What I Wore: New York, New York


Yup, Paris Fashion Week starts next week, and I am still catching up on my New York posts. Sorry? But not really, because life has never been more hectic than it is right now. So I apologize in advance if the next few weeks are lighter on content than usual…but life trumps blog, you know?

This was one of the only outfits that I got to photograph in New York. Not because I didn’t wear clothes (I did, I swear!), but because my photographer had to go back to Toronto, and I’m not very good at selfies. So this one will have to do. The rest of the fashion show coverage posts are coming next week. Have a great weekend!


I Wore: Coat – Club Monaco; Shirt, Military Pants – Gap; Boots – Margiela for H&M; Clutch – falconwright; Belt – Moschino


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