Friday Faux Pas: Kim Kardashian Covers VOGUE Magazine April 2014 Issue


Is it April 1st? Because this one just doesn’t seem all that real. After weeks of rumours, we finally get our confirmation – Kim Kardashian scored a VOGUE Magazine cover. Well, not all by herself, of course. Kanye is ever present – eyes closed, cupping his blushing bride – the embodiment of love…and yet, all I can think about this cover is…barf…and also, WHAT ABOUT POSH?! It’s a well-known fact that Victoria Beckham has been trying and trying to land her own VOGUE cover for years now, only for Anna Wintour to deny her time and time again. But if Anna deems Posh too low-classy to be on her cover, then what the eff was she thinking here?! Clearly, the woman is losing it. She even approved the use of a hashtag on the cover! What’s next?! EMOJI? STICKERS? WINKY FACES?! And I get it…ratings…blah…blah…#worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple…blah…blah…But that’s what the tabloids are for, right?! Is Anna planning on putting The Bachelor on her May cover? How about Honey Boo Boo? Since when is VOGUE = US Weekly? All of these questions are circling in my brain, with no answer to be found.

But for all it’s worth, Friday Faux Pas is back, and ubelievably, this week’s faux pas is…VOGUE! Who would’ve thunk.

Photo Credits: VOGUE

Friday Faux Pas: Prada Spring 2013 Sock Shoes


As a huge fan of Miuccia Prada’s work and an obsessed Prada-lover, I really wanted to like these Spring 2013 Prada “Sock Shoes”, but they are just too awful to even begin to try. Unflattering, uncomfortable (looking), and just plain hideous…these so-called shoes are a huge departure from Miuccia’s usual blend of chic and quirky. As much as I loved her “car shoes”, her “rose heel shoes”, the “Chiquita Banana” collection,  along with pretty much everything else…I just can’t with these fugly silver/gold monstrosities.

What do you think of these Spring 2013 Prada Sock Shoes? Can they be saved with a couple of tweaks? Will you buy a pair when they inevitably get majorly discounted and pop-up at your neighborhood Winners/Marshalls? Are these so bad that they somehow become good? Am I super wrong to hate these? Share your opinions below. Would love to hear what you think.


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Friday Faux Pas: Another Blatant Charlotte Olympia Knock Off


I realize that a lot of fast fashion brands tend to “borrow” ideas from the more expensive brands, but this particular knock-off really takes the fake cake. Unlike Jeffrey Campbell with those Fruit Pump knock-offsGo Jane hasn’t even bothered to change up Charlotte Olympia’s nearly iconic kitty flats design. The cat face is undeniably similar to Charlotte’s kitty, and though this pair will only cost you $19.40, these cheap faux-suede loafers certainly don’t look nearly as good as the original pair.

But what do you think about this? Is it wrong for Go Jane to blatantly rip off an original design, or do you think it’s not a big deal? Take the poll below, or comment to share your opinion.

Go Jane vs. Charlotte Olympia

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Photo Credits: Charlotte Olympia, Go Jane

(Yves) Saint Laurent Paris – New Logo Released


When I first heard about Yves Saint Laurent being renamed to Saint Laurent Paris, I bristled. Actually, I might’ve dramatically exclaimed something like “Blasphemy!” and “Nah-uh!”. Just like thousands of YSL fans out there, I was not happy (to say the least).

But, unfortunately, the brand, the logo, and the decision are not mine to make, so…here it is – the new logo of Saint Laurent Paris – simple and minimalistic – going back to the brand’s RTW  Saint Laurent rive gauche roots. Do I like it? I guess it’s ok…But I honestly don’t think that it’s even half as good as the amazingness that was the original YSL monogram.

What do you think of this switcheroo and the new logo? Are you sad that the brand’s ready-to-wear will no longer be adorned with the now iconic YSL monogram? Share in the comments.

Photo Credits: Saint Laurent Paris Facebook

The Met’s Costume Institute Gala: Worst Dressed


After unsuccessfully trying to narrow down the Met’s Costume Gala 2012 Worst Dressed list to 5 celebs, I gave up and included all 6 outfits that I found either too boring, too ill-fitting, or too reminiscent of Santa’s wifey.

Yeah, I’m referring to Kirsten Dunst in that last one. When I first saw her Rodarte outfit, I actually kinda (really) liked it. And I almost put her on my Best Dressed list, until…it hit me! She looks like Mrs. Claus!!! If this was a different color combo, I would’ve loved it…but in this light, in this photo, it looks like Kirsten is rocking a look straight out of Mrs. Santa’s closet. Once I saw it, that’s the only thing I could focus on.


Oh, Gwyneth. I love you…and generally, you bring some serious style-porn. But not this time. This Prada dress made your boobs look saggy, and though you’ve got some gorgeous gams to show off, I found this dress ill-fitting, and a bit too short for you. Oh well, can’t win them all. Great accessories though.


I wanted to love Coco Rocha’s vintage Givenchy jumpsuit, previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor. I tried to like it…but I just just couldn’t. I think it might be the awkward length, that probably worked like a charm on someone petite (like Elizabeth Taylor), but looks all wrong on Coco. And let’s face it, had we not known that this jumpsuit belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, would this outfit have gotten as much attention? I don’t think so. Also, that dyed-to-match hair? What was she thinking?


So, Anja Rubik…we get it, you’re a gorgeous model with a banging body…but when your slit goes all the way to your hip bones, and we can almost see your “humanity”, and when even Angelina Jolie thinks that you’re posing a bit too hard…perhaps it’s time to stitch that shit up…at least a couple of inches.


It breaks my heart to rag on SJP, but it has to be said…”Oh, honey, NO!”. Ok, now I feel better. Maybe on a leggy supermodel, with an up-do, and a few minor alterations, this vintage Valentino could be…interesting…but SJP drowns in it, looking more like fashion roadkill than fashion inspiration.


And lastly, we have what probably is one of the most controversial outfits of the Met Gala 2012 – Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga. I won’t lie…I kinda like the dress, and I really like the shoes…but not together, and not at the Met, and not on Kristen. With her body and youth, I am sure Kristen’s options were plentiful…and out of everything she was offered, she chose THIS? Sorry, Kristen…maybe next year.

Photo Credits: Fabsugar

Friday Faux Pas: Jeffrey Campbell Fruit Slice Heel

Friday Faux Pas is back! Yay?

This week’s faux pas is Jeffrey Campbell’s knock-off of Charlotte Olympia’s amazing “Bananas Is My Business” fruit pumps. Yeah, yeah, JC is known to copy other designers, and then selling his shoes for less. But in this case, blatantly copying something so original and unique (or at the very least recent) is definitely disturbing. And though his fruit bowl shoes look like a sad, sad…saaad version of Charlotte Olympia’s gorgessity (clear plastic, really?), I still can’t believe that Urban Outfitters agreed to carry these in their stores.

So what do you think? Are these knock-offs a buy or a faux-pas? Take the poll below.

Jeffrey Campbell vs. Charlotte Olympia

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Photo Credits: 1st photo – Charlotte Olympia, 2nd photo – Urban Outfitters

Friday Faux Pas: How Thin is Too Thin?

First of all, let me get this out of the way…I love Revolve Clothing. I love their product selection, their sales (Hello, D&G shoes for under $200!), their easy layout, and the fact that they ship to Canada (sometimes even for free). But something really bothered me a while ago, when I was browsing their site for the nth time. It wasn’t the fact that I missed out on that lovely Alexander Wang bag on sale, no, what bothered me was this bobblehead girl, with limbs as thin as my favorite egg tagliatelle from Buca. It was extremely unsettling seeing someone so unhealthy-looking, modeling clothes, while looking like a human hanger. Upon further prodding, I realized that said girl was featured in many other photos, looking slightly less scary when covered up, but shockingly thin in tank-tops and other revealing outfits.

What’s more, I realized that this sad-looking girl was also the same model who got picked on for being too skinny by the People’s Revolution maven Kelly “Don’t You Dare Effing Cry Inside” Cutrone during the one episode of The City that I ended up watching. I’m guessing that Kelly’s concern went unnoticed, seeing how this girl is still shockingly thin. But what’s more shocking than that, is the fact that she’s still somehow getting work.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not out to bully this particular model, or vilify the collective skinny, but my question is…how thin is too thin? Shouldn’t retailers realize by now that they aren’t promoting a healthy image, when booking models this skinny. And though some might argue that clothes look better on rail-thin girls, whose main job is to sell a product…In my opinion, models should look good in their outfits…and that would make me want to buy the clothes much more. It’s always a model in a size small or extra-small in the garment photo on every site, wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a medium, or…gasp…a size large model demonstrating how a particular item fits?

I guess, after a year, during which diversity was so widely celebrated, skinny is still the golden standard. And after getting so used to seeing the already thin girls at each and every online shopping site, I’m worried that eventually we’ll get used to seeing this as well. If we aren’t already. I’d love to hear your opinions on this. Take the poll below or leave a comment.

Should Online Retailers Avoid Booking Too-Thin Models?

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Photo Credits: Revolve Clothing

Style Fille: Gwyneth Paltrow

I know many of you will find this dress tasteless, too revealing, and beneath the usually elegant Gwyneth Paltrow. But to me, this outfit is perfect on so many levels…from the amazing shoes, to the simplicity of the dress itself, to her lovely hair – it all makes me wish I could pull off something like this. Alas, we aren’t all fitness fanatics, as Miss Goop is, and wearing something so unforgiving would be a terrible disaster for some of us…but to me, on Gwyneth, this Emilio Pucci dress kicks ass!

What do you think? Take the poll below.

Do you like GP's Pucci?

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Photo Credits: Dlisted

Friday Faux Pas: Paz De La Huerta

Ok, so perhaps because I’ve been staring at this picture for too long and it hypnotized my brain into thinking it’s not that bad, this outfit doesn’t seem as hideous today as it did to me yesterday. So to settle this Faux Pas or Not debate going on in my head, I’m asking you, loyal Style Blog readers, to decide. Is Paz De La Huerta’s head-to-toe leopard print getup a do or a do-not? Take the poll below.

What do you think about Paz De La Huerta's Animal Instincts?

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Friday Faux Pas: Let’s Go To The Ex

If you can believe it, last year was my first time at The Ex! And of course, after the addictive games, and stuffed toys, and horrible unhealthy food – I knew I’d be back again. This year, le boyfriend and I went during the opening weekend. It was a gloomy, rainy day, but we both had an amazing time. It’s a bit scary how much fun one could have just by being surrounded by hordes of people and screaming kids,  paying way too much to win a silly toy, while being rained on standing in endless lines to buy greasy, fried food! And last weekend it felt fantastic to be young and happy and in love…feeling like a little kid at a fair, eating mini donuts, looking for Snazzy Napper to make fun of, and finding this place full of tacky things and glittery lights extremely romantic. The entire place was one huge Faux Pas – and I loved every minute of it.