Toronto Fashion Week: Jean-Pierre Braganza Fall 2013 Collection at the shOws


It’s official! Jean-Pierre Braganza is one of my absolute favourite Canadian designers. His Spring 2013 collection took my breath away last year, and I simply loved his Fall 2013 show. With Asian-inspired prints, origami-like folds, and elegant outerwear, Braganza’s fall collection was a treat to see up close and personal.

My favourite pieces included the elegant structured blazers and flowy draped gowns, and while last season’s prints were more my steeze, I appreciated Braganza’s fall prints all the same. The mesmerizing photo-print tunic was definitely something I would  add to my wardrobe next season.

All in all, I was really happy to be able to take in Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Fall 2013 collection in person at the shOws. He’s an incredibly talented designer, and it’s thrilling to watch him succeed.

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Stay Foolish Party at Andrew Richard Designs


Last year, I couldn’t make it to the annual Summer Industry Event held at the Andrew Richard Designs loft…and my friends would not let me live it down! I was taunted with stories of delicious lobster rolls, fun crowds, and “the best party ever”. So when this year’s invitation landed in my inbox, I made sure to clear my schedule. I wasn’t about to miss it again.

And I am so glad that I went! This year’s theme of “Stay Foolish” ensured that we had plenty of foolish/fun things to do, ranging from shooting cork guns to win a stuffed toy (I actually managed to hit a couple of targets!), drinking spiked lemonade, tossing rings, and indulging in cotton candy. Apart from the fun activities, the vendors that catered the event brought their A+ game, and yes, I must admit, that the lobster rolls were indeed deeelish (catered by e11even in case you wanted to try one).

So what I’m saying here is…next year, if you get a Facebook invite from ARD to attend this annual bash, I honestly urge you not to ignore it like the rest of the Facebook invites, that let’s face it, we all ignore at one point or another, and just go! The folks over at ARD sure do know how to throw an amazing party…and the lobster rolls will blow your mind!






Photo Credits: 1 – Societe Perrier, 2-6 – Andrew Richard Designs