The Met’s Costume Institute Gala: Worst Dressed


After unsuccessfully trying to narrow down the Met’s Costume Gala 2012 Worst Dressed list to 5 celebs, I gave up and included all 6 outfits that I found either too boring, too ill-fitting, or too reminiscent of Santa’s wifey.

Yeah, I’m referring to Kirsten Dunst in that last one. When I first saw her Rodarte outfit, I actually kinda (really) liked it. And I almost put her on my Best Dressed list, until…it hit me! She looks like Mrs. Claus!!! If this was a different color combo, I would’ve loved it…but in this light, in this photo, it looks like Kirsten is rocking a look straight out of Mrs. Santa’s closet. Once I saw it, that’s the only thing I could focus on.


Oh, Gwyneth. I love you…and generally, you bring some serious style-porn. But not this time. This Prada dress made your boobs look saggy, and though you’ve got some gorgeous gams to show off, I found this dress ill-fitting, and a bit too short for you. Oh well, can’t win them all. Great accessories though.


I wanted to love Coco Rocha’s vintage Givenchy jumpsuit, previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor. I tried to like it…but I just just couldn’t. I think it might be the awkward length, that probably worked like a charm on someone petite (like Elizabeth Taylor), but looks all wrong on Coco. And let’s face it, had we not known that this jumpsuit belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, would this outfit have gotten as much attention? I don’t think so. Also, that dyed-to-match hair? What was she thinking?


So, Anja Rubik…we get it, you’re a gorgeous model with a banging body…but when your slit goes all the way to your hip bones, and we can almost see your “humanity”, and when even Angelina Jolie thinks that you’re posing a bit too hard…perhaps it’s time to stitch that shit up…at least a couple of inches.


It breaks my heart to rag on SJP, but it has to be said…”Oh, honey, NO!”. Ok, now I feel better. Maybe on a leggy supermodel, with an up-do, and a few minor alterations, this vintage Valentino could be…interesting…but SJP drowns in it, looking more like fashion roadkill than fashion inspiration.


And lastly, we have what probably is one of the most controversial outfits of the Met Gala 2012 – Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga. I won’t lie…I kinda like the dress, and I really like the shoes…but not together, and not at the Met, and not on Kristen. With her body and youth, I am sure Kristen’s options were plentiful…and out of everything she was offered, she chose THIS? Sorry, Kristen…maybe next year.

Photo Credits: Fabsugar


  1. erinleighstevie says

    I actually liked Gwenyth’s look. Perhaps the length was a bit young and side-boobage even a bit daring but i thought it was a bold, interesting shape and I thought slim, tall Gwenyth pulled it off – without looking saggy.

    As for Anja Rubik, just ew.

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