What They Wore: Operanation 2014

COC Operanation October 16th 2014- Tara Noelle-34

I’ll be honest with you, I am not a fan of galas. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to get dressed up once in a while, but when I have to go to a big gala event, where how you dress actually matters, I get anxious. Plus, I like to be in bed by 11pm (don’t judge!), and most galas just get going around that time. This is precisely why I’ve never gone to Operanation until this year. But after finding out that Yelle was going to perform, I pulled up my big girl pants and decided to go. And boy, was I a fool to have avoided it all these years!

First of all, Operanation was an amazing place to people-watch and witness some great fashion go down. I won’t go so far as to call it the Met Gala of Toronto fashion, but it’s pretty damn close. Most people stuck to the theme of the night, and lit up the room in neon gowns and accessories, sparkly beading, and pops of colour.

And then there was Yelle…Their performance was everything I hoped it would be and more – energetic, engaging, and SO MUCH FUN! I danced, tried to sing along (my French is very limited), and just watched Julie Budet (Lady Mary lookalike) do her thang. Oh, and members of the COC’s Ensemble Circle joined her for a few songs too. Best ever!

On top of the cool performance, and great people-watching, there were also limited-edition designer slap bracelets – coolest raffle entries possibly ever. One lucky girl walked away with a $10,000 shopping spree from The Room (!!!), while a few others snagged COC-sponsored prizes. There was also a churro bar, a photobooth, half-naked Calvin Klein models, hourly drag queen flash mob…in the immortal words of SNL’s Stefon Zelesky – Toronto’s hottest party of the year is Operanation and it has EVERYTHING!

Operanation 2014 (Tyler Rumi) 60Operanation - Light Up The Night. Toronto, ON, Canada. October 17, 2014. (Image: Ryan Emberley)Operanation - Light Up The Night. Toronto, ON, Canada. October 17, 2014. (Image: Ryan Emberley)Operanation - Light Up The Night. Toronto, ON, Canada. October 17, 2014. (Image: Ryan Emberley)Operanation - Light Up The Night. Toronto, ON, Canada. October 17, 2014. (Image: Ryan Emberley)Operanation - Light Up The Night. Toronto, ON, Canada. October 17, 2014. (Image: Ryan Emberley)Operanation - Light Up The Night. Toronto, ON, Canada. October 17, 2014. (Image: Ryan Emberley)

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What They Wore: Celeb Looks from Met Gala 2014


What’s more important – adhering to a dress code or bringing something fresh to the red carpet? Last night at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, some celebs decided to pay homage to the celebrated American designer Charles James, while others chose to wear something exciting instead. No shade to James, but after seeing one too many taffeta-clad celebs, I cheered when I glimpsed Lupita Nyong’o’s Prada amazingness. Sure, it wasn’t exactly inspired by Charles James, but it was fun to look at, and if anyone could pull off the bejeweled net dress with feathers, it’s Lupita. Same goes for Kirsten Dunst’s Rodarte Star Wars gown – amazing, and probably not the most appropriate for that particular theme, but still…so cool! Another look I couldn’t resist last night was Chloe Sevigny in Kenzo, which was probably much too modern for last night’s theme, but I loved it all the same.

But it wasn’t solely the rebels that caught my eye, I absolutely adored Liu Wen in a Zac Posen stunner (which I just got to see at Holts last week!), Emmy Rossum in a floral Carolina Herrera gown, Giovanna Battaglia in an 0ff-the-shoulder Dolce & Gabbana, and Hailee Steinfeld in a very theme-(and age)-appropriate black, white, and pink Prabal Gurung gown.

Mostly though, I was underwhelmed with last night’s red carpet looks. My favourite Style Fille Diane Kruger looked washed out in pale blue (though Joshua more than made up for it!), SJP disappointed in a messy Oscar de la Renta, Johnny Depp came dressed as Colonel Sanders, Kate Upton, who isn’t exactly a high-fashion darling, looked frumpy in a Dolce & Gabbana gown, and the rest of the lot just looked…been-there-wore-that.

What do you think of last night’s Met Gala red carpet? Which celebs got it right in your opinion? Share in the comments!







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Emmy Awards 2013: The Meh, The Blah, and The Bad


How boring was Emmy Awards fashion last night, you guys? And the actual award show itself, even with my beloved Neil Patrick Harris hosting – it was a snoozefest! If only my house had AMC and Showtime, I would surely be watching Breaking Bad and Dexter instead, but alas…Emmys it was.

Truth be told, I couldn’t find even FIVE starlets worthy the Best Dressed title, so instead, this year’s Emmy Awards get The Meh, The Blah, and The Bad awards here on Style Blog, with the exception of Lena Dunham. No, I don’t love her Prada dress, but it was by far the least boring gown on the red carpet last night, and for that, I commend her. The dress is cute and youthful, she looks pretty and happy, and she’s not wearing white…GAWD, all the white dresses last night! I will never understand how so many of North America’s most beautiful women could manage to look so boring.


The Meh: Kate Mara, Jessica Pare, Claire Danes

Ok, so The Meh dresses were actually pretty good. I liked Mara’s J.Mendel gown, liked her hair, but was it amazing? It was good, yes…but not great. Same thing with Jessica Pare in a lovely aquamarine Oscar de la Renta, which looks a bit odd in the boobage area, even though the colour looks so good on her. Claire Danes’ Armani Privé was also great in theory…it’s actually growing on me as I type this, but I still don’t love it. It sags at the front, and again with the non-colour! Perhaps it’s not fair, but I expect more from Danes. She’s not Carrie Underwood, you know?



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What They Wore: Celeb Looks from Met Gala 2013


This year’s Met Gala theme was “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”, and since so many of the celebs in attendance nailed it, I couldn’t simply post my fave looks and be done with it. This time, I chose to bring you not only my fave looks, but also the runners-up, and the headscratchers all in one post.

Let’s start with my faves. I loved the ornate Dolce and Gabbana dress on Katy Perry, the grand headpiece on SJP, the elegant Margiela on Gwen Stefani, the stunning, but decidedly NOT punk Givenchy gown on Rooney Mara, and an orange moomoo-like goodness on Ashley Olsen. None of those looks screamed punk to me, but I found these dresses to be interesting, fashion-forward, and gorgeous too. Well, SJP’s panty-flashing Giles gown wasn’t exactly my type, but if anyone could’ve pulled it off it’s her.

Apart from my top 5, I enjoyed so many other looks! From Giovanna Battaglia gilded head-to-toe goodness, to Solange Knowles looking lovely in a Kenzo gown that was perhaps a tad too casual for the Met, but beautiful nonetheless, to Emma Watson in a very sexy Prabal Gurung…there was no shortage of fashion porn at this year’s gala. Some celebs decided to don simple LBDs to the event, which in my opinion was a total waste (I’m looking at you, Michelle Williams), but others made up for it with punk hair (Miley Cyrus), and studs galore (looking gorgeous, Sienna Miller!).

All in all, I loved this year’s fashion offerings. I hate wading through a million photos of boring outfits, and this year there weren’t too many.

So now it’s your turn! Which celebs brought their A-game to the 2013 Costume Institute Gala, and which crashed and burned? Share your opinions in the comments!





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Golden Globes 2013: Worst Dressed


Amy and Tina hosted Golden Globe Awards this year, and while they brought the funnies, some celebs brought their fashion A-game, while others…not so much. First up is Jessica Chastain in an ill-fitting Calvin Klein dress that looked ok from the back, but was way saggy from the front…and that hair did not help either. This girl is so talented and is in EVERYTHING lately, and she won the Golden Globe for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty, so why wasn’t she given a better option?!

It’s pains me to name Marion Cotillard as one of the worst dressed of the night, but she should know better than to wear a dress with that awful hem! It’s a custom-made Dior gown by Raf Simons, but all I see is Forever 21. I’m sorry, Marion, better luck next time.


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What I Wore: J.Crew

Inspired by J.Crew’s stylish President Jenna Lyons, I’ve decided to layer a light linen/cotton J.Crew sweater over a cream maxi dress for a mix of casual and (slightly) dressy. Then I decided to wear it to work…which was a big mistake – rolling my office chair all over the bottom of the skirt, getting the hem stuck in the wheels – not my idea of a productive work day. Thankfully, once my cubicle was out of sight, the outfit got a lot more comfortable. Lesson learned: office chair + maxi skirt = disaster waiting to happen.

Post on J.Crew’s launch party is coming soon! Stay tuned.

I Wore: Dress, Necklace – Forever21; Sweater – J.Crew; Belt – Calvin Klein; Bag – Prada; Ring – YSL; Sunglasses – Ray Ban

ck one Reinvented

You might already know that ck one has been around for YEARS now, but…this year, the company’s best-seller is evolving. ck one is now ONE brand for a few different products – fragrance, underwear, and clothing. Talk about multitasking! And to drive the point home, they’ve launched a brand new ad campaign, featuring many of the world’s top models, and shot by Steven Meisel (the original ck one photographer). In addition, the ck one website features interactive model confessions (answering questions like “What’s the best way to get over a broken heart?), and if you’re brave enough you can even upload your own!

If you haven’t tried ck one for yourself, there’s a great promo at The Bay right now – if you sign up for their Beauty Newsletter, you get a sample of ck one free! Easy as that. I, myself, haven’t really tried ck one in the past, mainly because I’ve always thought of it as a men’s fragrance…and boy, was I surprised when I actually got a chance to try it! I’m so obsessed with it, that parting with my bag of samples proved to be an exercise in self-control.

ck one is a perfect unisex daytime fragrance – it’s fresh, not at all overpowering, with subtle citrusy notes. Go ahead and give it a try, it might just be THE ONE fragrance for you.

Photo Credits: Calvin Klein

Valentine’s Day: Gift Guide For Her

Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, and I am still stuck on le boyfriend’s gift! What to get for a man that has (seemingly) everything? Well, that’s my problem to solve (unless you have some helpful advice). And though I won’t likely be doing a men’s gift guide this year, here are a few gift ideas for the guys that might also be struggling with what to buy for their beloved (obsessed with that word).

I am always happy to get a perfume for any occasion, and if you know your girlfriend well-enough, a sexy fragrance might just be what the doctor ordered! My current faves are below.

1. Coach Poppy Perfume ($60)
Recently launched, Poppy is simply lovely, with notes of jasmine, gardenia, cucumber, and rose petals. I got a chance to try it for myself, and I must admit that I really liked it! It’s light and fresh…and simply amazing!
2. Calvin Klein BEAUTY Perfume ($89-$115)
I’ve said so much about BEAUTY already. Read all about it here to decide whether your girlfriend might love it, or check out a tester at the mall.
3. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb ($105-$185)
This is the one I use right now. The fragrance is sweet and feminine, the bottle is all glitter and glamour – the best of both worlds!

If perfume is not your (or your girl’s) thing, a few other gifts might sweeten her day.

4. Danier Red Clutch/Wallet ($39 on sale)
Perfect for a romantic dinner out, this leather clutch will hold all of her essentials and spice up her outfit.
5. Louis Vuitton Heart Coin Purse ($455)
Penny-pinching has never been so stylish! Also comes in a showstopping leopard print!
6. Banana Republic Bracelet ($50)
Don’t buy her earrings or a cocktail ring for Valentine’s Day, lest she confuse the small box with an engagement ring! That one might create some awkwardness. Get her a bracelet or a necklace instead. Banana Republic has a really lovely selection (at amazing prices).
7. Locher’s Necklace ($53-$71)
Speaking of necklaces, I’ve been a Locher’s fan for years! The designs are cute and sassy. And if your girl has a sense of humour, I guarantee that she will love it!
8. Heart-shaped Macarons ($4 each)
They are macarons, shaped as hearts. Go get ’em NOW at my fave MoRoCo Chocolat.
9. Your Love (priceless)
If all else fails, a simple I LOVE YOU should do. Adding “just the way you are” at the end will earn you some brownie points. It is a day to celebrate your love, after all…not some materialistic holiday, masterminded by Hallmark to bilk you out of millions of dollars!!!
10. A Card 
Even though I said that thing about Hallmark, most of us (ladies) would still like a card. So make sure to get her one (Papyrus  cards are amazing)! The one I got for le boyfriend this year kicks ass!

So this little post might or might not have been helpful in your search for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If it wasn’t very helpful, I am sorry…email me for more genius ideas. Happy Shopping!

Calvin Klein BEAUTY Giveaway

A few days ago, I wrote about a wonderful surprise that’d arrived at my door earlier this month. Style Blog was one of only 10 Canadian blogs to be offered a wonderful opportunity to share the news about FASHION magazine’s Calvin Klein BEAUTY It Touches Everything Contest, as well as to offer my readers a giveaway of my own!

If you’ve always wanted to smell like the lovely Diane Kruger, now is your chance! All you need to do to get your very own 50ml bottle of Calvin Klein BEAUTY is leave a comment below with the following info (please read very carefully):

1. Name

2. Your favorite Calvin Klein perfume/cologne to date

3. Your Twitter or Facebook username (must be a follower of Style Blog either on Twitter or Facebook)

4. For additional entries, tweet about this contest (#CKBeauty), or re-post it on your website/blog

This contest is open to Canadian residents only. One comment per person, please (all extra entries will be disqualified). Contest opens on October 28th and closes on November 11th. Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on November 12th. Rules are subject to change by Style Blog.

Please make sure to leave a correct email address, so that we can get in touch with you, if you’re the winner.

Huge thanks to Matchstick and Sumaya for this lovely giveaway!

That’s it…and GOOD LUCK!!!