Mary Katrantzou for Topshop Lookbook!

Today was supposed to be a lazy sick day in bed for me…I wasn’t going to blog, go online, or do anything at all…except for sleeping, and watching TV, of course. Well…I broke my “go online” rule…and found out that Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection lookbook is now available! And, of course, who could resist?

Not sure about you, but I have serious envy right now for all those Brits that will be able to shop this collab. At this point, I doubt we’ll be seeing these pieces at Topshop stores in Canada, but one can always dream, right? Love all the floral pieces, love the styling, and love the price points (GBP 40 to GBP 350). Now the question is…how inflated those prices will be on eBay? Another prediction – VERY inflated. Le sigh.

What do you think of this collaboration? Are you going to line up on February 17th, when the collection finally hits the stores? If you are…pick me up a piece or 10, will you?

UPDATE: Well, guess what?! The Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection WILL be available at the Yorkdale Topshop location (at The Bay) sometime at the beginning of March! Stay tuned for more details. Dreams do come true!!!

Photo Credits: Vogue UK



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