What I Wore: Snow Queen


Sorry for being MIA last week…thanks to the snow/ice storm, my house had no electricity, cable, or internet, giving me a much-needed break from all types of social media and blogging. Instead, I ate pies (Flaky Tart is the bomb!), hung out with family, and slept A LOT. It was awesome, but also challenging. I learned to put on make up under candlelight, and wore a lot of comfy and warm clothes, because getting dressed in the dark isn’t as easy as it sounds and having no heat is no picnic either. Thankfully, I had this cozy Ann Taylor sweater dress to save the day. All I had to do is throw it on over some tights to avoid looking like a shlub with no electricity. Mission accomplished.

Hope you and your loved ones have a warm and safe holiday season! Should be back to regular programming in 2014!



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Last Sunday, I woke up bright and early and headed to Yorkdale to host a party at ALDO’s Toronto flagship. The store opened earlier than usual, welcoming A-list guests with refreshing orange juice and breakfast brownies (my favourite!), as well as 20% off the entire store! The party was thrown in honour of Noelle, who won a special #ALDOALIST contest from Virgin Radio, and as such, she was ALDO’s celeb for the day – hanging out in her very own VIP booth at the store, and shopping with her besties before the store’s official opening hours. Lucky girl!

But Noelle wasn’t the only lucky winner that day. I was also super pumped to meet Ariel, who won an ALDO shopping spree from this season’s Style Days of Christmas Giveaways. It was so wonderful to do a little shopping with Ariel and see her favourite pieces. With her $200 ALDO gift card, Ariel picked up an elegant bag, a pair of boots, a hat, and some jewelry. Not a bad haul! Not bad at all. And you know what? Seeing Ariel’s and Noelle’s faces light up with excitement made waking up early on a freezing Sunday morning totally worth it.




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What I Wore: Toronto Christmas Market


A couple of weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea – I dragged le bf to the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District to do some Christmas shopping and shoot new outfit photos for the blog – work and play combined. The only problem was…as we left for the market, the skies opened up, and it started to rain miserably (and continued for the remainder of the day). But being the consummate pros that we are, not even freezing rain could stop us from doing what we set out to do – and so we took some photos anyway.

I may or may not have yelled at le bf to stop being a perfectionist and just hurry (the eff) up, because rain was dripping down my forehead, and I was fairly certain that I had mascara running down both my cheeks, while my teeth were chattering uncontrollably. Alas…after about 15 minutes of running around and trying to get some decent shots, I gave up, wrapped myself in a warm scarf that le bf was gallantly holding for me, and ran for cover. Just another day in a glam life of a fashion blogger.




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What I Wore: The Perks of Wearing Wallpaper

CHANEL Yorkdale Boutique Opening - Nov 28, 2013 (10)

Yesterday, I wrote about the new CHANEL boutique that opened at Yorkdale Shopping Centre last week, and today I will show you what I ended up wearing to the event. When I first saw this Zara ensemble online, I’m pretty sure cartoon hearts started popping up above my head, so of course, order it I did. So when I was standing in front of my closet, fretting about having nothing to wear, this “suit” became my last-minute solution. And better yet, it went perfectly with my treasured CHANEL shoes. Mission accomplished!

After finally putting it all together, I waltzed into le bf’s office to ask for his opinion…only to see his jaw drop to the floor, and hear him beg me…literally beg me not to wear my Zara masterpiece to CHANEL. I believe it sounded something like this: “Oh, hun, no. No, no. Oh, no. Please, no. No.”, all the while covering his mouth with his hands. Undeterred by le bf’s pleas, as you can see, I still wore my wallpaper-like getup to the party…and I am happy to report that I have yet to regret it. It was a fun outfit to wear in a sea of black and white, so who cares if the pattern was a tad (a lot?) wallpaper-ish? I had fun with my blogger friends, made my Christmas (and lifetime) wishlists, and finally took my precious CHANEL shoes out for a spin! What’s not to love? Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to go against the grain.

So what do you think? Are you with le bf on this one, or do you think this is a fun look? Share your honest opinions in the comments.


CHANEL Yorkdale Boutique Opening - Nov 28, 2013 (10)

I Wore: Shirt, Pants, Necklace – Zara; Velvet Blazer – Denim and Supply (The Bay); Cuff – H&M; Shoes, Bag – CHANEL

Photo Credits: 1 & 3 – George Pimentel

What I Wore: Perfect Leather Pants


In case you didn’t know…the perfect leather pants do exist! And they are from the Isabel Marant for H&M collection. I am so glad that I braved the crowds in order to snag these, because now that I have them, I want to wear them all the time! Luckily, these don’t make me feel like I have to use a bottle of baby powder to put them on - these leather pants are as comfy as pajama bottoms. Well…nearly. How do you feel about leather pants? Share in the comments.

I Wore: Sweater – Gap; Leather Pants – Isabel Marant for H&M; Shoes – Valentino; Necklace – Zara

Photo Credits: Max Kopanygin

What I Wore: #YesIDoLikeCoatsBigTime


Not to sound like @NotCoatFactory Twitter account, but #COATS, you guys! Yesterday I wrote about the RUDSAK Sample Sale that’s happening this weekend in Toronto, and today I wanted to share a sneak peek of what this sale has to offer. This awesome RUDSAK parka was my fave item from the sale – it’s Canadian, warm, stylish, doesn’t make me feel like the Michelin Man…and best of all – you can buy it for a fraction of its original price! Score! There were so many coats to choose from, I had a really tough time picking just one. And as I mentioned before – there are bags, shoes, and accessories galore too! If you have time,  you should definitely stop by and check it out – it’s one of the best sample sales I’ve been to in a while.

To wrap this post up, I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom from my favourite Twitter account ever – @NotCoatFactory: “Who does like coats? Let us know with #YesIDoLikeCoatsBigTime and tell others about this.” You know what to do!



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What I Wore: Stripes and Sequins


I am super excited to announce that I am now part of Ann Taylor‘s kick-ass team of brand ambassadors in Canada! As someone who has a day job at a fairly conservative office, I am really excited to amp up my office looks and introduce more sophisticated pieces into my wardrobe. And while dressing for the job I want may mean leaving the leather pants at home, it certainly doesn’t mean that I have to look boring. Take this striped and sequined jacket, for example…apart from the sequins, this is a very classic piece – shape and pattern are both very neutral, but the sequins take it from simple to glam. Same with these black pants with lace trim, and blouse with an embellished collar – classic and sophisticated, but far from boring.

This is what I love about Ann Taylor – their collections are full of staple pieces, but there are also a ton of stand-out items that work seamlessly with all of the simpler ones. Needless to say, I am really excited to show you what else Ann Taylor has in store! Stay tuned!




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What I Wore: Yellow


Don’t have much to say today, except…I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COAT!

As you were.



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What I Wore: Cold Weather Essentials


I finally got my Mackage jacket, you guys! It’s stylish and warm and I love it so much, I would probably sleep in it if I could. Same goes for my new Acne Pistol boots. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally make the leap, but now that I own these bad boys, I hardly ever wear anything else (on my feet, that is). If you are looking for a pair of comfy, versatile ankle boots, I highly recommend these.

Isn’t it funny how some pieces get so much wear, while others hardly ever see the light of day? All of the pieces from this outfit are definitely hard-workers and will surely be worn all the time this winter – fleece-lined tights from H&M, cashmere sweater from Joe Fresh, Club Monaco leather skirt, kitty ears toque from Zara, my new fave bag from Proenza Schouler, and of course, the two pieces I mentioned above. Throw in my super-warm Canada Goose parka into the mix and you have my winter wardrobe in a nutshell.

What about you? What are your cold weather essentials? Share in the comments!



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What I Wore: Winning


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Last month I found myself going to WINNERS like it’s my job. You see, I found a beautiful croc-embossed circle leather skirt at the College St location, but sadly, it wasn’t in my size. In the past, I’ve had a lot of luck with designer pieces at WINNERS. My fave Runway finds so far include a beautiful Missoni maxi skirt in the brand’s signature zig-zag print, and a sexy draped LBD from Alexander Wang. Each item was purchased at a fraction of its original price, and both are still MVPs in my wardrobe. Knowing that other stores in the city carry pieces from the Runway collection, I knew better than to give up, and so I didn’t.

Over the next few days I visited Bloor St location, where I found an amazing Chloé shearling coat and Versace skort (for $99!!!), Queen St and Portland St location, where I was stunned to find a Chanel bag, and a gorgeous velvet Dolce and Gabbana blazer, Front St location, with a huge variety of designer shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Lanvin, you name it – but no sight of the coveted Sachin and Babi skirt. As I was about to accept defeat and buy the Chloé coat instead (as a sort of crazy amazing consolation prize), something told me to go back to College St, and so I did.

And what do you know?! The skirt was hanging on the rack, perfect and in my size, just waiting for me to scoop it up! After grabbing it as quickly as I my hands could reach, I simply could not resist checking out what else was new at the Runway department. That day I found the most incredible sparkly tweed Céline coat (which was sadly too small, otherwise this outfit post would have revolved around French outerwear), Fendi accessories, more Chanel pieces (jewellery and bags), and even more designer shoes. But back to the skirt, the one I was trying to hunt down for days, it was finally mine, and so I left other tempting pieces behind (for another time, perhaps), and happily skipped to the cash register. Mission accomplished!

So the moral of the story is: next time you see something you love at WINNERS, but don’t see it in your size, please don’t give up! There are so many locations out there, and with new merchandise arriving daily, you are bound to find your size sooner or later. And even if you don’t, you may just stumble upon other fantastic finds.

Happy Finding!


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