What I Wore: A Different Kind of Cougar

Well, well, well…last week, we got our first chilly reminder of what’s to come – cooler temps, followed by the rain, snow, and slush. Too much of a reality check for you? Me too.

At least, I finally got to wear my new Cougar Pillow Boots, without looking like a crazy person. They kept my feet so warm and comfy – pure bliss. Did you now Cougar re-released its now iconic Pillow Boot? Well, now you do! And this time around, these comfy kicks come in a variety of styles and colors to boot. What’s your fave? Let me know in the comments!

I Wore: Sweater – c/o Billabong; Top – Forever 21; Shorts – H&M; Thigh-highs – American Apparel; Bag – c/o Ecco; Boots – Cougar Pillow Boots; Ring – YSL; Sunglasses – Ray Ban

What I Wore: Easy Breezy

When the summer heat threatens to melt my face off, the only option in my closet that is actually AN OPTION is a breezy cotton dress. Well, going buck naked would also be quite breezy, but not very classy. Though still quite tempting.

This dress in particular is not even a dress, really. It’s a tank-top that cost me 10 bucks at H&M. And there you have it, folks – long tank top and no pants. Classy all the way.

So what about you? What do you wear in this sweltering heat? Let me know in the comments! But, please, whatever you do, don’t send me your nude photos. I get enough of those already. Just kidding. I don’t get nearly enough. So yeah, send them right over!*

I Wore: Tank/Dress – H&M; Shoes – Steve Madden; Necklace – Forever 21; Bag – c/o Ecco; Earrings – Grandma’s; Sunglasses – Ray Ban; Lipstick – Joe Fresh Fuschia

*Seriously, don’t!

What I Wore: Fun in Acapulco

This is yet another one of those “misleading title” posts. Legal disclaimer: I didn’t have fun in Acapulco last weekend. Truth is…I’ve never even been to Acapulco. But if it’s any consolation…if I were to go…this is what I’d wear.

Last weekend, le boyfriend and I jumped into a Zip Car, packed up some leftover brisket from Barque, and drove to Georgina, ON – the home of Sibbald Point, or Acapulco substitute for the day. Despite the drizzle of rain, we persevered, and were in turn rewarded with a few hours of blissful sun…sandy beach and all.  

Have I mentioned that I love summer? No? Well, now you know it. How was your weekend?

I Wore: Tank Top, Skirt – Forever21; Hat, Bathing Suit, Bracelets – H&M; Bag – c/o Ecco; Necklace – c/o Banana Republic; Earrings – atelier l.a.f.; Shoes – Urban Outfitters; Sunglasses – Ray Ban; Tote – The Bay

What I Wore: Canada Day

First of all, I wanted to apologize for the amount of wrinkles on my shorts in these pictures. I can already hear you yelling at me for not being a good blogger, and posting these wrinkled-ass shorts pics. Well, in my defense…this is what cotton shorts look like after a three-hour-long drive to Lindsay. Yes, it took us three hours to get to Lindsay, ON last Friday. Three glorious hours of Ace of Base, Best of Backstreet Boys, some old school Puff Daddy, and Nana thrown in for good measure, with a dash of Bryan Adams Unplugged. It was either that, or Indian music, courtesy of my friend Donkey. Thanks, but no, thanks.

The reason for our trip to the mysterious faraway land of Lindsey was to visit our friend Jo. She and her hubby had the crazy idea to relocate there (of all places), and this was our first attempt at being good friends and visiting the fam.

Truthfully, it wasn’t all that bad. Lindsey, I mean. Yeah, it was way too far for my liking, but the fact is…the beach is a quick drive away, Kawartha’s best ice-cream is the most delish thing I’ve had all summer, and there is something very charming about a neverending backyard. So, after some hot dogs (yum), Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante + Pom Juice Cocktails (yummy), some homemade smores (yummier), and the most amazing…no, seriously, the creamiest ice-cream ever…I was ready to move right in.

Instead, I was dragged back to Toronto, kicking and screaming. Until next time.

PS. According to le boyfriend, this is not a Canada Day outfit…this is a Poland Day outfit. And though technically, there’s no such day, I would never be able to convince the stubborn Aries otherwise. So yeah, I looked like the Polish flag on Canada Day. Quick, call the Prime Minister!

I Wore: Shirt, Ring – Forever21; Shorts – Banana Republic; Shoes, Bracelets – H&M; Bag – c/o Ecco; Sunglasses – Ray Ban (c/o Lenscrafters)

What I Wore: Happiest Girl I Ever Knew

Allow me to introduce you to the latest favorite piece in my closet. Readers – Shorts, Shorts – Readers. I remember the precise moment I saw these shorts at Macy’s in NYC…I saw the lovely pattern, the knit, even the lace-up crotch, and thought out loud:

“A couple of years ago, I could totally rock these.”

“You still can.” – said my friend Lovelys. And thus history was made.

I quickly tried on the shorts, fell even more in love with them for not being as short as they initially looked, and happily handed over my credit card to the cashier. Tic-tac-toe.

And though I haven’t yet had a chance to wear them in Greece (this collection was inspired by Mykonos), I did wear this outfit to a friend’s BYOWG (bring your own water gun) birthday party. By the time we got to the party, all the big guns were taken (and we were too lazy to BOOWG), so I had to fend for myself with a teeny-tiny pistol…against the ginormous barrel water guns. Needless to say…I got majorly soaked. Like straight up “went for a swim in my shorts”. But guess what?! They didn’t become see through and dried as fast as the sun could touch them. Now that’s what I call a good buy! I’m telling you – happiest purchase in a really long time.

PS. Have a great Canada Day/Independence Day weekend, loveliesAnd whatever you do, I hope it makes you as happy as these shorts make me!!! 

I Wore: Shorts – Impulse for Macy’s; Shirt – Forever21; Shoes, Bikini – Old Navy; Hat, Bracelets, Sunglasses – H&M; Bag – c/o Ecco; Turquoise Bracelet – Urban Outfitters

What I Wore: School’s Out For Summer

Here’s a quick look at what I wore to Lisa and Wendy’s Hip & Urban Girl anniversary at SCHOOL. This Missoni skirt is by far, one of my most favorite Winners finds ever. It wasn’t cheap, but since I can wear it as a skirt and as a dress – this double duty makes it worth every penny. And the colors, the knit, the pattern…love it all so much!

And once again…the Levi’s denim jacket. It’s practically second skin to me, especially with this ever-changing weather – it keeps me warm, while looking cool. Right? RIGHT?

What I Wore: Skirt worn as a dress – Missoni (Winners); Denim Jacket – c/o Levi’s; Belt, Friendship Bracelets, Rings – H&M; Bag – c/o Ecco; Shoes – Zara; Turquoise Ring – YSL; Bracelet – BCBG

Photos by Sharon Ng-Hayes

What I Wore: Panthers, and Rabbits, and Planking, Oh My!

This is what my cat looks like when he gets mad at me, fangs exposed, mouth snarling, eyes wide open…bracing to attack. Scary, no? It’s ok though, because I can stand up for myself. This (below) is my hissing face. This way Pepper (my cat) knows not to mess with me.

Anyway, I wore this to last weekend’s 1000 Tastes of Toronto, which was disappointing to say the least (more like 10 Tastes of Toronto). Thank goodness, le boyfriend and I bought only 2 tickets each (and ended up using only 3 out of 4). Post 1000 Tastes, the rest of the afternoon was spent chasing fake rabbits, attempting planking on said rabbits (which were extremely hot to the touch), and trying to avoid the MMVAs at all cost. Don’t you just love summer?

I Wore: Top – Topshop (The Bay); Shorts – Banana Republic; Bag – c/o Ecco; Hat, Bracelets, Sunglasses – H&M; Bracelet – BCBG; Shoes – Old Navy

What I Wore: Summer Uniform

Remember my winter uniform? Well, this is my summer one. For the times when I’m too tired, too lazy, or simply have one of those “nothing to wear” days, this is what I put on. Simplest formula ever: dress (maxi, mini, midi, whatever) + denim jacket + sandals + Ray Bans…tah dah!

I’ve been getting tons of compliments on this denim jacket. And I’ve also been wearing it pretty much non-stop for over a month. It’s Levi’s – the classic trucker jacket. I have the same one in a darker shade of blue as well. You can never have too much of a good thing, right?

So, I’m curious to know. Do you have a summer uniform? What’s your easy-breezy-summer–dressing-formula? Share in the comments.

I Wore: Dress – Old Navy; Jacket – Levi’s; Bag – c/o Ecco; Shoes – Zara; Sunglasses – Ray Ban

What I Wore: The Cat’s Pajamas

Lately, I’ve been straight up obsessed with pajama pants. Ok, maybe not actual pajama pants, but pants that strongly resemble the said loungewear piece. What’s not to love? They are comfy, breezy, and super cool (at least in my mind)…le boyfriend has his own opinion on this one.

This pair is from Zara, and I love how it billows in the wind, creating almost a maxi-skirt-like effect. Breezy, I’m telling you!

So what’s your take? Should pajama-looking pants stay indoors? Let me know in the comments!

I Wore: Top, Pants, Shoes – Zara; Bag – c/o Ecco; Bracelet – Urban Outfitters; Sunglasses – Ray Ban (c/o Lenscrafters)

What I Wore: Like Dandelion Dust

Can someone please tell me why dandelions are considered a weed, and carnations are still called a flower? I really don’t get it. Personally, I am a huge dandelion fan. Seeing those fuzzy-looking yellow flowers popping up all around the city is a clear sign that summer is on its way, and sunny days are ahead. This year, I’ve been extra sun-deprived (exhibit one: see my corpse-colored legs above…no photo-editing was performed…they really are that grey), so I’m thinking that I’ll have to resort to self-tanners.

Any good ones out there that won’t turn me into a Snooki lookalike? Something drastic must be done to take care of this grey skin situation. Some girl on the subway actually gave my legs a disgusted look…though it might’ve been directed at the suspicious looking puddle on the floor…but I think it was my legs. So…any advice, short of hiding in a basement until winter rolls around again? Help!

I Wore: Skirt, Blazer, Belt – H&M; Top – Forever21; Shoes – Aldo; Bag – c/o Ecco; Sunglasses – Ray Ban (c/o Lenscrafters); Earrings – Chanel