Shopping: Birks Jewelry

We all know what a certain blue blue box has become synonymous for (all together now) – Tiffany! But here in Canada, we have our own blue-box-central – and that’s Birks jewelry stores. Not only do they carry gorgeous engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bling, but as I recently found out, they also collaborate with notable Canadians (ESTY, Joannie Rochette, Jenn Heil) to create unique and timeless pieces.

There were so many pieces at Birks that I found myself coveting, and though many of them are out of my current budget, I thought I’d share them with you anyway!

At first glance, Birks Blue Collection’s engagement rings, though gorgeous, didn’t look much different from the rest. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice tiny diamond-cut saphires embedded in each piece. Something blue on your wedding day? Birks has you covered!

Birks Needlefish Collection by ESTY is full of beautiful modern pieces, “capturing the very essence of sea life”, much like the Birks Seaside Collection. Those starfish earrings are totally going on my wishlist!

Aside from their signature collections, the company also sells vintage pieces, like the most adorable leopard brooch, and the decadent lapis lazulis and freshwater pearl bracelets above. They will cost you a small fortune, but if you’ve got the money to spend – you’ll be sure that your purchase is a unique piece of art with plenty of history behind it (and cute to boot).

If vintage is not your steeze, I am sure we can all agree that those Gucci bamboo drop earrings are to die for! Oh, and there’s a matching bracelet available too.

So what do you think about Birks’ selection? Share in the comments.

All The Single Models

Eat your heart out, Pete Doherty, Kate Moss is now officially (allegedly) off the market! Kate and her boyfriend of 2+ years Count Von Count Jamie Hince are reported to have gotten engaged in Mustique on her 36th birthday. And if that wasn’t enough happy news in the world of top models, Lara Stone, too, got engaged to actor/comedian David Walliams, after dating him for only 4 months! And while I’m quite skeptical about the length of their courtship, as well as their age difference (almost 15 years), best of luck to them anyway. Can’t wait to see their wedding gowns!