Friday Faux Pas: Prada Spring 2013 Sock Shoes


As a huge fan of Miuccia Prada’s work and an obsessed Prada-lover, I really wanted to like these Spring 2013 Prada “Sock Shoes”, but they are just too awful to even begin to try. Unflattering, uncomfortable (looking), and just plain hideous…these so-called shoes are a huge departure from Miuccia’s usual blend of chic and quirky. As much as I loved her “car shoes”, her “rose heel shoes”, the “Chiquita Banana” collection,  along with pretty much everything else…I just can’t with these fugly silver/gold monstrosities.

What do you think of these Spring 2013 Prada Sock Shoes? Can they be saved with a couple of tweaks? Will you buy a pair when they inevitably get majorly discounted and pop-up at your neighborhood Winners/Marshalls? Are these so bad that they somehow become good? Am I super wrong to hate these? Share your opinions below. Would love to hear what you think.


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Photo Credits: GoRunway

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One Response to “Friday Faux Pas: Prada Spring 2013 Sock Shoes”

  • Comment from suze

    Ok, now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor – after I fell down laughing… What SciFi Channel program “inspired” these?! The be-ribboned gold or silver flats (the full-shoe look ones)could be used with pajamas at a fancy sleepover, I suppose. Talk about your freaky Fridays! The final weirdness is the price tag, I’m guessing. Surely even Marshalls has more style than to take these at any price!

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