Style Days of Christmas: H&M $200 Gift Card Giveaway


My H&M love affair is very well documented on this blog, so I’m not going to write three lengthy paragraphs about a pretty neoprene skirt I bought for a steal, and which made people breathlessly inquire about the designer of said skirt. Things like that happen all the time…which is one of the many reasons I adore H&M…and today, on Day 7 of our annual holiday giveaways, I would like to share the love! Perhaps you want to grab the remaining few Isabel Marant for H&M pieces, pick up a cozy sweater or two, or maybe you would like to surprise your man with a cool new coat…tell me what’s on your H&M holiday shopping list, and you will be entered to win a $200 gift card from one of my favourite stores ever (H&M, of course) to make your holiday gift shopping a breeze! It’s that easy. Sounds good? Enter below!

Holiday campaign

Giveaway details after the jump!

1. Leave a comment below, sharing what you will buy at H&M if you win (1 per person)

2. This giveaway is open to Canadian readers only

For extra entries:

1. Tweet the following: Hey @styleblogca! Gimme that $200 @HMCanada gift card! #SDOC13 (1 per person)

2. Leave a comment on Facebook (please ensure that your Facebook name matches your name in the blog comment to make sure we count all of your entries).

You don’t have to be a follower, but as always, it’s appreciated. This giveaway will close on Sunday, December 15th at 11:59 PM EST sharp. Good luck!!!

Photo Credits: H&M


  1. says

    If I won the H&M gift card, I’d wish to purchase tops and sweaterdresses for the winter.

    I’ll be commenting on FB and posting on twitter with the url mousewings

    Thank you!

  2. Andrea Amy says

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would actually buy my kids some clothes. I love the kids jeans and hoodies. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Nisha Chauhan says

    If I won this giftcard I would buy some warm and cozy sweaters for the winter and fun socks! Gotta love H&M Fun Socks :)

  4. Charlotte Harding says

    For sure always need new cocktail outfits and perhaps a few pairs of their hilarious/ridiculous socks!

  5. Stacey Dempsey says

    oh my daughter has grad this year so I think we would look for a dress or nice outfit for grad dinners etc

  6. Rita C says

    There are these heels that I’ve been eyeing for a while.. Metal accents on the heel just look so classy.

  7. marla says

    i would buy some dresses for my little girls, a jacket for me and some radiant orchid shirts to get ready for the spring :O)

  8. zahra premji says

    I would get the Thin down jacket, the Strapless dress and the Knitted dress and some accessories to go with it.

  9. Crystal Anne Major says

    tres boring, I know, but I need new work clothes. I’d really prefer a fancy holiday dress though

  10. Katie S says

    They sell really cute underwear, so I would probablypick up some of those along with a few new sweaters! You can never have too many cozy sweaters with the chilly weather.

  11. jenn erin says

    I would buy a new winter coat/jacket! I have been eyeing their parka! A trench coat to switch things up would be lovely as well!

  12. Pirathepan Kamalanathan says

    Will buy a pair of jeans and give rest of the balance to my mother who loves shopping at H&M and Forever 21.

  13. Silvia says

    I would absolutely LOVE a new winter jacket or a really solid holiday dress. If not that, then definitely stock up on longer sweaters (the ones you can wear with leggings for that comfortable yet warm look).

  14. Dayna Wilson says

    I’d buy some stuff for my son and daughter, and some new pants to fit into once I’m done being pregnant!

  15. says

    Pretty sure I would try and pick up the sequined pants from the Isabel Marant collection if I can still find it! Otherwise, I would try to pickup two outfits, one for holiday parties and one for staying in! Cheers.

  16. Wayne S says

    Socks, to replace all the ones that developed holes this year. And maybe a nice sweater for my wife.

  17. Christine says

    Hopefully, they will still have some summer stuff leftover (shorts, dresses, hats, etc). Looking to visit my home country (summer right now) soon to visit family.

  18. Sycamore Row by John Grisham marks the return of this Mississippi attorney made famous in his bestselling A Time To Kill. says

    something fun and funky

  19. Rochelle Pantangco-Ruiz says

    i would like to buy myself a pretty top from the isabel marant collection. i loved so many of her stuff but couldn’t splurge on my sahm-budget, hahaha!

  20. LisaB says

    I’m always shopping for dresses when I need pants – so I would buckle down and buy some pants already!

  21. Jenny Nicole says

    i have yet to find my dress … well, whole outfit rather, for NYE! I hope to find a nice dress and a clutch perhaps!

  22. Martie says

    Great styles, selection and prices! Need everything from blouses, blazers, pants, dresses and accessories!

  23. Cynthia M. says

    If I win, I’ll probably get a new parka or pea coat for winter. Also, some accessories (infinity scarf, gloves, beanie) to keep me warm this season.

  24. Karine says

    I will buy myself a nice clutch, and nice accessories (necklaces especially), and a skirt or dress!

  25. Lynda Tomkinson says

    a new dress for christmas would be great.
    i tweeted :)

  26. Bonnie Ng says

    I’m always on the lookout for dresses (even with the snow outside!) so I’d buy some new dresses if I won.