Wishlist: Ben-Amun

I am officially obsessed with Ben-Amun Jewelry by Isaac Manevitz! Obsessed. Was staring at the coin necklace for a few days, when I finally decided that I “needed” it in my life. Yup…needed that Ben-Amun gold chain coin necklace. It’s a necessity, you see? Not surprisingly, I’m also in love with the rest of his gorgeous vintage-inspired baubles, from the chain + crystal bracelet (which would actually be quite perfect for my wedding), the star & spikes mixed chain bracelet and necklace, lucite cuffs, and so much more. Seriously, Ben-Amun, where have you been all my life?

Am I late to the Ben-Amun party? Have you known about the brand waaaay before me? Share your fave pieces in the comments.

Photo Credits: Max and Chloe

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