What I Wore: Baby (Not) On Board


Funny thing happened on the subway the other day. As le bf and I were rocking and swaying, trying to keep our balance, an older woman looked up from her seat and asked me if I would like to sit down. Not understanding what her offer suggested, I looked at my husband, as he looked back at me in dismay…and then we both looked down at my belly. The dress…this dress…was billowy, sure, but did I actually looked pregnant enough to warrant a seat on a crowded subway car? Really?!?!? After the initial shock, I said “no, thank you” as graciously as possible, and proceeded to suck in my stomach for the rest of the ride.

So now the question is…do I stop wearing this dress? One friend suggested I burn it, but the truth is…I actually love it. Of course, I could belt it and solve my dilemma, but I actually prefer it loose and comfy. So I guess my options are now: a) wear it and suck in my stomach as much as I possibly can, or b) wear it and stick my stomach out to get a seat on the subway during rush hour. I haven’t decided which option I’m going to go with, but either way, this dress is just too perfect for hot sticky summer days for me to give it up. What do you think?

Have you ever been confused for someone who’s expecting? Share your stories in the comments!


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I Wore: Dress – Zara; Shoes – Charlotte Olympia (The Room); Backpack – Chanel; Sunglasses – Elizabeth and James


  1. Crystal says

    I can’t recall this happening to me specifically but I do sometimes put on pieces and wonder (to myself) if I look pregnant. You should just wear the dress how you best prefer – it looks great on ya!

  2. Suze says

    Oh, dear. Well, it isn’t so much the “tummy factor”: some of us (including myself) are curvacious. Our hips make the dress stand out/fluff out more, creating the impression that there’s “more of us to love” underneath. I typically eshue those fashions – or save them for home. Or belt them. One could also wear a loose top and tight pants, or a tight top and flowy skirt, or…

    Or simply enjoy the seat on the train. :) BTW, I wore form-fitting clothes this a.m. and got a seat on a NYC subway (unheard of) – b/c I was up writing last night and looked exhausted. (Note to self: try to apply ALL of your makeup before you get on the train. It’s bad when I scare NYers! LOLOL!)

    Best and cheers,

    P.S. I’m very petite (5″1-1/2″ tall). Loose clothing tends to make me look shorter and/or dumpy. Sometimes I just don’t care…

  3. Slavka says

    Nelia, i put on a dress this morning and when my other half came to the room, he said, oh, you look pregnant…not something a girl wants to hear…especially not the first thing in the morning…so i asked him if I should change the dress…thinking i am going to change it no matter what….this was probably the first and last time I was wearing it…but he actually pointed out the fact that Suze pointed out…some of us are simply not bones and skin, which is nice! the way my dress is cut shows of my tummy way more than yours, and I kept it on…people can look good even in a garbage bag if they feel good in it…if you feel great with the dress being loose, then keep it that way! and hey, if you can get a seat, its a bonus! so enjoy the lovely dress!!!

  4. says

    The same thing happened to me on the train in Paris a few weeks ago. Except I said no and the girl kept insisting I take the seat with a ‘sweet smile’. I just took it to end the awkward moment but I felt self conscious all day after that and sucked my stomach in. Now my dress is in the closet and even though I love it I just don’t know about wearing it again. :-(

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