What I Wore: Let Them Eat Cake


The Palace of Versailles has always been a place I wanted to visit eventually…what with all the drama, intrigue, excess, and history surrounding this royal château, I knew it would be worth the trek. The only reason that I have avoided visiting Versailles for so long is the fear of endless line-ups and tourists. Usually, with the exception of the Eiffel Tower, we try to stay away from crowded and touristy places, but this time around, we decided to just go for it.

As expected, the place was teeming with people…SO.MANY.PEOPLE! But not to worry, after about 30 minutes of waiting for our tickets, and then lining up to get in, we were finally inside Marie Antoinette’s stomping grounds! The palace was definitely very impressive, with rooms full of beautiful art, ornate doors (and ceilings, and floors), and of course, plenty of historic tidbits to glimpse and learn – totally worth it the wait.

But as cool as it was to see the Hall of Mirrors and the grand apartment de la reine in person, the gardens were a highlight for me. After hours of frolicking around, lying in the grass, sipping iced chocolate on Angelina’s terrace, and taking way too many photographs, I don’t think we covered even half of the massive grounds. I guess another trip to Versailles is in order…maybe next year!

Have you ever visited Versailles? What was your favourite spot? Share in the comments.







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I Wore: Dress – Forever 21; Shoes – c/o ALDO; Bag, Earrings – CHANEL; Sunglasses – H&M; Necklace, Bracelet – Zara


  1. Suze says

    Ur a young aristocrat! I am always surprised by the sophistication of Forever 21’s clothes! (I shop there, too.) And love that necklace! By all means: return to Versailles. I visited there at 15: loved the bedchambers – did u know one of the kings had arthritis so bad that he had a wooden floor put over his marble floors in the private quarters so his feet wouldn’t be so cold? – and the Hall of Mirrors. Wish I’d seen Le Grand and Le Petit Trianons… But my mother’s family was reported to have been French royalty. One of my French forbears went to England to live and sculpted the figure of Charles II in Hyde Park. I want to live in France or England and write, among other things. Best and cheers! Suze

    • says

      Wow, Suze! That’s incredible. Your family history must be fascinating. You should totally follow your heart and move if you can…even if for a couple of months. Thanks for reading 😉

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