas Giveaways. It was so wonderful to do a little shopping with Ariel and see her favourite pieces. With her $200 ALDO gift card, Ariel picked up an elegant bag, a pair of boots, a hat, and some jewelry. Not a bad haul! Not bad at all. And you know what? Seeing Ariel’s and Noelle’s faces light up with excitement made waking up early on a freezing Sunday morning totally worth it.




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What I Wore: Back in Black


I have nothing. I’ve been sitting here, staring at the screen, and the words just won’t come. So I’ll make this one short and sweet. You know that I love leather weather…so this is just a variation of my usual – moto jacket, leather leggings, graphic tee – as “me” as it gets. Here’s hoping this beautiful weather decides to stick around and I’ll get to squeeze in many more days of this. Fingers crossed.


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What I Wore: Welcome to Disneyland!


There are many perks to being a blogger…but going to Disneyland with a bunch of amazing Canadians is the best one I got to experience so far! Last week, le bf and I boarded a plane to LAX, wearing our matching Mickey and Minnie tees from Old Navy, not knowing what to expect, but feeling excited for our mini Disney Vacay. When we arrived at Disneyland Hotel, we knew we were going to have a blast!

The first thing on my agenda was buying the sequinned Minnie ears, which I basically wore for 5 days straight (and may or may not be wearing as I am writing this from my couch at home – DON’T JUDGE!). The second thing was…GO TO DISNEYLAND!

This was my very first time at any Disney park, and the little kid in me was going bananas! To start off our visit, we did a guided “Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” tour, learning fun tidbits about the park and Walt’s life. We even got to visit his personal apartment and the super-exclusive Club 33! How cool is that?! After the tour and some delicious churros, we all ran off to explore on our own. That day, we hit up Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones Adventure, Star Tours, and Matterhorn Bobsleds, making sure to stop for some refreshing Dole Whip in between. It was EPIC!

The thing that surprised me the most about Disneyland is how easy and fast it is to get on rides! Going in, I was expecting to spend hours waiting in lines, but with the awesome (and free) Fast Pass system, we were able to get on in no time. And if you don’t mind riding solo, there’s always the Single Rider option which is even faster than the Fast Pass lines! Easy, breezy.

Needless to say, after a long first day at the park, we were high on sugar and happiness, feeling like kids again, giddy and looking forward to more fun. And it was just the beginning!





BFFs with Pluto

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What I Wore: Flowers in Bloom


I don’t consider myself a girlie girl, but my closet is full of dresses. Not only are they easy to throw on, but sometimes wearing one can really brighten up my day – both literally and figuratively. This one from M for Mendocino definitely does the job. It’s bright, comfy, and makes me feel great. I’ve worn it to both special occasions and for every day things like brunch and shopping. And the best thing is going from casual to dressy in this one is as simple as changing from flats to heels. Easy peasy!

What’s your summer go-to outfit? Share in the comments!


I Wore: Dress – Mendocino; Shoes – Zara; Bag – ela handbags; Bracelet – Forever 21; Sunglasses – ALDO

What I Wore: Souped Up


Last week something awesome happened – Viktor & Rolf’s Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren stopped by The Room at The Bay while on a press visit to Toronto…and I got to meet them! Dreams do come true…for real!

The party was incredible! A string quartet played some modern tunes, there was plenty of yummy Perrier-Jouët bubbly to go around, and the crowds were dressed to the nines (The Room parties are always great for people-watching!). Bonnie Brooks was there, as were Stacey Kimmel, Rufus Wainwright, and Jeremy Laing…oh my!

As for my outfit…I decided to go less formal in my fave Club Monaco faux leather skirt, a soup tee under my trusty moto jacket, a pair of my new fave shoes from Aldo x Preen capsule collection, and a sparkly necklace to dress it up. Funny enough, I ran into Anita Clarke at the party, and we were both wearing the same shoes AND the same clutch from ela handbags! Twinsies! Well…except Anita was wearing a gorgeous Roland Mouret, while I was wearing Forever 21. But still…great minds think alike…and also, this totally shows off the versatility of fun accessories, non?

After having a quick moment alone with the belles of the ball (they were super-duper nice, by the way), my friends and I continued to mingle, checking out the new Viktor & Rolf spring collection, and making our dream wishlists, which included the clothes off designers’ backs, because those adorable embroidered jeans they both wore (one with mustaches, and the other with sunglasses) were just too awesome for words. Alas…I never got the courage to ask them about their jeans, so they stayed firmly in my dreams. But hey, Viktor and Rolf…if you see this…I’d love to do a Sisterhood of Travelling Pants thing with you. And though I’m not exactly sure how it works, I think we could start by you sending me your adorable jeans, and me wearing them…Ok? Sounds good to me.



Viktor & Rolf at The Room Nelia Belkova

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Ask Nelia: Rockstar Essentials


“WHAT can I wear – Me, in NYC, asking this! – to sing lead in an up-and-coming band? It’s winter: I was thinking leather pants – but I can’t find any! Tried our H&M – no. Tried Gap: chunky motorcycle leather pants that make my petite frame look lumpy. So I’m just going for slim stretchy pants – unless you can suggest something. Since it gets really hot under the lights, I favor sleeveless tops – and my arms are pretty good b/c I take kung fu. The look I’m trying for is a cross between rocker and the Lumineers/hipsters. I do have awesome sandals (black strappy ones with silver studs) or good, utilitarian-but-feminine boots (black, pointy). Hair? Bangs or no? Short or as long as I can get it? Makeup?” – Suze

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What I Wore: Swept Away


Even though my December getaway was less than a month away, I am ready for another trip. Looking at these photos, I wish we’d taken two weeks instead of just one. Two weeks of this. Two weeks of beach, food, and relaxation. Instead, it’s back to reality. C’est la vie.

At least 6 more months until I can wear dresses like this one again.


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