Friday Faux Pas: Another Blatant Charlotte Olympia Knock Off


I realize that a lot of fast fashion brands tend to “borrow” ideas from the more expensive brands, but this particular knock-off really takes the fake cake. Unlike Jeffrey Campbell with those Fruit Pump knock-offsGo Jane hasn’t even bothered to change up Charlotte Olympia’s nearly iconic kitty flats design. The cat face is undeniably similar to Charlotte’s kitty, and though this pair will only cost you $19.40, these cheap faux-suede loafers certainly don’t look nearly as good as the original pair.

But what do you think about this? Is it wrong for Go Jane to blatantly rip off an original design, or do you think it’s not a big deal? Take the poll below, or comment to share your opinion.

Go Jane vs. Charlotte Olympia

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Photo Credits: Charlotte Olympia, Go Jane

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One Response to “Friday Faux Pas: Another Blatant Charlotte Olympia Knock Off”

  • Comment from Merci

    Looks like a complete clone. people need premium looking product for a reasonable price that is the reason knock off getting popular.

    I would not buy it though

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