Style Fille: Lauren Conrad


Ok, so I probably shouldn’t admit this…but I am a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s style. The girl is always well put-together, chic, and appropriate. And by appropriate, I mean we’ve yet to see her cracked out, in a pair of stripper heels, and a negligee for an outfit…I’m looking at you, Cindy Lou.

Anyway, the point is…LC is looking cute as a button, and I love her pink-dyed hair, and that studded collar on her shirt…and sure, she wrote a book called “Fame Game”…but sometimes inspiration comes from strange places. And today that strange place is Lauren Conrad. Except she’s not a place, but a person. And this is getting too long and random, so I’m sorry. Enjoy LC’s outfit. You’re welcome.

Photo Credits: Fabsugar

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