Wednesday Candy: Clive Owen

Haven’t done Wednesday Candy in a while, so here’s some hump-day-hotness, courtesy of Clive Owen and Bulgari. Saw these photos at Yorkdale’s  Bay the other day…and they made me stop in my tracks. Clive is the face (and bod) of Bulgari’s new fragrance for men, called Man. Good name, no? Simple and to the point. And if not Clive Owen, then who? He oozes manliness…and he’s incredibly hot attractive. Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Photo Credits: Bulgari

Wednesday Candy: Ken

No, I don’t find Ken attractive. But this Esquire UK editorial, featuring Barbie’s long-time boyfriend definitely put a smile on my face! He totally killed it (in a good way) in Toy Story 3. Every time he appeared on-screen, the audience collapsed in a fit of giggles. So I am very happy that Ken is finally getting his time in the spotlight.

Wearing clothes from Prada, Burberry Prorsum, Paul Smith, and Gucci, Ken’s makeover sure works for me. But his posing, well, let’s just say that he should stop taking modeling tips from Renée Zellweger and Vicky Beckham, if he wants to pull off looking less plastic.

Photo Credits: Esquire UK

Wednesday Candy: FIFA World Cup 2010 Sexiest Players

World Cup 2010 is in full throttle, and while my beloved Les Bleus are out of the competition, there’s still plenty to be excited about. My number 2 team – Spain has been doing quite well, and so far, my hopes are riding on La Furia Roja, and its hot Spaniards. But the one thing that most girls will likely agree with me on, is that football is not just about the game and winning. Of course, winning is super important, but sometimes a little eye-candy goes a looong way.

After watching a few games, and cringing when girls swoon over that fake-tanned, sun-dried Portuguese beef jerky with drag queen eyebrows – Ronaldo (apologies to all you CR lovers, but it’s just my silly opinion), I couldn’t resist posting my Top 5 Hot Players of World Cup 2010. No, you won’t see Beckham or Ronaldo on this list – they are not my type of man candy. But I would most definitely love to kick it with these hot footballers. Happy Wednesday, lovelies! And share who your fave footballers are in the comments!

1. Iker Casillas – Spain (age 29)

Plays for Real Madrid and Spain’s national team, this talented and hot goalie hasn’t been on my radar for very long, but it looks like he took the number 1 spot from my all-time fave Zizou. My favorite Iker is the scruffy, moody, angry one on the field. Yours?

2. Carlos Vela – Mexico (age 21)

Carlos is the new (hot) face of Hugo Man, and is the only consolation to the France vs. Mexico loss for Les Bleus. Looks great both in a suit and on the field.

3. Yoann Gourcuff – France (age 23)

This cute French midfielder replaced Zidane’s playmaker role on the field. And though he hasn’t proved to be as skillful as Zizou himself, he’s still quite nice to look at.

4. Kaká – Brazil (age 28)

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite or simply Kaká to his friends and fans is hot, talented, and devoted to his family. He’s also Iker’s teammate at Real Madrid, which makes Real Madrid games eye-candy galore. He’s the face of Armani and Adidas…and have I mentioned that he’s hot?

5. Roque Santa Cruz  – Paraguay (age 28)

There’s no doubt that Paraguay’s national team reached quarter-finals for the first time in their history in part due to striker Roque Santa Cruz’s hotness talent. Next up, his team will be facing Spain, and likely will be sent on their way home to Paraguay…but the moments of Roque’s passionate plays and charismatic smile won’t fade from fan’s minds for a long while.

Photo Credits: Google Images

Wednesday Candy: Zinedine Zidane for Louis Vuitton

Since my favorite team since 1998 decided to self-destruct and subsequently crash and burn on the way out of the World Cup 2010, without winning a single game, I definitely needed something to cheer me up. And the new Louis Vuitton “Core Values” campaign helps ease the pain a bit.

Featured in the campaign are the “holy trinity” of soccer football: Pelé, Maradona, and surprisingly (even for me) Zidane, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. As an avid Zizou lover, I couldn’t help but smile at these images of the beloved and legendary French midfielder. It’s great to see him in the spotlight again, because the French team without Zinedine Zidane is…well, like a herd of sheep without a shephard…who just got eaten by the wolves for their own stupidity (who doesn’t train before an important game???).

So here are the photos of the three greatest footballers in the world – ever, starring in the latest Louis Vuitton campaign. And might I add that Zidane is still looking smoking hot, smiling, and enjoying life, knowing that he retired at the right time, and that he doesn’t have to endure the PR nightmare that is the French team at this time. Good for him.

Photo Credits: Louis Vuitton

Magnificent Obsession

I am obsessed with this July US Vogue editorial by Peter Lindbergh. Magnificently obsessed. Seeing photos of Natalia and Ewan play house, going from adoring love to cheating, stealing, and leaving, made my heart jump and hurt a little. For Ewan’s character, of course. Aside from the obvious question of “Who would EVER leave Ewan McGregor, if they were lucky enough to have him???”, this editorial is perfection – which is a rarity for US Vogue as of late.

At first, I didn’t want to post Ewan-less photos, but since they are important to the story, I am leaving them in. The funny thing about these, is that the feelings I felt as a teenage girl in love with NSync/BSB/fill-in-the-blank-actor, came back with a vengeance, and here I am, staring at these photos…feeling the same butterflies in the pit of my stomach at a simple sight of a smiling, frowning, drinking his sorrows away Ewan. I saw him at TIFF last year…pretty close too, and yes, he is quite handsome. Very handsome, actually. Short, but oh-so-handsome…and his accent, it just slays me every time.

Anyway, here’s the US Vogue July 2010 editorial, appropriately named “Magnificent Obsession”, featuring #1 on my Freebie Five – Ewan McGregor, with Natalia Vodianova, in a role of his wife. Now, leave me alone, while I day-dream about my own love affair with Mr. McGregor, sans the cheating and stealing, plus lots of kissing and groping. Hope you’re having a great Friday! I know, I am.

Photo Credits: Vogue

Wednesday Candy: Bradley Cooper

The A-Team movie is hitting the theatres this Friday, and Bradley Cooper, along with his co-A-Teamers have been all over the place, promoting the film…and looking hot, while doing it. I don’t know if it’s because of his (assholy) role in The Wedding Crashers, but I never really found “Coop” that attractive. I mean, obviously he’s hot, but he never really did it for me. But after these photos…I think I’ve changed my mind.

That cocky smile, that glint in his eyes, that hair, and, of course, the way he wears his suit…it’s all very sexy. Kinda makes you want to find out what’s under that buttoned-up vest, doesn’t it? Anyway, hope you all are having a great Wednesday! For those that aren’t, take a good look at Bradley and remember, Friday is only a day away!

And if you man is as tall as Bradley…or even taller, check out Mens Clothing at High& for your man or great gift ideas.

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Wednesday Candy: Jake vs. Josh

It’s Wednesday! Hooraay! Not only does it mean that we’re halfway through the work week, but it’s also Wednesday Candy day! And not just any Wednesday Candy…we have a glass-off between Josh Hartnett and Jake Gyllenhaal! Which one catches your eye? Vote below and Happy Wednesday!

Who is hotter: Jake or Josh?

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Summer Mansentials

It’s official – it is summer time in Canada! The sun is hot, the skin is in, and the patios are buzzing! But is your man ready for the heat? Judging by the many run-ins with style-handicapped guys I spotted this weekend at The Beach, many guys don’t get that you can be both comfortable and stylish during the summer. And while, I realize that most men would balk at the idea of making over their style, below are the three essential items, that I think every guy should have this summer! And yes, this includes le boyfriend.

1. Summer shorts

As the temperatures rise, the hemlines of ladies’ skirts keep going up, but what about the guys? I think it’s very important for guys to have at least one decent pair of shorts for the summer. Unfortunately, lots of men’s idea of decent shorts are sloppy, slouchy, ill-fitting, and at times plain ugly. Men’s shorts come in a variety of styles to fit different lifestyles, but in general the more pockets there are, the less streamlined, and therefore less flattering the shorts will look. Stores usually have an abundance of shorts and swim trunks at this time of the year, so your options are definitely not limited. So pick up a pair that you like for your man, and chances are he’ll grow to like them, and won’t look sloppy any more. I’ve also found this site, which also has some cool options from brands like G-Star.

2. Stylish kicks

Back when I lived in Houston, seeing a guy wearing flip-flops never induced any unpleasant feelings on my part. Here in Toronto, however, I am not a fan…unless we’re at the beach, at the pool, or at a BBQ that is. Converse have been my guy shoe of choice for a few years now, and with the canvas upper, I think they are pretty good shoes for the summer, as well as always in style. Though le boyfriend loves them as well, he did find the Lacoste sneakers much more comfortable. I love Lacoste shoes, especially since they have so many simple, yet stylish looks available…it’s easy to find one that would work for your man. And of course, the penny loafers look amazing with rolled up pants/jeans, in the summer…so very “Sartorialist meets Italian riviera”…but it takes a certain type of man to rock those. Though in the end, I think any of these beat sandals with socks, no?

3. Below the neck grooming

When Lisa of One Voice offered to send le boyfriend Philips Bodygroom Pro, I jumped at the chance. While he agreed to be my guinea pig (thanks, baby!), he didn’t fully realize what that would entail. Luckily for me, he isn’t as hairy as some men, but some shaving and trimming still goes a long way. Thankfully, nowadays, most men already realize that at least some body grooming is important below the neck…necessary, even. But with the beach season quickly approaching, and if your man is still hesitant to try it, perhaps you could sneak a Bodygroom unit into his bathroom one day as a hint. Le boyfriend did secretly like Philips Bodygroom Pro, not that he necessarily needs the shaving side, but the trimmer definitely came in handy! Plus, he was able to use it both in the shower and out. Now help your man take off that “sweater” and enjoy some sunshine! Bodygroom Pro is currently available at Bed Bath and Beyond in Canada, while Sears, HBC, and Personal Edge should be getting them sometime in July.

What other mansentials would you suggest for your guy? Share in the comments!

Wednesday Candy: Ryan Gosling vs. Matthew Morrison

I haven’t seen any Wednesday Candy worthy candidates lately, but yesterday I stumbled upon these photos of Ryan Gosling and Matthew Morrison. I guess sometimes good things come in twos.

Now the tough question is…who is hotter? On the one hand, we have Ryan, wearing the hell out of those grey pants…and that white shirt – super sexy, no? The only problem I have with his outfit are the shoes…I mean, white shoes? Really? I think camel-colored ones would’ve looked much more stylish.

Matthew’s shoes are also leaving me cold, but that’s not his only problem – he seems to have worn his pants off the rack. A little tailoring would’ve gone a long way to eliminate the bunching at his ankles. Still, I think he looks dapper in that suit of his and the color is killer with those baby blues…plus I still can’t get over that “Alone” rendition…le sigh.

So who will it be? Who is hotter? Ryan or Matthew?

Ryan Gosling vs. Matthew Morrison

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Who Wears The Pants?

I’ve never been a Ryan Gosling fan. I do see the appeal, but he just looks too…young for me. But after seeing these photos of him, wearing the shit out of his green pants, I might have to rethink. I mean, that gait – the self-assured way that he walks – oozes sexiness to me. And did I mention the pants? I’ve been sicker than sick today, and this made me feel just a little bit better. Here’s looking forward to more Ryan!

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