Toronto Life’s Most Stylish Reader!


An awesome thing happened today! I was selected as one of 10 Toronto Life’s Most Stylish Readers! And though I am on cloud 9 right now, there can only be ONE winner, and I am really hoping it will be me.

So if you love this blog, and like my style, won’t you please click below to vote for me? You don’t even have to register, or input your email addy…all you have to do is click on Learn More & Vote for Nelia (I am the one in a cute red dress from JACOB), input some captcha characters, and click VOTE! Easy, peasy, right?

Fingers and toes crossed, y’all! And thanks for your support!



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4 Responses to “Toronto Life’s Most Stylish Reader!”

  • Comment from lori

    You got my vote:) Good luck!!!

  • Comment from Tessems

    I will definitely be swinging by to give you a vote. Mostly because you deserve it, but partially because I love those shoes. Okay, a little but more than partially–but they are really fantastic shoes, no?

  • Comment from Style Blog

    Hi Tess,

    Thanks a lot for voting for me :) Those shoes are definitely VERY special, even though they kinda hurt my feet. But still – so worth it! ;)

  • Comment from lori

    I’ve voted for you:)

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