Shopping: Fall 2012 Essentials


Fall is the most dangerous time of the year…for my wallet. What with gorgeous coats, boots, and leather pieces all over the place, I can’t help but drool over so many (too many) things. And while I try to be good most of the time, some things are just necessities. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Above are just a few of those “necessities” of mine. Curious to know what yours are. Share in the comments!

Full list after the jump!

1. The Bay Trench Coat ($295)

2. Tory Burch Fox Smoking Slippers ($245)

3. H&M Bat Sweater ($29.95)

4. ASOS Tres Cool Sweater ($61.57)

5. Banana Republic Leopard Print Gloves ($95)

6. ela Handbags Editor Pouch ($198)

7. Aldo x Flare Magazine Oxblood Bag ($70)

8. LOFT Tortoiseshell Bracelet ($49.50)

9. Alexander Wang Sonja Pumps ($485)


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