What I Wore: Are We There Yet?


After a few weeks of staring at this Ann Taylor skirt hanging in my closet looking lonely, I just couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin as soon as the temperatures went up. I have to confess that I did have a warm coat over the leather jacket, but for a few minutes I got to pretend that it’s leather-jacket weather, and that patio weather is just around the corner. And though it’ll take another couple of weeks before I get to wear this skirt more often, this is definitely a promising start. Is spring really here?! I can almost feel it!



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I Wore: T-Shirt, Leather Jacket – Zara; Skirt – c/o Ann Taylor; Clutch – ela handbags; Shoes – Valentino

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2 Responses to “What I Wore: Are We There Yet?”

  • Comment from Linda A Cassidy

    Love the skirt and I hear ya about the weather, maybe, just maybe spring like temperatures will stay with us.I am so over winter and many layers

  • Comment from Nelia

    Thanks, Linda! I am feeling pretty optimistic right now. Haven’t worn socks for a week now…progress?

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