Travel: JACOB’s Live Chic Guide to Toronto


A couple of months ago, Canadian retailer JACOB approached me with an exciting project, which I’m finally able to share with you – JACOB’S Live Chic Guide to Toronto!

In this city guide Anita, Sharon, Stefania, Sarah, and I share our favorite places to eat, hang out, and shop, and whether you’re a visitor or a local, this guide will be sure to introduce you to some hidden Toronto gems. What I loved most about this guide is how different our fave spots are. And we didn’t even have to coordinate! I also love the way this guide looks…tres chic, non?

On my list of must-visit Toronto places are Barque Smokehouse in Roncesvalles, High Park, and Tom’s Dairy Freeze – places I visit weekly each summer, and slightly less often the rest of the year. If you’d like to read up on these, as well as my fellow bloggers’ top picks, please head on over to JACOB’s website, and explore the Toronto we know and love!


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