Beauty: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruit Collection


I am super excited to introduce Style Blog’s new beauty editor – Aleyda Canales! This beauty junkie will be dishing on her latest obsessions and sharing her experiences with you right here. Enjoy her first post! Nelia

Is it me or has summer taken its sweet time to get here? But not to worry, the warmer temps are finally here, and what better accessory to go with that summer style than bright, luminous skin? I don’t know about you but I know my skin needs a little kick and I can’t imagine a better way to get that kick than with some lovely products from Elizabeth Grant’s Skin Care line.

A few days ago, I actually got to be one of the lucky few editors to try Elizabeth Grant’s latest  – Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruits Collection. Infused with natural ingredients such as Acai Berry, Dragon Fruit and Cranberry, these amazing skin care goodies promise to reduce fine lines, nourish your skin and bring out that healthy luminous glow! How can you not want to try them?

My personal favourite is the Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruit Concentrate. I’ve been smoothing on a small amount over my face before bed the past week and I can honestly say I’ve noticed that my face looks brighter and smoother. A great start! If serums aren’t your thing (why not?!), you can give the delicious-smelling Cleansing Mousse a whirl. It will leave your skin looking clean and refreshed like it did mine.

Named one of Profit 500’s fastest growing companies in Canada, Elizabeth Grant is a very successful company, and after trying their latest collection, I can totally see why. So ladies, grab your summer dresses, put some Super Fruit on those faces, and enjoy that natural glow!



Photo Credits: Elizabeth Grant

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6 Responses to “Beauty: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruit Collection”

  • Comment from Monica

    Congrats Alyeda on your first post!! Love it & hope you enjoy the trials & tribulations of a beauty editor. xo

  • Comment from Debra Blumfeld


    Lovely to see an article about skincare and beauty taking into account the important issues od vitamins and nutrients. great stuff!

  • Comment from myvitaminmart

    what a wonderful post .You can visit my site for on-line purchasing of vitamin supplements. buy vitamin supplements oline

  • Where can I buy those products? Or are there at least some samples available somewhere? I would like to check it out, but since I have very fine and sensitive skin I can’t just buy something online without testing it before.

  • Comment from Nelia

    Hi Karlie! You can buy these online here: As for samples, perhaps you can email EG Skincare on their website and see if they could send you some samples? Worth a try! Good luck! xx

  • Comment from Brigit Verner

    Vitamin C is very refreshing for skin, it really makes it much brighter.

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