What I Wore: The Happiest Place on Earth


After 5 magical days in California, our Disney Vacay was over and it was time to say good-bye. On our final night, we had one last superb gastronomic experience, this time at the swanky Carthay Circle Restaurant, where we devoured Fire Cracker Duck Wings and delicious Fried Biscuits, and shared our favourite Disney moments. It had been such a wonderful experience travelling with some of Toronto’s loveliest people, that le bf and I truly did not want to leave.

After dinner, we had 40 minutes before the famous World of Color show, so we decided to do one final run on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. While in line to get on the ride, I may or may not have made a joke about getting stuck on the ride, and what do you know?! WE GOT STUCK! Well, not actually stuck, but stopped for safety reasons before we could even go up. But no matter, after about 20 minutes, we were ushered into another lift, and we still had a blast, and made sure to pose at the top for a very memorable pic…and we even got strangers to pose along with us! Without a doubt, the Tower of Terror was my favourite ride in the park…some people in our group even rode it FIVE times!


After our terrifying (not really) experience, we literally ran back as fast as we could (heels and all) to watch the World of Color, and to be honest with you, there was no better way to end our trip than with that beautiful show. There were animated characters illuminated on fountain streams, songs that we all knew and loved, and even FIRE! It felt like the Bellagio show on steroids, mixed with our favourite Disney films, and it was spectacular. Definitely a must-see!

Still in awe from the show, we went on a few more rides, before walking back to our hotel and calling it a night. Our last day in Disneyland, just like the rest of the trip was nothing short of amazing…from our gorgeous hotel suite, to the unexpectedly gourmet food, to having breakfast with Chip and Dale, to running around like sugar-high kids from one amazing ride to the next – it was all so much fun, that le bf and I promised each other that we’ll have to come back again…and again to The Happiest Place on Earth.



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I Wore: T-shirt, Necklace – H&M; Skirt – c/o Club Monaco; Bag – Chanel; Shoes – Valentino


  1. jackie says

    i really don’t think your look was suitable for disney park day. honestly those valentino shoes are nice but at a theme park? and a channel bag ? umm…

  2. says

    Hello again, Jackie/Joanna/Meg! I agree with you, this is a tad dressed up for Disneyland, BUT…I wore this outfit to a pretty fancy dinner, and we only decided to go on the Tower of Terror after dinner, since we had some time left. Also, since we were actually staying at the Disneyland Hotel, it was a very quick walk to the park, and these Valentinos are SUPER comfy. I think it’s the straps, supporting the ankle. As for the Chanel bag, since it’s a crossbody and a small one at that, I wear it all the time. It was also the only bag I brought on this trip, because it goes with everything. Hope you approve. Stay positive, Jackie!

  3. Yvonne says

    love the pic with you and the balloons! and the pic of you guys on the tower of terror? fun!!~ but c’mon goatee-white-shirt-guy, live a little!

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