Stylish Staples: Striped Top

Welcome to our new segment – Stylish Staples! After discovering that I only wear like 20% of my wardrobe ALL.THE.TIME., I’ve decided to see what makes those items such staples. And well, unsurprisingly, I wear them so often, because they are stylish, and easy to wear with other items in my closet.

Each week, I’ll share one Stylish Staple of mine, showcase how other stylish bloggers wear those staples in their everyday lives, and perhaps help you enhance your wardrobe along the way. If you have staple suggestions, or would like to be featured, please shoot me an email.

This week’s staple is (perhaps predictably) a striped top. I own dozens of striped tops, mostly in a classic Breton stripe, and literally wear them at least once a week. Striped tops can be worn with almost anything to (almost) any occasion. A simple striped top adds some flare to a basic outfit, and amps up your chicness quotient.

Wear your striped top to the office like Kristy, by pairing it with a pencil skirt, some grown-up pumps, and a trench coat. Rock it on the weekend, a la Liz, by doing your best Audrey Hepburn impression in a pair of cropped trousers, and some lovely flats. Or show off your sexy side like Sharon, by pairing your demure stripes with a killer necklace, and some short shorts. Just like a Little Black Dress is a must-have for every woman out there, a striped top should be too!

Are you a lover of stripes? How do you wear them? Share in the comments.

Nelia’s top – H&M; Kristy’s top – H&M; Liz’s top – Club Monaco; Sharon’s top – Zara


  1. Lisa says

    I own the exact H&M striped shirt that Kristy does so this totally helps me to style one of my favourite tops. Thanks!

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