Wishlist: H&M Fall 2010 Collection

As much as I wish that summer was here to stay, the grim reality is that fall is just around the corner. And though I love the warmth of long summer days, fall fashions are much more interesting and…dare I say…grown-up? Seeing these new pics of H&M’s Fall 2010 collection, makes me feel slightly better about the impending cooler weather, and the necessity of wearing sweaters and jackets again. Love the ladylike blazers and skirts, the chunky knits (even the squirrel pullover!), and abundance of camel. Haven’t seen most of the pieces in stores yet, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open.

Are you excited about fall fashion? Or do you wish that it was summer all year-round?

Photo Credits: H&M

H&M Fall 2010 Lookbook

I really like the new Fall 2010 H&M campaign, featuring a fellow Canadian Daria Werbowy. It is by no means groundbreaking, nor especially different, but what I love about the pieces featured is how wearable they are. This is everyday/everywoman chic at its easiest, and by the looks of it at its comfiest too.

I already own most of the pieces featured (or some similar ones), but I still want the above grey sweater with asymmetrical hem – it’s just so simple, and I can imagine wearing it all through the winter. What do you think about this lookbook? Is it great or boring? Let me know in the comments.

Aldo Fall 2010 Preview

Ok, so as an avid sunshine-lover, I am dreading fall…I don’t even want to think about fall and anything that has to do with the summer ending. Having said that, as a fashion-lover, I am still somewhat on the lookout for some cool fall pieces to stock up on, before the said dreaded season knocks on my door. And the latest offerings from Aldo Shoes have me slightly excited about the colder weather and being able to wear these beauties. Actually, no, not exactly excited, although I guess slightly less horrified at the thought.

Photo Credits: Aldo Shoes

Converse Fall 2010 Collection Preview

What a bad blogger I have been! I really don’t have an excuse, other than…I’ve been horribly lazy. Umm…no, not lazy…busy…yeah, that’s it. Either way, sorry once again, and I will definitely try to bring my A-game for the remainder of the summer…”try” being the key word.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovelies over at MBCommunications invited me among the other fashion-loving set to attend the Fall 2010 preview of Converse aka Most Amazing Casual Shoes EVER. And though to me, nothing beats the boring  classic black and white Chucks, some shoes that I saw at the preview made me reconsider. There were shoes for every type of person out there: fun “Seuss” Chucks, slick Jack Purcells, glittery Converse for tweens, amazing band-inspired shoes, winter-boot Converse, and of course the good-old classic Chuck Taylors.

The thing that really got me excited was definitely the Dr. Seuss collection. Having a little nephew of my own, I cannot wait till he’s old enough to rock the adorable red high-tops. In the meantime, I guess I could get a pair for myself…don’t judge me, I’m still a huge kid at heart!

Some styles are already available at the Get Outside  store on Queen St., while others will be coming in throughout August/September. Make sure to call the store for availability. Now if only they carried Converse x Missoni collection too…perhaps next year?

H&M Divided Fall 2010 Lookbook

What do you think about H&M’s new Fall 2010 lookbook? The campaign features models Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karmen Pedaru, Patricia van der Vliet, Bastiaan Ninaber, and Josh Beech. I’ve seen most of the pieces in stores already, so if you’re after that McQueen-ish dress or that leopard print top, check out your local H&M for availability. To be honest, I am a bit underwhelmed by these photos. Perhaps due to the fact that I don’t want to even think about Fall yet, but also because I don’t see anything exciting featured in this campaign. Maybe it’s just me?

Photo Credits: H&M

Swarovski Fall 2010 Preview with Avril Graham

I blog for fun. Not for money, or free stuff, or for any other reason but one: I really do enjoy reading and writing about all things stylish, fashionable, and intriguing (to me). Plus, it provides a much needed mental getaway from my daily not-so-glam 9-5 grind. But if there’s one perk of fashion blogging that I particularly enjoy – it’s meeting cool people. Last week, huge thanks to Edelman, Al and I got to meet the gorgeous and friendly (interesting AND interested) Avril Graham – executive fashion and beauty editor for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. And if chatting with an editor of a hugely successful fashion magazine wasn’t enough,  we also got a sneak peek at Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection showcased at the Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville.

With the help of some models, Avril walked us through her favorite pieces from the collection, stressing that women should not buy cheap accessories to accessorize an expensive dress, but should opt for affordable, yet well-made alternatives instead. Perhaps, some Swarovski heirlooms? Indeed, I was quite impressed with more than a few pieces showcased: cocktail rings, dangly earrings, crystal-adorned bracelets, and clutches.  Avril, herself, wore a beautiful rainbow crystal Swarovski necklace with her Valentino LBD. The one item that had us all talking was the Karl Lagerfeld designed Atelier cuff (below). The unanimous opinion was “LOVE”…though I must admit, I did have trouble squeezing my not-so-skinny wrist into it, but it was all worth it!

Overall, as with the Atelier launch, I was impressed by the variety of looks, and with Avril’s endorsement of the brand, as well as with Karl’s pieces available for sale in the fall – there’s no better time to check out Swarovski jewelry collection.

Ugg Australia Fall 2010 Launch

When one is invited to an Ugg/Jimmy Choo Fall 2010 preview, one has to wonder what that would look like…a furry stiletto? Or perhaps a strappy Ugg? Hmm…not a winning combination in my head, but still, Al and I braved the Lakeshore rush-hour to be at Palais Royale for the launch.

First of all, I wonder if hell froze over, because the usually stiletto-clad Jeanne Beker was wearing…gasp…Uggs! What in the what? Ok, well, I guess it’s to be expected at an UGG preview, right? I guess so. She didn’t look bad in them, but it was definitely a change! Before the show began, the daughter of the The Mary Katz Claman Foundation for Alzheimer’s founder gave a touching speech, wearing Ugg clogs – who knew they made them too!?

The show was surprising…mostly because of the variety. There were your regular signature  Ugg boots, riding boots, motorcycle boots for men (which I really loved), children’s shoes, slippers, converse look-alikes, and studded clog-like boots. Once the show was over, the Ugg team set up a gallery of shoes and boots for everyone’s viewing. Sorry for the crappy pictures, but I kept finding the worst lighting…perhaps it’s because I kept my eyes peeled for the delicious lemony gnocchi served in little spoons…so gooood!

Blue Print Cru and Jay Malinowski of the Bedouin Clash performed after the show, but most people already dashed for the door to get their personalized gift-bags. I, for one, did not put two and two together, when I was asked for my shoe size, so it was truly an awesome surprise when I got a pair of dark brown Uggs for myself…to replace my beige worn out ones. Yes, I confess, I am not one of those Ugg haters…I do think they are pretty awesome for Canadian winters…great for shoveling the snow and shuffling around the snowy streets of Toronto. Too bad the size was a tad too big for me, but I’ll definitely be checking out the Fall 2010 collection once it hits the stores. The Kensington boots in black are super hot and will be perfect for winter!

And though I didn’t see any shoes from the Jimmy Choo + Ugg collection, I do now have a bit of an idea as to what they might look like.

Huge thanks to Andrea of SeCe apparel for the invite! It truly was a party to remember!

More shoes, celeb attendee, and Jay Malinowski after the JUMP!

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Club Monaco + Garance Doré Fall 2010 Lookbook

Absolutely adore this Garance Doré for Club Monaco lookbook. Her style of photography is quite distinct, no? You can tell just by looking at the photographs that it’s Garance’s work! And with Scott Schuman shooting Burberry campaign, among others, this power-duo really is taking the fashion world by a storm. Good for them!

As for the above pic, it really reminded me of this one…well, not the outfit so much, but the hairstyle and the general feel of it. What do you think?

More Club Monaco lookbook photos available here…and below are my fave Club Monaco/Garance Doré Q&A parts!

CM As a photographer what is it that fascinates you about street fashion?
GD It’s a great way to discover personalities, it’s a different way to live fashion than through
the magazine fashion stories, which are more an ideal (and which I love). It’s a great way to be
inspired and to find your own style.

CM Define Chic.
GD Real chic is something you have even when you are naked. It’s a mix of intelligence,
kindness, grace and pride. It’s a politeness to other people to look good…

Photo Credits: Club Monaco

H&M Fall 2010 Preview

I am not ready for Fall styles yet. Not ready! Not ready! Not ready! The sun is shining bright…and the temperatures are finally soaring, so why would I want to bundle up? Having said that, I am loving some looks from this H&M Fall 2010 preview. The look above especially! The shorts, the coat, the tights, the boots…so Chloé – so chic! And even though, come fall, I’ll be searching frantically for one of these pieces…at this moment, fall clothes don’t evoke much of an emotion from me…but I thought I’d share this with you anyway…in case you feel differently.

Now back to Spring/Summer!

Photo Credits: www.nitrolicious.com

Friday Faux Pas: Alexander Wang Fall 2010 Booties

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s Friday Faux Pas is as always up for debate. Now I don’t dislike all of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2010 footwear (adore the Freja style), but I do have a particular not-so-soft spot reserved for his Addison and Constance booties. What in the clown hell is that? Too high, not very flattering, and, well, in my opinion, very ugly! What say you? Are these boots made for walking or for the discount bin?

Photo Credits: www.nitrolicious.com